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Thursday, January 15, 2004 

An Interview with Mitch Meyerson, Creator of the Guerrilla Marketing Coach Program 

Welcome to another edition of Today’s Coach.  You’re in for a treat!  Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Mitch Meyerson, the founder and creator of the widely popular Guerrilla Marketing Coaching Program.  In this interview, Mitch previews his new book Online Marketing Superstars: Inside Secrets From The Most Successful eMarketers of Our Time. This definitive study interviews Seth Godin, Jay Conrad Levinson, Terry Dean, Marlon Sanders, Jonathan Mizel, Declan Dunn, Alex Mandossian and Corey Rudl to mention a few. 

Thomas Leonard was one of the marketing geniuses featured in Online Marketing Superstars.  Read on to learn about how Thomas got selected and what made him such an outstanding emarketer.  In an exclusive offering, Mitch is making the chapter of the book on Thomas available at no cost to Today’s Coach readers. We thank Mitch for his generosity and encourage you to learn more about his books, and coaching programs by visiting:

Mitch is also one of the keynote speakers at the 3rd Annual CoachVille Conference, The Business of Coaching:  Make Your Own Magic in Orlando, Florida, June 2-7, 2004.  Mark your calendars--you won’t want to miss this superstar and many more!  This is shaping up to be a conference like no other. Stay tuned as we release details in the coming weeks! 

But first, we have a truly special opportunity.  It’s nearly a year since the passing of our founder and friend, Thomas Leonard.  CoachVille wants to share a unique opportunity to remember “T” through a fascinating project, “Conversations with Thomas”.  His legacy lives on.     

Keep playing,

Kim George
Communications Manager, CoachVille

Conversations With Thomas  
A Unique Opportunity To Celebrate an Extraordinary Man

As we approach the one year anniversary—February 11th-- of the death of our founder Thomas Leonard, we recognized that so many will be thinking about his extraordinary vision and creativity, and we wanted to honor that in some way. 

Back in June, we introduced you to an idea for a weekly e-course or website "Conversations with Thomas".  What better way to remember Thomas than to share a series of real life examples of how the work or the man himself made an impact on those around him with those who never got to meet him but share in his legacy.

Here's what we are looking for: 

  • Stories about your experience, from the humorous to those that made a profound impact

  • Personal emails that illustrate his wit and charm ;-)

  • Wisdom that you gained (either through your interaction with Thomas in person or through his work)

  • Anecdotes; Coaching Moments

  • Teachings that affected you (and your life)

  • Provocative questions that he asked you

  • Quotes; including those used by people who don't know they are quoting Thomas :)

  • Aha! Moments (even years after the 'event') - or "living truths" - those pearls that keep on evolving their meaning while remaining true!

  • Photos

  • Real audio clips

  • Thomas did quite a bit of 'rug pulling' (what we affectionately called 'being coached by t'), we would love to archive your experience and comments!  

  • Places where Thomas is being remembered and honored:  newspapers, web sites, online guest books, etc.

  • Anything else you would want us to include in the e-course or website

  • Any other comments, suggestions or thoughts you have on the subject 

We would love it if you shared lesser known aspects of Thomas, as well.  He was a truly inspiring leader, but he was also kind, warm and loving, as well as funny, playful (and nuts!) at times. We would love to hear it all! 

Please, send your input to with "Conversations with Thomas" in the subject line by Wednesday, January 21st.  If you have already signed up to participate in the Conversations with Thomas e-course, we will be contacting you, as well. 

Online Marketing Superstars: Inside Secrets From The Most Successful eMarketers of Our Time  

Mitch MeyersonThank you for joining me today, Mitch.  Let’s start off talking about your new book.  What’s the inspiration behind it?  

Online Marketing Superstars was written to answer the question, ”Can you really make money on the Internet and if so how?” This study was a natural addition to content in the Guerrilla Marketing Coach Program.  In the last year and a half I became fascinated with  the Internet, as many people have, but the thing I discovered is that most coaches are not making money online. There’s this illusion that when you get online, without much effort or money, you will soon have clients rolling in.

