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Welcome to Today's Coach

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Lance Secretan, author of "Reclaiming Higher Ground" and the brand new book, "Inspire!  What Great Leaders Do."  Lance will be presenting at the 3rd Annual CoachVille Conference in June.  In this interview, Lance shares tidbits from years of research into what makes a great leader, the distinction between motivation and inspiration, and the CASTLE principles that form the foundation of Higher Ground Leadership.


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An Interview with Lance Secretan

Welcome, Lance. You have a brand new book coming out, Inspire! What Great Leaders Do. If you could capture the major premise in your book, what would that be?

Well, the first major thought is that we're living in a period of intense fear; in fact, fear has never been greater. We're governed with a whole model based on fear. This has given us permission to regress in the way we lead people, so that leadership in our organizations is also fear-based. The premise of the book is that you cannot inspire people when you're afraid, and you can't be inspired when your heart is full of fear. In a fear-based environment, we're all desperately yearning to be inspired-it's one of the greatest human needs, and so we find ourselves in a paradox.

You've conducted a lot of research on people you consider to be great leaders.

Yes, I identified all of the great leaders that have lived in times of fear. Many of them were afraid.   I wanted to know what they did that was unique and special about them that set them apart and attracted millions of people to follow them, in contrast to the models of leadership that we use today.  

Is the book for anybody trying to improve their qualities as a leader, whether they're in an organization or a solopreneur?

There are probably as many leadership models as there are stars in the sky. My sense of leadership is that when you strip away all the external paraphernalia, what you're left with in the very essence, in the center, is inspiration. Every great leader, more than anything else, is able to inspire other people. A mother, for instance, whose little baby falls down during its first attempts to walk, doesn't scream at the baby and say, "You're an idiot; I'll give you three more times and then you're out of here!" Instead, she picks the baby up and says, "Aren't you beautiful? I love you, and I'll help you do this better next time." And she does that again and again, until finally the child walks. We've lost that idea in our organizations.

That's so true. We don't create an environment for exploration and experimentation.

And to be nurturing and caring-that's what inspirational leaders do. All great leaders came from that place. Whether you're a mother, a priest, a nurse, a warden, a judge-any place where you have a relationship with others, you are a leader. Inspire! is a book for everyone in every part of their lives.

It's interesting because our founder, Thomas Leonard, would often say, "Everyone's a coach," and what I hear in what you're saying is, "Everyone's a leader."

Absolutely, and everybody has a responsibility to inspire everybody else. After all, which would you rather have? Would you rather be married to someone who's inspiring you all the time or creating fear for you all the time? Would you rather have a boss who's inspiring or one who instills fear? It's a no-brainer, so the question becomes, "Then why don't we get it?"

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Lance Secretan is one of the world's foremost thinkers and teachers of effective leadership. His breakthrough ideas about how to become inspired and how to inspire others have led to the transformation of individuals, teams, communities, and organizations. An author, award-winning columnist, corporate mentor, advisor to corporations and governments, and one of America's most sought-after keynote speakers, he frequently addresses audiences around the world. The former CEO of Manpower Limited, he has been the ambassador to the United Nations Environment Program and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the 1997 Special Olympics World Winter Games.

To learn more about Inspire! What Great Leaders Do, please visit

More Free Classes Scheduled to Meet the Annual Conference Speakers

David Parker
Learn how to Leverage Technology to Make Fund Raising Easy and Effective
Tuesday, April 27, 600PM ET; Tuesday May 4,500 PM ET; Thursday, May 6, 1100AM3 ET.

In this content packed class David will share about ImpactAuction's mission and the positive implications it could have for the coaching industry. Mission Statement: ImpactAuction's mission is to create synergistic relationships between nonprofit organizations and the business community that supports them. By leveraging technology to make fund raising easier and more effective, ImpactAuction provides the tools and means for all to benefit from charitable donations.

Mr. Parker has created and sold three technology companies in the past ten years. Each company has centered on gathering the resources and people needed to solve a problem through the creative application of technology. Most recently, he led the field of e-learning by presenting a commercially viable application of distance learning. He founded WebED, the first company dedicated to online continuing education for school teachers nationwide.

