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Kind words
about the first CCI 

dear thomas,
you are wonderful -- a great formulator, communicator and teacher. as someone
who has been in the academic field (and has thus attended many conf and
seminars over these years) you are certainly in the top ten. more later.

Hi Thomas: Thanks for a very motivating conference. You went all out. 

I am looking forward to the next conference.
 I got a lot of value out of this conference.

Dear Thomas,
Thank you so much for the conference. It exceeded my expectations for content and inspiration. I also met some really nice people! As a result of  the conference I've signed up for the graduate school. Thanks again.

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Monday, April 12, 2004 

Hey there!

In this special Today's Coach, we remember a landmark time in coaching AND CoachVille history - the first Certified Coach Intensive (CCI) in Phoenix, AZ.

Included in this Issue:

  • Re-creating the moment
  • Recordings from several segments from the event
  • An opportunity to buy the complete 11 CD program for just $97.00
  • CCI teleconference series starting soon

Keep Playing,

Dave Buck
President, CoachVille


Re-creating the Moment

This was the very first CoachVille Coaching intensive.  It was lead by Thomas Leonard and me in Phoenix in May of 2002.

This first thing I can tell you: it was HOT!  It was 105 degrees outside and the air conditioning wasn’t completely working in the hotel. 

But that couldn’t compare to the heat caused by the buzz surrounding this event. 

I’ll explain.  Thomas Leonard was the founder, spokesperson and leading innovator of the coaching profession.  But after selling Coach University several years earlier he had been relatively quiet on the subject of coach training.

Soon after we started CoachVille as a community for coaches in 2001 the fire of creativity started to burn again.  And with the help of over 1000 coaches in what we call the CoachVille Research and Development team, we created the Coachville coaching system - the 15 Coaching proficiencies, clarifiers, frameworks, communication style points and deliverables.

It is an amazing body of work that truly articulates how effective coaching looks, feels and sounds.  Coaching is a lifestyle as much as it is a profession and a highly evolved form of relating. Our mission at CoachVille is to improve the quality of coaching worldwide, and this program is a BIG step forward in that direction.

Getting back to the scene of the event, Thomas had many loyal fans and this 2-day training in Phoenix to unveil the coaching system was a pilgrimage of sorts for many in the coaching profession. 

Experienced coaches and new coaches alike made their way to the desert to be a part of it. 

While we have produced many 2-day coaching intensives since that first one, none were anything like it.  What you are about to hear is an almost unedited recording.  Just like a good recording of a live concert it has the energy as well as the flaws.  I hope you enjoy it.

One final comment before we get to the program. Thomas passed away a year ago in February 2003. For those of us who live it and love it we are eternally grateful to him.   And it is with great love and appreciation for his life and his work that I share this program with you.

And now… a few Segments from the Phoenix Coaching Intensive.

Thomas introduces the CoachVille coaching system including proficiencies and clarifiers click here

Thomas talks about the clarifier, addressed vs. avoiding;  In a funny moment Thomas shares about his early coaching experience which leads into a key point about a major coaching pitfall. click here

Thomas explains where proficiencies fit into the coaching conversation.  Then he talks about how to engage in provocative conversations and the simple power of the "duh" question. click here

Thomas shares his story about letting go of his life purpose (which is hysterical) and just "being great".  Then he talks about how to elicit greatness in others. click here

Thomas and Dave talk about the relevance of frameworks to the coaching process.  Then Thomas talks with a few participants about the framework "It's all solvable, or it's not". click here

About the 11 CD Set

Includes the 2 full days from the first Certified Coach Intensive plus the recording of the Sunday brunch on the "future of coaching".

This is Thomas at his best.  If you knew and loved him, you'll enjoy having this historic moment on CD for your listening pleasure.  If you never met Thomas this is a wonderful way to hear him and learn from his amazing wisdom.

This is the only time that the complete Coaching System was explained in one program -  including the communication stylepoints which were not covered in subsequent intensives.

Bonus CD - The whole program on one CD in mp3 format.

Amazing low price of just $97.00.
Your CD set will be delivered in 2-3 weeks.

US residents click here
NJ residents click here
International click here

The Original Program Description
Are you a Coach Who...

Has heard about the 15 Coaching Proficiencies from CoachVille and is eager to learn them in an immersion weekend?

  Has been looking for a universal coaching model that can be adapted to a wide variety of client types and situations?

