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  Volume 2 Issue 4  

October 2000

Quirky Niches

Angel Coach
Canine and Equine Coach
CEO's Change Coach
Course in Miracles Coach
Divorce Coach
Grief Coach
HIV Coach
Image Coach

Incompatibility Coach
Infertility & Adoption Coach
Life Story Coach
Publishing Coach
Ritual Coach
Sensuality Coach
Warrior Coach

Technology Today
Butch Farley

Personal Glimpses:
Melinda Vilas

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Coaching Skills Weekends

Albuquerque, New Mexico: November 17 - 18

Irresistible Attraction Workshops

Raleigh, North Carolina: November 3 - 4

See for more information.

International Coaching Skills Evenings

Thursday 30th November Quality Hotel
166 Hagley Road

Thursday 30th November
Apex International Hotel

The skills building evening: 6.30pm till 7pm for networking/greeting. 7pm till 9.30 pm will be skills building.

The evenings are for established coaches as well as those interested in either hiring or becoming a coach. The 2.5 hours will be in the form of an interactive presentation - you will be practising coaching skills, developing your coaching muscles, and looking at new ways to develop your practices. We will also be tapping into the experience of all the coaches present, to discover what works best in practice structure and system.

To register call Carol at 011-44-1543 275660 or visit

5th Annual ICF Conference: BEYOND BORDERS --- CO-CREATING CONSCIOUS CHANGE October 26-28, 2000 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at the Westin Bayshore Hotel and Conference Center.

Go visit Thomas Leonard's latest project,, the coaching industry web portal. Whether you are a veteran coach, a new coach or someone interested in hiring or becoming a coach, offers hundreds of tools, tips, and resources, and over 5,000 coach-oriented links. Click here to review and subscribe to the Coaching Scoop, the official ezine of

Millennium Coaching Offer An Opportunity is being provided through the support of hundreds of Coach U trained coaches who have volunteered to provide a month of free coaching at no obligation to anyone interested in receiving coaching. If you are interested in this offer, go to for details.


Today's Coach Staff

Butch Farley:

Steve Davis:
Managing Editor

Melinda Vilas:
Marketing Editor

Marsha Talley


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From the Editor
By producing Today's Coach, we hope to make more people throughout the world aware of what's happening in the field of coaching. In this Special Edition we throw a spotlight on the many varied niches in which coaches have chosen to specialize.

We believe that after reading this issue you'll see that if there's a need, there's a coach for you.

As you become more mindful of coaching  

and the unique perspective you may offer to the field, you may decide that it's time for you to get professional training as a coach yourself.

Coaching is a wonderful helping profession and we are happy to be able to present it to you and the universe.

Let us know what you think! E-mail comments and questions to

The Today's Coach Staff

  ngel Coach, Denise Shaw Coryea, M.Ed.
Teaches people to tap into Angelic guidance in only one or two sessions.
  anine and Equine Coach, Audrey Farley
Coaches pet owners to discover the special gifts their pets have for them in awareness, new perspectives, healing, and strength.
  EO's Change Coach, Jo McDermott
Coaches founding CEOs to adapt and grow their skills to match the needs of maturing organizations.
  ourse in Miracles Coach, LaVae Hoffman
Helps executives and professionals connect with the deepest level of truth, to expand their lives into unprecedented fullness and meaning.
  ivorce Coach, Candace Hammond
Coaches people to rebuild their self-esteem and create active steps for moving forward with life.
  rief Coach, Debra Phillips
Coaches people through any kind of loss—death, divorce, health, empty nest, job, moving—etc.
  IV Coach, Marianne Craig
Coaches HIV positive people to regain confidence and support.
  mage Coach, Ginger Egerton
Coaches individuals to reconnect with their bodies by reconnecting to their life.
  ncompatibility Coach, Ed Shea
Coaches couples to serve as vehicles for each other's change.
  nfertility and Adoption Coach, Melissa Goggin
Coaches people around the life challenge of Infertility and its impact on decision-making and relationships.
  ife Story Coach, Jenna Caplette
Helps people gather and organize memories, or those of a family-member, friend or associate in story from.
  ublishing Coach, Maggie Lichtenberg
Willing self-promoters who create a partnership with their publisher from day one receive the most attention and promotional dollars.
  itual Coach, Deborah Roth
Coaches people to create rituals that infuse a sense of the sacred into their lives.
  ensuality Coach, Juliet Motley-Wilcock
Coaches couples of all ages to re-awaken their sexual chemistry to form powerful bonds.
arrior Coach, Pete Farmer, M.D.
Coaches top executives and executive teams who are more committed to the results from their increased effectiveness as leaders than to the survival modes of the past.

In researching for Today's Technology, I try to notice things that we may not typically seek out.

While helping my son with his homework one evening (I think it's sneaky how we, as parents, end up repeating our own education through our children), I came across DiscoverySchool.Com. Thank goodness because I was, frankly, stumped!

At this well designed, easy-to-use website, we were able to ask a homework question of B. J. Pinchbeck, Discovery's Homework Helper.

Our question was answered quickly and succinctly.... 


in words easily understood by even an adult!

With a range of options and links from a well thought out Teacher Channel to a good dictionary, covers the range of student topics. From art to math to science fair projects. Yes, it's almost that time. There's a handy Science Fair Central with a wide range of helpful information.

Check it all out at http://
. You, and your student, will really be able to use this!

Personal Glimpses:
Melinda Vilas

"Coaching turned my passion into a gift for the blind...

"I have such a blessed life," I told my coach, Margaret Krigbaum, CTPer and MCC, "and I want to do something that will give back to the Universe."

So in true coaching fashion, Margaret asked a great question... "What do you love to do, what's your passion? If your volunteer contribution is your joy it won't be drudgery -- you'll want to do it."

After a few weeks of pondering my passion, I realized that I wanted (so my intention would be) to do something with animals. Almost immediately the Universe exposed me (three times in ten days) to South East Guide Dogs (SEGD), a non-profit organization that breeds, raises and trains guide dogs for the blind.

Sandy and I passed the Puppy Raiser interview process and a few months later got Ryder, a female black lab, already 18 months old. Our job was to complete raising and to further socialize her.
Why was Ryder so old? Ryder's hips weren't strong enough, they x-rayed at 70% which was too weak to start her professional as she grew stronger, we gladly became her temporary "parents."

As part of her training Ryder wore her blue jacket which shows the public she's working! And it means "please don't pet me while I'm wearing a jacket." 


Together over the next 6 months, we visited the finest restaurants, flew first class, attended jazz concerts, slept in B&Bs, went grocery shopping; she became our constant companion. We (yes, Sandy pitched in!) may have been the ones "giving," but agreed we received much more than we gave.

Tearfully, we returned Ryder to the SEGD school last week where she will begin her formal training and eventually be teamed up with her blind partner.

We don't know if we'll ever see Ryder again. While our hearts were breaking, we remind ourselves that the love, guidance and social experiences we exposed Ryder to will help her become the best eyes possible. She will one day offer someone mobility and "sight"...what greater gift could you give?

Melinda Vilas is on Today's Coach Staff and is Director of PR,

Melinda says: "Can you try to find a way to turn your passion into a 'Thank You Universe!' ???