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Cool planning tool!

Thomas J. Leonard





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January 15, 2002

The better you show your clients how to win with you and in coaching, the longer they'll stay with you and the better results they'll receive...

To that end, we are developing a totally free ebook for your use to do just that -- 55 Ways To Get the Most Out of Coaching...

And you can add your thoughts to this ebook before we complete it!  

We have included titles of the 26 of the 55 tips below.   Share what you've found that works for your clients and receive acknowledgement in the book -- and know that you're contributing directly to the quality of coaching worldwide...

It takes a moment to share 5 or 10 things that you've found helps your clients get the most out of coaching...

Please email them to with "55 ways" in the subject line, by Tuesday, January 21, 2003.  (Wanna play big?  Send in 100 ideas and we'll get you a cool CoachVille polo shirt.)

Dear Today's Coach Reader...

Why this ebook?
A couple of reasons...

1. Given how new coaching is, most clients of coaches are pretty new at being clients  -- they often don't know how to make the most of the coaching process.

2. Wouldn't it be cool to email this ebook to your client in order to help them get the most out of your work together?

3. A successful client is a long-term client -- client turnover (churn) is a problem in the coaching world and we're hoping that this book will reduce that problem (that, and advanced coach training).

4. As we compile this ebook, it helps us also figure out the classes/trainings we should add to our curriculum in order to increase the satisfaction of the clients of the coaches we train.

5. One of our foci this year is looking at coaching from the perspective of the client, not just the coach.  This project helps along that path.

6. We are hoping that this ebook will contribute to the legitimization of the coaching process.  Not sure how exactly, but I think it will contribute in some way in this area.

Can you think of more reasons to offer this ebook?  If so, please let me know: with "55 Ways" in the subject line by Tuesday, January 21, 2003.

Right now, we're looking for suggestions for micro-chapter titles...
Here's what we've got so far...
Once we select the 55 topics, I'll start writing the 2--5 paragraph description and examples for each of the micro chapters.

1. Pick the goals that you want to achieve, not the ones you should want to achieve.  Big difference.
Description/examples coming

2. Select something to work on that isn't necessarily practical, yet it could greatly influence your life.
Description/examples coming

3. Ask your coach for a service provider referral to help you handle whatever you need outside of coaching itself.
Description/examples coming

4. Decide how you want to use your coaching sessions.
Description/examples coming

5. Simplify your life a bit -- enough to have the space you'll need to make the changes you'll naturally want to make as a result of the coaching process.
Description/examples coming

6. If your coach's communication style doesn't match your needs exactly -- ask them to adjust it so that it does.
Description/examples coming

7. Start keeping a success journal.
Description/examples coming

8. Drive the coaching process; don't just be a passenger.
Description/examples coming

9. If you want more structure in coaching, ask the coach to work with you via a client coaching program.
Description/examples coming

10. In the background, use the Clean Sweep Checklist.
Description/examples coming

11. Outline your ideal or perfect day.
Description/examples coming

12. Spend 20 minutes going over the Coaching Proficiencies so that you'll be able to guide the coach to coach you to your satisfaction.
Description/examples coming

13. Learn the Coaching Deliverables so that you'll be able to ask for exactly what you need during the coaching session.
Description/examples coming

14. Make sure the coach knows what you don't want to work on or have brought up.
Description/examples coming

15. Pick a theme that runs through your coaching for the next 6 to 12 months.
Description/examples coming

16. Make sure your coach respects your limits, but isn't bound by them.
Description/examples coming

17. When it's time to take a break from coaching, give the coach 2 week's notice.
Description/examples coming

18. Structure the coaching relationship so that it empowers you.
Description/examples coming

19. Let others know that you are being coached; it matters.
Description/examples coming

20. At the end of each coaching session, take a couple of minutes to debrief and share what you learned during the session.
Description/examples coming

21. See if your coach is open to using Instant Messaging with you between sessions.
Description/examples coming

22. Select goals that are large enough to challenge you but not so large as they will overwhelm you (unless that's a part of what you want).
Description/examples coming

23. If something happens during a coaching session that you didn't like, bring it up as soon as possible or call/email the coach just as soon you can -- don't wait until the next session.
Description/examples coming

24. Make sure your coach knows how you best achieve goals.
Description/examples coming

25. Use a call-prep form if you would like to add structure to your session.
Description/examples coming

26. Let yourself be coached 24/7 -- not just during the coaching sessions themselves.
Description/examples coming

Got some ideas for how your clients can get the most out of your coaching?

The questions to ask yourself...

1. How do YOU get the most out of coaching with/from YOUR own coach?

2. Given what you experienced with your own clients, what have your most successful clients done or asked for from you that's made the difference?

3. If you could design a perfect client, how would they use/interact with you?

4. If you could produce miracles with every client, how would you set them up and coach them?

Any other comments, or ways to use this book, please let me know by Tuesday, January 21, 2003, via with "55 Ways" in the subject line.

Winning in Coaching will be a free ebook available at 

The simple mission of is to help clients of coaches get the most out of their coaching.





copyright 2003 by  all rights reserved.

Enormous value...
"Thomas...Thanks beyond words for adding such enormous value to the coaching world. CoachVille's live/local training throughout the world is an

experience of professional mastery that allows my coaching to soar. My clients and I thank you."

All the best,


Sylvia Warren, MBA

Life Empowerment Coach




"This experience validated for me that I was in the right field.  I could never get the volume of information received at the Intensive anywhere else.  If coaches are ready to build lasting practices in 1/2 the time, this is the event that must make a priority!"

Brenda Dicent, ME.d, RODP

Corporate & Life Coach!

Chief Executive Director of MY life Learning Links




The place to get trained...

"Dear Thomas,
What a fantastic experience the Intensive was! It was my first "live" coaching event, and I came away with the knowledge that coaching is my life's profession and that CoachVille and the GSC are the places to get training. You and Dave were a great comedy team, and Susan and all the volunteers did a phenomenal job of organizing the event so that it was always fun, and the learning was effortless. Just amazing. 
Thank you for what you do!"
All the Best,
Laura Hendershot 


las vegas 2002 | photo: damian nash

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