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Monday February 3, 2003

Dear Today's Coach Reader,

Are you a high-end coach? Are you curious about learning the Advanced Coaching Proficiencies?

If you answered yes, today's issue is for you!  Introducing the Advanced Coaching Proficiencies for the high-end coach
who more and more frequently gets the sense that clients are coming to expect a heightened level of sophistication from their coach.  Click here to begin familiarizing yourself with the Advanced set of Coaching Proficiencies. 

Intrigued? We thought you might be.  So much so that in honor of Coaching Week 2003, February 2 - 9, we've decided to add a one day training focused specifically on the Advanced Proficiencies to the General Coaching Conference being held in San Francisco this May 14, 2003 -- at no additional cost.  If you are already registered for the Conference, simply arrange to attend the additional day of training; there will be no additional charge.  Not yet registered?  Read on to find out how to register below, at the early bird fee of $279 for the entire conference, including the Advanced Proficiencies training. 

If you prefer, the one-day training on the Advanced Proficiencies will also be offered, for US$99, in London on March 20, 2003.  Click here to register. Please note, our events do fill, so we encourage you to make your arrangements sooner rather than later.

All my best,

Andrea Lee
GM, CoachVille/SOC


Are you a high-end coach?
Are you open to learning the Advanced Coaching
Proficiencies in a single, intense day?

Please pass the word...

Finally, an advanced coach training for coaches who...
Have coached at least 30-200 clients over the past 2 years.
While everyone is welcome to this 1-day Intensive, those will direct client experience will benefit most -- the conversation will assume you have significant experience and we won't be going over the basic- or intermediate-level coaching proficiencies.
Has a sense that clients are coming to expect a heightened level of sophistication from their coach.
You're already sensing this by the expectations you feel from your clients and perhaps even from the prospective clients who chose to hire another coach.  Clients are coming to expect that coaches are nothing short of magicians with them, which is calling for a higher level skill set than most coaches have developed, even with years of experience.
Has always wanted to identify not just the source of a problem but the dynamic underneath the source.
If you're a new coach, you tend to chase symptoms. No surprise there.  If you have some experience, you uncover and focus on the source of a client's problems or dilemma.  But it's the advanced coach who knows there is yet another level -- called the dynamics level -- where the ultimate drivers of a person's thinking, behavior and performance operate.  Know these underlying dynamics, and the client's situation and frustrations become crystal clear, and very, very coachable.
Is intrigued by the notion of preparing a Coaching Plan for their clients at the level of specificity the client will benefit from.
A Coaching Plan is far more than an intake or assessment process, and much more than a list of sequenced goals and milestones.  Rather, the Coaching Plan is an organized game plan of your work that provides context, comfort and structure to your client.  One of the benefits?  The client can trust you more because they understand the next several years of their life and the coaching process.
Wish to help clients to design an ideal life and lifestyle, in addition working on the issues and problems that the client is dealing with.
In this training, we are including a module from one of our coaching schools called the School of Lifestyle Design.  You'll learn how to help a client design their lifestyle, not just organize and reach their goals.  Lifestyle design (distinct from life design) is something that is much more sellable to the marketplace than traditional coaching and only CoachVille has it.
Understands that the future of coaching is solutions-based, not just coaching-services based.
That's the big question, isn't it?  Are we coaches in the service business or the solutions business?  Until 5 years ago, we were clearly in the business of providing coaching services.  However, in the past several years, coaching -- like most other professions -- are morphing into solution-based disciplines where coaches play a key role in solving problems -- far beyond just providing support.
Know that it is easier to attract high-end clients when you have the tools that they want.
Wants to unify all that they've learned about coaching without losing the value of any single component.
Every coaching school seems to offer their single model for what coaching is and how to coach but it's only CoachVille and the School of Coaching that offers a meta-model -- one that includes all of the other models.  Your choice:  Do you want to be selling a single flavor of ice cream?  Or set up a Baskin-Robbins franchise where you can provide what the customer wants, depending on their mood, situation or need?
Has a feeling that coaching is an extraordinarily simple process that forwards the client without being costly to the coach.
High-end sophisticated coaching is both easy and simple, once you learn how and once you're working with higher-end clients.  And, while some coaches can handle clients who struggle, most experienced coaches don't want to be held back by this type of client.  (Blunt, but true among the coaches I know.)
Understands the value of immersing themselves in a day-long session with other coaches who operate at this level.
Where do you get your high-end professional stimulation from, coaching-wise?  We'll guarantee it in this one-day experience.  Please join us.

