Volume 3 Issue 1
 April 2001
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Coaching & Spirituality

Unraveling the Mystery
of Spirit and Soul in
Corporate America


What is spirituality? What is soul? What are their relationships to one another, and what roles do they play in the corporate world? These and other questions we explored in a recent interview with Dr. Allen...

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Dr. Allen Nohre, MHA, DMin,
and President of Corporate Coach U International

    From the Editor:

The concepts of spirit and soul, once held at the forefront of life by our not too distant ancestors, have up until recently been subjects uncommon in the average conversation, particularly conversations in the workplace. But over the years, these concepts have become the topic of frequent conversation within the public at large, and even within the "soulless corporation." The skills required to excel in today's corporate world are more specialized and at the same time, more divergent. In a world where strength, speed, and adherence to procedure were once prized, today, innovation, creativity, and radical new approaches are encouraged. Leaders are scrambling to unleash the potential of the individual, while tapping the synergy of the team. They are beginning to explore the Soul of their corporations and of their individual employees in an attempt to identify and advertise the very core of who they are. They are also examining the Spirit of their efforts -- the quality, intent, and impact of their actions on the larger community.

In this issue, through interviews with several coaches, you'll read about spirit and soul and their interplay in our personal lives, in our work as coaches, and in our organizations. You'll read stories from coaches who share their own blends of coaching and spirit, and from clients whose lives have changed by cultivating spirit and soul in their lives and work. Our new SIG column introduces several special interest groups-communities that meet to discuss and collaborate around soulful and spiritual ideals. Our new resources and links sections offer a variety of books, articles, and websites that support and build on this theme.

Though it's easy to get very abstract and talk ourselves into confusion around the subject of soul and spirit, we attempt to keep our discussions down to earth and relevant to everyday living and working. When it really comes down to it, all we're really talking about is everyday living, but seeing it from a more grand and honest perspective, and this alone sometimes makes it more magical than we might have otherwise imagined. As Winston Churchill once said, "Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened." I believe more and more people, with the help of coaches, are beginning to realize that maybe something did happen that they might use to change their lives for the better. Awareness is in fact what life is made of, and awareness of our spiritual essence, of our soulful existence, makes life far richer for us, and those around us.

Thank you to all who contributed your time, knowledge, and wisdom to the content of this issue. Your contributions to the world at large go far beyond these pages.

In our next issue, our focus will be coaching on the international scene. Though our publication is read globally, the majority of coaches are currently located in North America, so we don't often hear as much as we'd like from those outside these boundaries. So if you are a coach from outside North America or are working with clients from other nations and cultures, we'd like to hear from you. We'll be looking for coaching stories highlighting cross-cultural issues, stories from international clients, and any resources, articles, books, and other info with an international or global flavor. Please send your input and ideas to steve@coachu.com.

Steve Davis, Managing Editor



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