Yes, “The Field of Dreams”  

I experienced the same thing.  I put out a great web page, but nothing happened.  I learned quickly that putting out a webpage is a lot like ‘winking in the dark’. People just don’t know you’re there. So I got this idea one day:  What if I interviewed the top online marketers in the world and found out what made them successful?  Over the next 14 months I spoke with 24 experts like Seth Godin, Robert Allen, Terry Dean, Marlon Sanders, Jonathan Mizel, Declan Dunn, Jay Conrad Levinson, Alex Mandossian and Joel Christopher. I grilled them on how they made the money they did.  I wanted to know exactly what worked and what didn’t so I could help small business owners do the same.  The final book is over 400 pages and contains seven audios that I call “Million Dollar Marketing Secrets.”

I found out that if you come up with a good idea you can get famous people involved if it promotes what they are doing. It was a win-win because I got access to this amazing body of information, and they benefited through increased exposure as well.  

What marketing strategies did you find most useful for people?  

One of the biggest mistakes I found people make is that they feel like if they are a good coach they can make money on the web. But it is important to know that the internet requires specialized marketing skills. It’s not the same as off-line marketing.   

Because small businesses do not have a big budget or a brand name, we have to essentially do “two step marketing” on the internet. This means capturing their names and email addresses and having a strategic follow-up plan. Confidence, the number one reason people choose a particular business, is built through professionalism and repetition.  The beauty of the web is that we can automate our follow-up with technology.  

Ultimately people buy from business owners they know, like, and trust. When a prospect comes to our website, they don’t know us, and probably don’t trust us.  So, you must have a strong presentation.  I tell my clients never to cut costs on the initial look or professionalism of your website because it reflects back on you and your business.  I see a lot of coaches making this mistake. You only have one chance to make a first impression. The good news is that through Guerrilla Marketing there are lots of other ways to cut marketing costs.   

It is important to remember that when capturing email addresses you need to offer strong incentives--such as a special report like  “7 Steps To Tripling Your Website Traffic Even if You Are On A Shoestring Budget.”  Don’t just offer an ezine. Everyone’s got an ezine these days, and people are overrun with email as it is. As an example, I offer a Free 8 week Online Marketing Superstars mini-course with Flash audio.   

Did you know that the average person who lives in metropolitan areas is exposed to more than 3,500 marketing messages a day?  So it is more imperative than ever to break through the clutter of the Internet with great content and a USP.   This requires you find a niche and  become a good copywriter. Superstar Yanik Silver details his 12 point copywriting system in his chapter.   

I encourage all my coaches to create their own products for sale and  it can actually be easy.  One of many ways is to record a call or interview, have it transcribed and convert it to a PDF file.  Then write a killer sales page. Products don’t need to be intimidating.  

One more point on websites—Internet guru, Seth Godin, says that people are essentially like monkeys when surfing the web—they’re always looking for one thing-- the banana. When someone goes to your website, what is the banana? What exactly do you want to them to do?  If you give people too many offers, they may get confused and leave. That’s why we need to develop simple web pages that get people to respond to a call to action.  

Thomas Leonard is one of the online marketing superstars you feature in the book.  How did you get connected to Thomas and what made his marketing so compelling? 

When I first found out about CoachVille, and I saw that the membership fee was only $79, I said to myself, “You’ve got to be kidding!” It was so much lower than anything else I had ever seen on the internet.  I thought he was either nuts, or a genius that I didn’t know about yet. Clearly the second was true. I signed up right away—and with the affiliate fee, it was a no brainer.  Pure brilliance.  Thomas got me motivated in exactly one minute to do business with him.  

Let me read you an excerpt from the Thomas Leonard chapter. I asked Thomas, “When you first launched CoachVille, you priced it at an unheard of $79 lifetime fee.  How did you come up with this model?”  Thomas said, “Our objective, given CoachVille was so new, is that we wanted people to take their left hand and then slap themselves on the forehead like ‘I could’ve had a V-8’ if they didn’t join on the spot. We really wanted to make it so compelling that it wouldn’t require any convincing for them to join.”  And that’s exactly what he did. He made it an irresistible offer.  

