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May 2000

In this issue:

Steve Davis

Amanda's Story
Ellen Mossman, M.Ed., p. 2

Michele Learns About Choice
Sean Brawley, p. 2

Making Your Wishes Come True
Steve Davis, p. 3

Harnessing the Healing Powers of Music
Steven Halpern, p. 3

Today's Technology... Today
Butch Farley, p. 4

Human Interest, p. 4

Calendar of Events

Millennium Coaching Offer An Opportunity is being provided through the support of hundreds of Coach U trained coaches who have volunteered to provide a month of free coaching at no obligation to anyone interested in receiving coaching. If you are interested in this offer, go to for details.

January - June 2000
Millennium Coaching Tour
- Thomas Leonard, founder of Coach U, will be offering free 3-hour workshops in 50 cities across the USA during the first half of 2000. Register at, by calling 905-989-0791, or by e-mailing

June 14-17, 2000 Coaching 2000 2nd Annual Coach U Training Symposium, Atlanta, GA. Six days of world class keynote speakers, an enormous variety of breakout sessions for coaches at any experience level to give you the inspiration, skills and tools you will need for coaching in the new millennium. Go to for more details.

From the Editor

Hello and welcome to our latest issue of Today's Coach featuring "Teen Coaching."

In our continuous effort to tailor this newsletter to your needs and interests, we invite your letters, questions, comments, or suggestions about the content of this newsletter or about topics you'd like to see covered in future issues.

With your permission, we'll publish your input in our new "Letters to the Editor" section and include our reply if appropriate. We also welcome article submissions on your topics of interest. Please submit your input to the editor here. Thank you for helping us make Today's Coach a resource you look forward to receiving.

Warmest Regards,
Steve Davis, Editor

Steve Davis has just hit the web! This exciting new site will serve teens seeking the support and guidance life coaches have to offer, and provide great opportunities for Coaches wanting to work with teens.

The Mission of is to match professional coaches with teens throughout the world. The site helps teens locate a coach, access personal development information, sign up for teleclasses taught by professional coaches, and find links to other sites that help them in their daily lives. TeenCoach also provides resources for coaches, parents, and mentors working with teens. This includes listings for teleclasses, special interest groups (SIGs), books, web sites, and other valuable information. will provide the high quality adult support and guidance many teenagers need as they go for important goals, make crucial transitions, and resolve troublesome problems. We believe that having a personal coach will lead to significant positive changes in the lives of teenagers, both for those who already have positive adult role models and those who don't. is based on the highly successful model developed by Coach University, a virtual university that trains the finest coaches in the business.    


Coach U and Corporate Coach U have over 4,000 students located in over 36 countries. Coach U is the sponsoring company for TeenCoach. All have received professional coach training.

Teens use coaches to set goals, deal with peer pressure, choose a college or vocation, and handle the many pressures associated with entering adulthood. One reason coaching works is that a coach helps you stay in action. A coach is like a small voice saying, "Are you really doing what you want to do? What have you done this week to accomplish your goal?" A Coach is your personal advocate, cheerleader, and friend. They will help you stay on track to reach your goals and dreams.

Teens seeking a coach are invited to go to, and click on "Find a Teen Coach."

Coaches interested in working with teens can click on "Teen Coaching Resources" for details.


If you have questions or comments about this site, please contact, coaches.html

If you are an ICF member you may want to join YouthCoaches. This group of coaches support each other as they work with teens in various capacities. To learn how to get involved, send an email to If you aren't a member of the ICF visit for details and benefits!

Other organizations supporting children and pre-teens...

                 Life Skills Coaching for Kids

Future Possibilities, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit life skills organization that helps inner city children set and achieve goals. Every kid has a personal coach!! Check out their web site at

Articles in this issue:

Introducing  |  Amanda's Story
Young Jane Doe Speaks
Making Your Wishes Come True
Harnessing the Healing Powers of Music
Today's Technology

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