Named by Michael Moe of ThinkEquity ( (formerly of Merrill Lynch), and Rusty Johnson of Deutsche Bank Alex, Brown, as the top education prospect in 2000, WebED ( was sold to Canter, a Division of Sylvan Learning. In 2003 the company continues to follow the educational and sales models originally presented by Mr. Parker in 1998. Mr. Parker earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and M.A. in History at the University of New Hampshire. Following an ROTC scholarship, he served from 1983 to 1992 in the United States Air Force, including an assignment to the USAF Academy as Assistant Professor of History.

His educational interests centered on innovators and entrepreneurs and how their ideas are adapted and sometimes become mainstream. He is a charter member of the Rotary Club of Greater Georgetown, Massachusetts, and can also be found many weekends portraying a British revolutionary war soldier of His Majesty's 10th Regiment of Foot (

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Michael Port & Hal Macomber
The 7 Steps to Inventing, Designing and Completing Your Signature Project

Wednesday, April 28, 2 pm ET

Michael is on a crusade for the success of solo-professionals and is especially well known for his passion, personality, point of view (and unrelenting sense of humor). Under the banner of Michael Port & Associates, LLC (, he provides seminars, keynotes, training programs, coaching and a popular e-zine to solo-professionals, helping them build thriving businesses. His expertise lies in the areas of personal brand identity development and producing remarkable projects. Michael's mantra: be bold be brave be yourself for profit and fun! 

Hal is a partner with Greg Howell in the consulting company Lean Project Consulting, Inc. He also operates a coaching practice as G2G Assocs., LLC. Through these two entities he is delivering services to a variety of industries and situations: defense, power generation, construction, fabrication, entrepreneurs, and other coaches. Hal studied economics and operations research at Lowell Tech, the former UMass Engineering School. He went on to get an MBA from Boston University in operations management. Hal's preoccupation with operations effectiveness finally paid off when he learned about workflow, Fernando Flores' linguistic-action reinterpretation of work.

In this content-packed tele-class Michael and Hal will share about what a Signature Project is, how to create one and have it make your name in the world. 

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Maria Andreu    
Pull Yourself Forward - Creating a Mastermind Group That Brings You Into Your Greatness

Tuesday, May 4, 2:00PM ET 

Maria E. Andreu, founder of Andreu Marketing Solutions, came to learn about marketing solutions the old-fashioned way: she needed clients and didn't know how to find them. Listening to the conventional wisdom got her much frustration and few clients. She then embarked on a self-education plan which many years and thousands of hours of research and implementation later yielded the system on which Andreu Marketing Solutions is based.

With her unique history as a business owner and solopreneur, Maria understands the challenges of professionals who are looking to get more clients.  She's spoken to groups across the U.S. and Canada and has developed programs like her highly-regarded Client Attraction Marketing ProgramTM and Making Money Online for ProfessionalsTM.  Her first book with a working title of Making Money And Getting Clients Online will be in bookstores in September, 2004.  A staff writer for WhoWhatWhere Magazine since 2002, Maria has also published an electronic newsletter to 10,000 avid subscribers and writes on topics of business growth, marketing and personal development.

Maria's professional training comes from her study at Coach University, as well as the Graduate School of Coaching.  She is Chapters Director for Coachville chapters worldwide, as well as co-Community Host for the Self Employment System.  She has served as President of the North Jersey Coach Alliance. 

In this content packed class Maria will share about how to use a Mastermind Group to focus on marketing, publicity, promotion, idea generation, keeping fresh, supporting one another and creating extraordinary magic in your life and your business. 

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Lance Secretan
Inspire: What Great Leaders Do!

Monday, May 10, 8:00PM ET 

Lance Secretan teaches an approach to management and leadership that improves organizational performance by transforming individuals, working relationships and the working environment. He is a dynamic, uplifting speaker with the experience of a former CEO and a message that inspires people to bring their true and vibrant selves to their work.