Then Thomas got a ton of subscribers within a few short months. Talk about building a business on the spot!  And we all know he had tons of wonderful material and that’s why it was so compelling. That was the first point of brilliance that I noticed. In watching Thomas, what was really groundbreaking for me, was how much he did virtually. I thought it was pretty amazing that not only could you take the class live, but you could hear it on real audio. Today, everybody’s recording things. But when Thomas started doing it, it wasn’t common.   

Thomas was fearless—in the way he crafted his offers, the way he just constantly put it out there.  The thing about Thomas that I most respected is that he wasn’t afraid to make mistakes.  He tried so many ideas and most of them were remarkable and the ones that weren’t he learned from.  I see so many people craft the perfect program for a year or more, and end up never getting it out.  

Right—waiting for the perfection, whereas Thomas always used to look for the perfection in the moment.  

And then of course, he had this wonderful notion of an R&D team where you can really be in conversation with people on ideas.  I thought it was a great way of including people and also to get feedback and do research in your own backyard.  

We talked earlier about 2 step marketing and CoachVille continues to utilize that model now.  Membership is now free.  Thomas was never interested in making money on the initial lead, he was looking for people to become lifetime customers.  

Tell me more about this quality you saw in Thomas—this fearlessness.  Why do you think it is so important in marketing your business?  

In my experience working with coaches, people are shy about marketing themselves. It’s not just coaches, it’s most people. It’s hard to put out to the world, “This is my idea” because there’s the potential fear of rejection. But the truth is a bunch of people aren’t going to like it, no matter what you do. With the fearlessness Thomas had, he created things and threw it out to his R&D team and then to the public pretty quickly. The fearlessness was not being concerned about what people thought to the point that it stopped him.  You always knew Thomas was going to follow his own path. That is fearless and that is also a very amazing quality in a person.  

If you could sum up how Thomas was such an amazing marketer, what would you like to leave our readers with in regard to that aspect of his legacy?  

As I mentioned earlier, Thomas followed his own path, and in doing so, created a new path and things that had never been done before.  That is amazing in it’s own right. And he always trusted himself enough to pave these new paths.  

But then he also had very specific strategies, like CoachVille underpricing the market to get lots of new, potential lifetime customers. He was extremely generous.  He gave away much more than you would ever expect.  

The whole concept of adding value-  

Adding value, the law of reciprocity--people were so happy, they wanted to do business with him.  That’s brilliant marketing, even though he may have been coming from a place of giving.  

Any final thoughts you’d like to share about Thomas?  

On a personal note, I sent him an email one day to tell him how much I admired what he was doing and that I had heard he was launching a graduate school and it sounds really interesting.  He sent me an email back that stunned me because I didn’t know him that well.  He said, “Mitch, I really appreciate what you have to say and because of what you’ve done for the coaching community through your Guerrilla Marketing Coach Program, I’d like to comp you into the Graduate School of Coaching.”  I was so honored. To get the comp was great, but to get the acknowledgment from Thomas Leonard, was even better.  

That’s really a testament to the man that he was.  He could very well have been threatened by you as a competitor and instead, he reached out to you. 

Well said. He definitely had an attitude of abundance. I think that’s really the final statement about Thomas—that people can come from that abundance mentality and work together to achieve extraordinary results.  

You mentioned earlier you’ve created an 8 week mini-course for the Online Superstars book.  Tell us more about that.  

People can sign up for the course which is filled with tons of content and includes Thomas Leonard’s Free Chapter and real audio clips. It’s an easy opt-in, so you can get the course right away.  That’ll give you a taste of what’s in the book so you can sample it.  That’s part of internet marketing—it’s called consumption theory. You want people to start consuming whatever you have to offer. That begins by giving them something for free. But then you also want to remind them to read it, and that comes from setting up something called a sequential auto-responder. It provides a totally automated follow-up.  That makes internet marketing very attractive because we often don’t have the time to follow-up with every single person.  So in the book, we’ve got a whole chapter on Automation, and how to set that up, including an e-commerce site. 

