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Thursday, December 26, 2002

Do you ever find yourself trying to explain a really important concept, principle or idea to a client only to have them shake their head in confusion?

Now, this problem is soon to be solved.

What we are developing during January is a collection of 100 professionally-designed, royalty-free graphic models, available on a CD or via download.

Pricing:  Free for School of Coaching/Graduate School of Coaching members, $79 for CoachVille members, $99 for the public

Below are just 7 of the 100 graphical templates that that will be on the CD

(Note: The graphics files included on the CD will come in two versions:  one with the text filled in and one with no text so that you can fill in your own words using any graphics program; it just takes a moment.)


Sample: The Poster Format

Sample: The Progressions Model

Sample: The Sweet Spot Model

Sample: Venn Diagram Model

Sample: The Graduated Graph Model


Sample: The Spheres Model

Sample: The Quadrant Model

Note:  The download/CD is not yet available for ordering.

However, you can get a free access to this site if you're willing to fax or email us with 10 interesting shapes/layouts.
A rough sketch is fine but please make it more than a circle or a square.  Be creative.  You've seen information presented in clever ways.  Help us build the template collection.

Note:  We'll handle the graphic design aspect -- we just need rough ideas of different/cool ways to present information/concepts.

However, if you are a graphic designer and wish to send in completed models/graphics, feel free!

The final product will be 100 templates that you'll able to download (free if a GSC/School of Coaching member, $79 if a CoachVille member) or order on a CD.  Download is free if you send in 10 illustrations/models (we don't need content/text -- just the graphical model).

Deadline is January 5, 2003.  Please email to or fax to 1.602.532.7168.




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