 Advanced Coaching Proficiencies Training
Only two dates available this Spring...
London, England, March, 20, 2003
San Francisco, California, May 14, 2003
both conducted by Thomas J. Leonard

Register Now!


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London, England
Thursday, March 20, 2003
150 Available
just opened
Click to Register
Cavendish Conference Center
Central London
San Francisco area, California
Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Free with conference registration.  Not available as a separate event.
300 Available
just opened
Click for info on the Future of Coaching Conference May 15-17, 2003, that includes this extra day at no additional charge.
San Mateo Marriott

Guarantee of Satisfaction
If, at the end of the Intensive, you feel that the conference was not worth the fee you paid, you will be refunded your Intensive fee in its entirety, no questions asked.  (We're quite serious about this.)

How is the training designed?

The training has been designed as a powerful learning experience...
Multimedia presentations to quickly and graphically convey the key points, principles and theory.
"Front of the room demos" by Thomas Leonard so that you can see real world demonstrations of optimal form.
"From the podium" discussions between Thomas Leonard and you so that you can benefit from the wisdom of other coaches in the room. (We use floating wireless microphones.)
Highly interactive dyads and triads so that you can practice and perfect what you are learning using scorecards and guides.
Case study examples and 'team solution' methods to prepare you for the types of client situations that you will be encountering in the real world.
Networking opportunities before and after each day's sessions.

15 Advanced Coaching Proficiencies
copyright 2003, (GSC)

1. Responds to the underlying, occurring dynamic.
The more the coach understands the predictable nature of situations, people, and other dynamics, the easier it is to respond to the dynamic that is most present at any given moment in the client's life or during the coaching call. If you don't recognize what's really going on, you'll be coaching symptoms or on the surface, neither of which is advanced coaching.  
You can learn the robust set of underlying situational dynamics so that your coaching effectiveness increases significantly, with less chasing and digging, and fewer missed opportunities.

2. Upgrades the client's primary source of energy.
What fuels your client affects your ability to do advanced coaching work with them.  It's as simple as that.  The strategy here is to work with your client so that they get their life, creative, intellectual and emotional energy from a lighter, cleaner, higher source.  Think solar powered car vs internal combustion engine. Think reality vs interpretation.  Think centeredness vs balance.  We all get energy from different places and in different ways -- the job of the advanced coach is to upgrade the quality of those energy sources in order for the client to experience sustainability and a higher experience of life.
The first step for you may be to upgrade your own sources of energy.  This is something that you can easily learn at the GSC.

3. Enables rapid learning.
When coaching clients or mentoring other coaches, don't just look to see how much they already know but, rather, how quickly they can learn.  Velocity of learning is more important today than an initial inventory of knowledge, given knowledge can be acquired fairly easily.  As an advanced coach, we can tweak the clients ability to learn, and the rate at which what they learn affects them.  (One way to know how quickly someone is learning is to notice how much or how quickly they've taken advantage/integrated/reoriented around the knowledge they have acquired.)
Step one is to increase the velocity of your own learning pace and shift from information acquisition to cellular learning.  Both are doable at the GSC.

4. Accelerates the client along their path of development.
In advanced coaching work, the client is seeking to move up several levels in their personal awareness and development.  For example, they might want to leap from the Responsibility level to the Inspiration level.  Or from Flow to Transcendence.  Or from Occurrence to Evolution.  (There are 12 levels.)  The coach is both the guide and the catalyst in this type of coaching focus.  The coach with the advanced set of proficiencies can accelerate a client's progress by the factor of 5, thanks to the sophistication of the process.
You have access to the GSC's Path of Development Program which you can share with clients royalty-free and weave into the coaching you are already providing.  By 'organizing' development into a clear path, the client can be pulled forward by an exciting game vs the typical and often frustrating hit-and-miss approach to personal development.

5. Elevates the client's thinking by using advanced concepts.
Part of what an advanced coach does is to expand the client's way of thinking as well as introduce an intermediate>advanced set of concepts, principles, models and theories that fit for what the client is focusing on.  Advanced coaching is generally concept-based, not activity or goal-based.  It's truly high-end work and a nearly 180-degree turn from traditional or intermediate coaching. It's coaching at its best.
You have access to the complete ConceptBanc at the Graduate School of Coaching.

