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In this issue:

Autry To Speak at Corporate Coaching 2000
Butch Farley

Moving Corporations to the Cutting Edge
Susan Corbett
, p. 2

Are You Driven by Unexamined Values?
Mike Duckett, p. 2

Corporate Coaching at Cisco
Dottie DeSelle, p. 3

Today's Technology... Today
Butch Farley, p. 3

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James Autry, Author of Real Power,
to Speak at Corporate Coaching 2000

Butch Farley

James A. Autry will be one of several keynote speakers at Corporate Coaching 2000 to be held in Toronto in March, 2000. Autry, a former Fortune 500 executive, is an award-winning business author and one of the most popular and influential consultants in the business community.

In his most recent book, Real Power, co-authored with Stephen Mitchell, Autry comments on empowerment:

"Real empowerment is not about taking power from the top and spreading it through the company. To the contrary, it is about you as a manager recognizing that your employees already have the power."   

Corporate Coaching 2000 takes place March 13-15, 2000. For more information visit

Visit James Autry at:

Real Power book coverJames Autry on Balance:

"When your life is out of balance, nothing works. There's too much pressure on the job and too much pressure at home and not enough time to respond to either. In the quest for a balanced life, most business people are frustrated to the point that their conversations are often preoccupied with just how miserably they fail at [balancing their lives]. They strive for 'quality' time with family and friends, for networking time with business associates, for productive work time, and for time to just think. They seem to believe that, if there just were more hours added to every day, their lives would miraculously become balanced....

Balancing your life is not about time; it's about values. You may learn helpful ways to make better use of your time, but your life won't become balanced until you also learn to determine what you truly value."

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In this issue we explore the world of corporate coaching.

Internal and external corporate coaching are taking on a new and important dimension with such companies as IBM, Ernst & Young, GTE, Delta Faucet and the like.

Globally, corporations are embracing the concept at a rapid pace.

Join us! We hope you enjoy this issue.

Articles in this issue:

Author of "Real Power" to Speak at Corporate Coaching 2000
Are You Driven By Unexamined Values?
Moving Corporations to the Cutting Edge
Corporate Coaching at Cisco
Today's Technology

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