Is considering the Certified Coach designation track and wishes to prepare yourself for the Certified Coach exam?

Is currently coaching and interested in expanding the number of ways you coach, and the types of models you use?

Is working with clients who you sense are wanting more from you as you coach them?

Is new to the coaching game and wants to quickly understand how to coach well instead of waiting years to learn by trial and error?

Is working internally or externally for a company and is seeking an open-architecture approach to coach leaders in the company?

What You Will Be Learning
The 5-Element CoachVille Coaching System

Key Points

About the CoachVille Coaching System
Is there an open-architecture coaching system available that is effective with a wide range of clients, and usable by coaches at all skill levels?  Yes!  In this intensive, you will learn -- and become effective with -- the newly released CoachVille Coaching System.  The highly flexible system includes the 5 elements illustrated above, and described below.

The 15 Coaching Proficiencies
The Coaching Proficiencies are the engine of the coaching process; this is what the coach spends 90% of his/her time doing during a typical coaching call.   The list of the proficiencies is here.

The 15 Listening Clarifiers
In order to know which of the proficiencies to use at any given time, the coach needs to know, and sort through, what they are hearing.  Thus the 15 Clarifiers which help the coach know the nature of what they are hearing and guides them to select the most important element of what they are hearing.  Once this is clear (it can take just a millisecond), the coach will naturally choose the most fitting proficiency.  The list of the clarifiers is here.

The 15 Deliverables
Deliverables are what the coach delivers.  Which is distinct from the outcomes that the client may have or cause as a result of the coach's deliverables.  (Deliverables vs outcomes is a key distinction in coaching.).   The list of the deliverables is here.

The 15 Life Frameworks
Frameworks are places that the coach (and client) come from in their thinking, perception, behavior and attitudes.  Frameworks expand thinking, which can result in clients moving forward more quickly and with less effort.  Think of a space ship being launched. It needs the thrust of booster rockets to break the inertia/gravity/weight to get the rocket beyond the pull/heaviness of Earth's atmosphere so that it can play effortlessly in space, where there is no resistance.  Something similar happens to the client when their frameworks are expanded.  Blocks to success are reduced and progress accelerates. The list of the frameworks is here.

The 15 Communication StylePoints
How you come across and interact/relate with your client can accelerate or slow down the coaching process. We've identified 15 aspects of communication that we call the StylePoints.  Each of these 15 StylePoints can help you become more effective coach by tweaking your coaching communication style.  The list of the StylePoints is here.

As a Participant, you will Learn how to...
  Learn and discover how strong you are in the 15 Coaching Proficiencies
  Expand your thinking and approach via the 15 Life Frameworks
  Polish how you relate with your clients via the 15 Communication Style Points
  Quickly identify exactly what the client is saying via the 15 Client Clarifiers
  Immediately add value to your clients by offering the 15 Coaching Deliverables
  Gain confidence as a coach by building on what you already know.
  Get your arms around the entire coaching process; no more surprises.
  Learn how to articulate what you can offer your clients.
  Learn about the future of coaching; what clients will be wanting and needing from coaches over the next 5 to 10 years.
  And, from 4 to 5pm on Saturday, we'll be offering a special one-hour program called the Strategies for the Six-Figure Coaching Practice which will include everything from selecting a niche, to positioning your brand, to using emarketing to developing passive revenue sources.  This segment is free for all registrants in the Intensive.
  Meet and network with other coaches from you area and from around the world who share common interests with you.

CoachVille Coaching Intensive Teleconference Series Starts Soon

We've created a CCI teleconference series that will enable you to attend an Intensive from the comfort of your home or office. And if the classes themselves aren't value enough, you'll also gain access to the Certified Coach Participant Resource area which includes all the notes, real audios and mp3s of the live San Francisco and New York City CCIs with Dave and Thomas.

Based on CoachVille's two day live event, the Certified Coaching Intensive, this teleconference series is the type of immersion, highly experiential and essential training that will fast forward your understanding of the Proficiencies as well as the other parts of the CoachVille Coaching system. Here's your opportunity to really dig deep in the classes as well as in the between class buddy calls and fieldwork.

The twelve week session will be one hour per session, held on Thursdays: April 22 through July 15, 2004 at 9pm Eastern with Michael "Coop" Cooper. The six week session will be two hours per session, held on Saturdays: June 12 through July 24, 2004 at Noon Eastern with Rick Reddington.

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