6. Designs lifestyles that inspire from within.
Is the advanced coach a lifestyle designer?  Definitely -- just one more skill set that the coach can develop in order to help clients integrate all that they are, all they have all and all that they want into a life and lifestyle that is self-generating, sustainable and consistently inspiring from within.  It's that latter component -- inspiration -- that makes this an advanced coaching proficiency.
You have access to and full use of the online lifestyle designer system at the GSC to use with yourself and your clients.  This simplifies the process for all and ensures a complete design process.

7. Resolves the illusion of conflict.
Problems, confusion, frustrations, resistance, judging, reactions, disconnection -- all are forms of conflict and all are completely resolvable via advanced work.  The basic theory is that conflict is experienced (and often caused, knowingly or not) as a way to reassure us that we are alive.  The solution?  Wholeness, a popular term in the world of spirituality.  With wholeness comes access to everything and everyone, thus obviating the need for conflict whether internal or external (not that there is a difference between the two).  With increased awareness, wholeness is achievable because it is always available.  The trick is to make it always available.  Hence, advanced coaching.
The Friction-Free Program is included in the GSC.  It is designed to make wholeness continuously accessible.  

8. Replaces paradigms.
Some coaches tweak or upgrade paradigms (aka realities, frameworks, thinking models) for their clients, but it's the advanced coach who knows how to replace them with/for a client.  True, the process can be discombobulating to the client, but when compared to the high cost of the alternative, discombobulation is a very small price to pay for a new paradigm.  The fact is, advanced work calls for new paradigms, not just tweaked ones.  Clients know that 'something is missing' but they aren't sure what, exactly.  Often enough, they are operating from an old, tired or bankrupt paradigm.  It's a simple enough fix, although it can take time to reorient.  Hence, the value of coaching to the client.
Did you know there is a bank of paradigms available at the GSC?  It's a great way to see which ones your client is using and how to share ones that are likely to be more fitting.

9. Helps the client to transcend themselves.
This is a fancy way of saying 'get over yourself' yet it also means more than that.  What we're talking about here is the client who is ready to let go of what's left of their ego/self because they know that it has served its purpose.  Typically, the client recognizes that they react to themselves, others and situations, and have a sense that there is a place beyond this.  When it comes up in coaching, the advanced coach has the knowledge and tools needed to make this once-in-a-lifetime leap.
Included in the GSC if the Transcendence Program, and the license to share it with clients.

10. Affords possibility.
The advanced coach is a wellspring of possibility for their clients -- nothing is impossible, all is possible.  The trick is to become that way yourself so that the client can tap into it when needed without you having to manufacture it for delivery.  We deliberately use the word 'afford' here to describe the role of the coach in this type of work.  What you can afford to be true, your client will more likely be able to afford.  It's contagious.  This matters in coaching because clients often hire a coach because they want something for themselves that seems impossible.  And, while not everything the client wants will be achieved, the more you can afford possibility, the more easily your client can work with on goals that are on the perceived edge of their reality.
When you design environments that are bigger than you are, you create this flow of possibility -- the gap keeps you opening up to what's next.  The GSC is one of those environments that is, and may well always be, larger than you, given it's a dynamic community of coaches pushing the envelope of coaching and living.

11. Is completely non-essential.
This proficiency is about the coach but it carries through to the client as well.  The coach has moved beyond the place where they feel they are critical to a client's success.  Beyond the place where they have a need to coach. And beyond the place where they define themselves as such.  The trick here is to work with your clients from a place where you are both continually discovering - both open to learning and open to creating during a session.  If you're in teach mode, you're not in this zone of being non-essential.  Ironically, extreme value is generated from this place. (Welcome to the paradoxical world of advanced coaching.)
When you know what you're doing as a coach, you don't need to coach.  Yet clients experience coaching from you.  Or is it from them?  Either way, the process is much more sophisticated because you are not stuck in a role as a coach.

12. Invents solutions.
The beginner to intermediate coach can customize solutions to problems and situations, but it's the advanced coach who has the skill set - and body of knowledge -- to be able to invent custom solutions on-the-spot (meaning in real-time during a coaching call) with clients during a coaching session.  Many advanced coaches say that this is the most demanding of the 15 Advanced Coaching Proficiencies because it calls for both a course of study to learn from a bank of solutions, as well as the courage to toss them out and craft from scratch a real-time solution.  It's a beautiful sight to see when this is occurring between coach and client.
GSC membership includes access to the life/business SolutionBanc and the trained need for you to become an inventor of fresh solutions for your clients.

