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Tuesday February 4, 2003

Dear Today's Coach Reader,

Addendum!  (aka oops)
I meant to include a bit more with the announcement of the 15 Advanced Coaching Proficiencies that we emailed you about yesterday.

Below you'll find my thinking on the emergence of "Dynamics" as a key component in the coaching process and additional description of what it means to be a high-end coach.


Thomas J. Leonard

See below for full size graphic of the Dynamic Opportunity model

The future of Coaching is emerging...
Coaching has come a long way from the original coaching many of us did in the 80's and 90's -- coaching is quickly becoming one of the most sophisticated disciplines ever developed.  Give it 20 more years and the knowledge sets and skills set will be be on par with what a physician has to learn in order to be effective with their patients.  Coaching is evolving at an astounding rate.  

It's your choice...
You're either going to be the kind of person who places yourself on that curve, or you're not.  And this 1-day training is a terrific opportunity to place yourself both on that curve and at the front of that curve.   

The mission of the School of Coaching is to put and keep you on the front end of that curve. Our commitment to you and to the coaching industry  is clear -- we do our best to invest and package the most progressive, sophisticated and practical trainings and tools ever developed for coaches and their clients.

Wondering if you're a high-end coach?
Here's a place to begin....

Enter the high-end coach...

Over the past 5 years, the notion of a 'high-end coach' has emerged.  These coaches have something in common -- something they recognize in each other and it's not the "I'm a great coach" illusion, or "I've been coaching for 7 years" boast or "I've got six certifications." Those things don't matter that much in a dynamic field such as coaching where the evolution is more of a revolution -- of innovative ideas sophisticated tools and refined strategies.

Rather, there is emerging a group of coaches who are committed to developing both themselves and their coaching skills and tools and knowledge sets in order to serve their clients as best as they possibly can.  Here's is what this group has in common....

1. Complete set of coaching skills...
The high-end coach as the complete set of coaching skills, and knows how to select which skill for which client type or situation. (Did you know that there have been 500 coaching skills identified already? -- We teach these via the School of Coaching. Do you know how exciting it is as a coach to have the perfect skill or proficiency to use with a client that works within seconds?)

2. Strong set of tools and strategies...
The high-end coach also has a strong set of tools and strategies.  Quickly, coaching is expanding to include more than support and great questions -- the higher-end clients are coming to expect and even demand the tools and strategies that will make the biggest difference for them -- and the high-end coach has or is developing an extensive set of these.  

3. Fully understands operating dynamics...
Finally, the high-end coach has developed the type of wisdom where they can recognize and fully understand the nature of what is occurring at virtually any moment with the client and in the client's lives and business. This is remarkable news and we're busy researching and documenting (and training coaches in) this depth of awareness and understanding.  See Dynamic Opportunity Model immediately below.

Our goal is that the coach is able to (virtually) instantly recognize exactly what's going on in a client's situation (business or personal) and have a coaching solution available.  This is big news in our industry -- I know for years I kept chasing symptoms and even sources of problems until I realized that there was a deeper level of awareness called operating dynamics.  Powerful stuff. 

It's all good news...

The good news?  It' all learnable.  And this one-day training we're offering in San Francisco and London is the type of environment that will profoundly upgrade how you coach your clients.  All part of the Future of Coaching.  Please join us to put and keep you at the top of this curve.

Guarantee of Satisfaction

If, at the end of the Training, you feel that the conference was not worth the fee you paid, you will be refunded your Intensive fee in its entirety, no questions asked.  (We're quite serious about this.)



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