Lance speaks with the authority of personal success as a business leader himself. As its CEO, he built Manpower Limited into one of the largest employers in the world. He then retired at 40 and, in the early 1990s, created the Secretan Center, devoting himself to teaching Higher Ground Leadership(sm) full-time. He has been a professor of entrepreneurship at two universities and an award-winning columnist for IndustryWeek.

He's written ten books on various aspects of Higher Ground Leadership(sm) and a new book is due later this year.

Lance Secretan will show us how to inspire others and ourselves. Based on a lifetime of research, Lance Secretan takes us on a compelling journey to discover what all great, inspiring leaders have known: their Destiny (Why I am here on Earth), their Cause (How I will be while I am here and what I will stand for), and their Calling (What I will do and how I will use my talents and gifts to serve). He shows us clearly, using concrete examples of successful leaders he has worked with, many of whom are from healthcare and dentistry, how we can do it, too.

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Please stay tuned for more classes each week or check the listings at 

Re-creating the Moment
11 CD Set from the first Certified Coach Intensive

About the set

 Includes the 2 full days from the first Certified Coach Intensive plus the recording of the Sunday brunch on the "future of coaching".

  This is Thomas at his best.  If you knew and loved him, you'll enjoy having this historic moment on CD for your listening pleasure.  If you never met Thomas this is a wonderful way to hear him and learn from his amazing wisdom.

  This is the only time that the complete Coaching System was explained in one program -  including the communication stylepoints which were not covered in subsequent intensives.

  Bonus CD - The whole program on one CD in mp3 format.

Amazing low price of just $97.00.
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The original program description
Are you a coach who...

Has heard about the 15 Coaching Proficiencies from CoachVille and is eager to learn them in an immersion weekend?

  Has been looking for a universal coaching model that can be adapted to a wide variety of client types and situations?

Is considering the Certified Coach designation track and wishes to prepare yourself for the Certified Coach exam?

Is currently coaching and interested in expanding the number of ways you coach, and the types of models you use?

Is working with clients who you sense are wanting more from you as you coach them?

Is new to the coaching game and wants to quickly understand how to coach well instead of waiting years to learn by trial and error?

Is working internally or externally for a company and is seeking an open-architecture approach to coach leaders in the company?

What You Will Be Learning
The 5-Element CoachVille Coaching System
Key Points

About the CoachVille Coaching System
Is there an open-architecture coaching system available that is effective with a wide range of clients, and usable by coaches at all skill levels?  Yes!  In this intensive, you will learn -- and become effective with -- the newly released CoachVille Coaching System.  The highly flexible system includes the 5 elements illustrated above, and described below.

The 15 Coaching Proficiencies

The Coaching Proficiencies are the engine of the coaching process; this is what the coach spends 90% of his/her time doing during a typical coaching call.   The list of the proficiencies is

The 15 Listening Clarifiers

In order to know which of the proficiencies to use at any given time, the coach needs to know, and sort through, what they are hearing.  Thus the 15 Clarifiers which help the coach know the nature of what they are hearing and guides them to select the most important element of what they are hearing.  Once this is clear (it can take just a millisecond), the coach will naturally choose the most fitting proficiency.  The list of the clarifiers is

The 15 Deliverables

Deliverables are what the coach delivers.  Which is distinct from the outcomes that the client may have or cause as a result of the coach's deliverables.  (Deliverables vs outcomes is a key distinction in coaching.).   The list of the deliverables is here.

The 15 Life Frameworks
Frameworks are places that the coach (and client) come from in their thinking, perception, behavior and attitudes.  Frameworks expand thinking, which can result in clients moving forward more quickly and with less effort.  Think of a space ship being launched. It needs the thrust of booster rockets to break the inertia/gravity/weight to get the rocket beyond the pull/heaviness of Earth's atmosphere so that it can play effortlessly in space, where there is no resistance.  Something similar happens to the client when their frameworks are expanded.  Blocks to success are reduced and progress accelerates. The list of the frameworks is here.

The 15 Communication StylePoints
How you come across and interact/relate with your client can accelerate or slow down the coaching process. We've identified 15 aspects of communication that we call the StylePoints.  Each of these 15 StylePoints can help you become more effective coach by tweaking your coaching communication style.  The list of the StylePoints is