13. Adds dimensions.
Coaches are always adding something to the mix -- or taking it away.  That's one way we add value.  Coaches add support, ideas, concepts, solutions and we "take away" conflict, confusion, complications.  (Or at least that's a byproduct of our coaching.)  And, advanced coaches add dimensions to a client's life.  A spiritual dimension.  A creative one. Perhaps a mission or vision.  Something that isn't just a new facet, focus or flavor, but something that adds a depth to the person's ability to be more human.  Think of the 2 dimensions height and width, which together give us 'area.'  Add depth to that, and you now have three dimensions (volume).  Add density and you have a fourth (mass).  Add movement and you have a fifth (velocity).  And so forth.  Ourselves and our lives are no different.  There are always new dimensions to add.  That's what makes us and life so rich.
Training in dimension theory is included in the GSC.

14. Presences truth.
One of the 15 Intermediate Proficiencies is to Relish Truth.  The next iteration of that -- as an advanced coach -- is to be able to presence truth during a coaching call.  Which basically means that just as soon as your client discovers what is true for them, they immediately begin to reorient around it, even if it means a significant change in their life, lifestyle or perceived priorities.  This is more than the process of helping a client to discover what's true for them - the advanced nature of this proficiency means that the client is both able to do that and to have such a profound experience of that, that they begin to shift and live differently, right then.  It's a big one.  You know you're there, when the client reorients with very little resistance.  
We offer 10 hours of training in this process.  It is rigorous.

15. coming...

What are the logistical details?
We are keeping the training as interactive, effective, and simple as possible.  You'll have plenty of free time for networking.
1. Everyone is in the same event room during the training.  
2. Thomas Leonard is leading most of the segments 
3. All sessions are interactive and discussion-based (and include step-by-step handouts).
4. You are on your own for meals. Water is served during the breaks.

Guarantee of Satisfaction
If, at the end of the Intensive, you feel that the Advanced Coaching Proficiencies Training was not worth the fee you paid, you will be refunded your Intensive fee in its entirety, no questions asked (This is our universal and consistent customer satisfaction policy.)

Register Now!


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London, England
Thursday, March 20, 2003
150 Available
just opened
Click to Register
Cavendish Conference Center
Central London
San Francisco area, California
Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Free with conference registration.  Not available as a separate event.
300 Available
just opened
Click for info on the Future of Coaching Conference May 15-17, 2003, that includes this extra day at no additional charge.
San Mateo Marriott

We offer 100% refund of your payment/tuition if you withdraw 30 days before the event date.  Less than 30 days and you may apply 100% of your tuition to another event with 2 years.

Please email 



On the fence about attending the Future of Coaching Conference this May? The updated agenda is here...
The first coaching conference focused on the future of coaching.

This is the first coaching conference dedicated solely to helping you position yourself and your coaching to meet the emerging needs of society, individuals and business.

The tools and concepts you learn at this conference will keep you at the front edge of the coaching process and enhance your ability to deliver coaching in the formats that the marketplace is asking for.   You will also learn how to market your services to serve the rapidly growing group of potential clients who have yet to experience coaching but who are quite curious about coaching.

The Future of Coaching Conference will take place at the San Mateo Marriott.

Welcome to the San Mateo Marriott. This 11-acre landmark offers the look and feel of a luxury resort combined with the amenities preferred by both business and leisure travelers. Located just ten minutes from San Francisco International Airport, the San Mateo Marriott is centrally located to both San Jose and Downtown San Francisco. 

CoachVille conference attendees will have access to discounted rates for hotel rooms; for those of you considering hotel room costs, these are $99.00/night for single/double occupancy.  You will receive more information about the hotel when you register, but if you wish more detail in advance, we invite you to visit the hotel website at:

Yes, it's official!
CoachVille is sponsoring the first-ever conference entirely dedicated to helping you make the most of the rapidly-emerging future of coaching.
The Future of Coaching Conference Agenda
View full agenda of all sessions at 
Techno/Cyber Coaching
o Future of Client Marketing
o Future of Practice Design and Client Specialties
(Includes the $1,000,000 Coach/Coaching Practice and 10,000 Client Coaching Practice)
o Future of Coaching Tools
o New Client Programs
o Forward-Thinking Coaches
o The Future eCommerce and Passive Revenue for Coaches
o 7-Minute Coaching Sessions: Laser Coaching At Its Best
o Goal-setting and Lifestyle Design Sysytems
o The Transcendence Program
o and much more!
View full agenda of all sessions at 



copyright 2003 by  all rights reserved.