This brings to mind the benefits of passive revenue—how you can create a product once, set up a system, and make money indefinitely. 

Yes, and we have an entire chapter on affiliate programs as well.  I make quite a bit of money each month from affiliate programs.  These have been set up on automated systems on my website so that I can make sales again and again without doing any new marketing. That’s one of my big goals—to have a completely automated business.  Just collect money wherever you are. The book describes exactly how to do that. 

Another great chapter in the book deals with Traffic Conversion.  It’s wonderful to have a lot of traffic on your website, but as we all know, it doesn’t mean a thing if nobody buys anything.  Traffic Conversion is all about understanding how to write copy on the web that sells.  I know from my own personal transformation, coming from being a therapist, the goal was always to be sympathetic and not pushy.  The goal on the web is not to be pushy, but to be assertive. Once again, people have a short attention span.  If they don’t get hooked within 7 seconds, they will leave.  It’s critical to have a skill set of how to write attention grabbing content.  That’s a learned skill, but it has to be practiced. One of the best tips I can give people is to model the successful websites.  The first step with my Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification students is to have them research the marketplace.  In the book, we give you the top sites to model. Click here for more information. 

I’m a big fan of audio on a website because it can really engage people.  It builds that “know, like and trust” a little bit quicker. Throughout the program, I’m not just creating a digital book, but creating a course where we integrate the tried and true principles from the Guerrilla Marketing material as well. 

Let’s talk about the business of coaching.  Would you agree that it’s one of the most critical areas for a new coach setting up their practice? 

Absolutely.  In fact, I think this is what we need to focus on more than anything and that is why I developed the Guerrilla Marketing Coach program. You can be a talented coach, but that’s not enough.  Coaches need marketing skills. The business of coaching is about business. But most of us weren’t trained in marketing. 

So what we do in the 12 week Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification program is actively learn how to market without spending a lot of money. My style has always been to be very strategic, simple and focused with assignments. For most people, reading a book isn’t enough.  In our tele-classes we do things like share the top 5-7 reasons a prospect would want to hire you as a coach.  We then share that marketing message with the group to see if passes “so what” test. If not, it’s time for fine tuning and feedback. 

What I have found is that many coaches get too vague in describing their services and this is why so many coaches are not attracting the business they desire. When I ask people what they do many times they start making it up on the spot.  They don’t make it compelling. This always tells me they haven’t spent the time on marketing and clarifying what they do.  And if they don’t know what they do, how’s the public ever going to get emotionally involved and moved to take the next step? The business of coaching requires you become intentional about learning marketing skills.  

CoachVille has declared the business of coaching our number one initiative for 2004. 

It should be the number one initiative. The biggest barrier I find is that many coaches don’t know what steps to take to market themselves effectively.  Here are some key guidelines to consider: 

1) Model successful coaches, study the copy on their websites and incorporate elements that would enhance your own.  

2) Write a list of 5-10 strong benefits of doing business with you. 

3) Find a niche and identify the core problems they are facing—get clear on specifically how can you can solve these problems. 

4) Realize that there are dozens of Guerrilla Marketing strategies that can be employed to spread the word on your business- many can be found at   

5) Create a marketing calendar, check in with it regularly and measure your results.  

6) Find marketing partners and create win-win referral relationships with them. 

7) Build your mailing list through online opt-in boxes and other means. 

8) Be proactive and take consistent action  

9) Be patient as your marketing starts to take hold. 

10) Be a constant learner, study your marketplace and adapt to change in it.  If you do you are bound for success. 

Mitch Meyerson is the author of six books and audios including Six Keys To Creating The Life You Desire, When Is Enough Enough? and When Parents Love Too Much and has been featured on Oprah. He is also the Founder of the Guerrilla Marketing Coaching Program. The next 12 week GM Coach Certification course begins January 19. For info visit: 

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