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Cool planning tool!

Thomas J. Leonard



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January 6, 2002

Planning for 2003?

Looking for a free tool for you and your clients?

Here's a great worksheet!

This is the worksheet I use for my own planning (and dreaming!).  I've even included a copy of my own filled-in worksheet at so you can get an idea of how the worksheet can be used.

It's just 2 pages long, and includes sections for:

-- Room to write in your 25 Biggest Opportunities/Goals
-- Room to write in 25 Environments
-- Room to write in the 25 Cool Things to Do For Yourself During 2003
-- Room to write in 10 Ways to Simplify Your Life
-- Room to write in your 10 Daily Habits

The form is in PDF (view/print/save at
Of course, you'll need Acrobat Reader (free at

Why is this planning worksheet useful?
-- Keeps your most important goals and plans in a single place.
-- You can post this sheet above your desk or on your refrigerator for reminders
-- Add to/tweak your plan during 2003
-- Share it with your family, colleagues, or coach and suggest they do the same

Feel free to distribute this worksheet via email, fax, mail and even via your own website if you would like to add it there -- just don't modify this form or remove our copyright notice. That's the only restriction.

Also, you may direct anyone to to grab their own copy. is the site we are building for clients of coaches so they'll be able to grab some of the worksheets, forms, and tools to get the most out of your coaching.




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