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Thursday, December 12, 2002

Share 3 of the ways that you reach your goals, and receive an advance copy of the "101 Ways To Achieve Your Goals With Less Effort" ebook.
(Want a free CoachVille polo shirt?  Send in 40 ways you've found to reach your goals and we'll ship you a free CoachVille polo shirt as a bonus! Details below.)

And, share this free ebook with clients and potential clients so they can discover the many ways to use a coach to support them in achieving their goals.  The more excited the public is about setting goals, making changes, and achieving, the more demand there will be for coaching services.  It's that simple.

This ebook will be a catalyst for that process, because if people feel they can reach their goals, they will be much more likely to create goals -- and hire a coach to facilitate them in the process.

Between you, me, CoachVille and the 36,000 coaches in 110 countries around the world who receive the Today's Coach ezine,
there is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom among us all.  Wisdom that I believe will collectively serve our profession, our clients and ultimately
ourselves as coaches.

Thus, this ebook project as the first of many projects designed to help our clients get the most out of the coaches services we provide.

This ebook will be completely free and available at:
--and you may also post this at your own website if you wish.

The ebook will contain a list and brief description of 101 Ways to Achieve Goals... With Far Less Effort.

If you contribute 3 ideas...

1. Your name will be included in the acknowledgements area.
2. You will receive an advance copy of this ebook (3 months early).

If you decide to really go for it and contribute 40 ideas, we'll even ship you a free CoachVille polo shirt (free shipping worldwide).  All we need is ideas/ways.  We can write up the descriptions... But if you'd like to write the descriptions for your 3, 10 or 40 entries, feel free!

Sample micro chapter...
Here's how a typical listing will look in the ebook....

The power of working directly with someone on a goal, especially a pretty big goal, can not be understated. When we set a goal, there are many obstacles along the way and having someone as committed as you are to your goal -- or even to their own goal -- can often be the key for finally reaching your goal/desire.

The trick is to pick someone who is as excited about reaching their goal as you are excited about reaching your goal.  This partnership makes the goal reaching process fun -- and collaborative.  After all, life is likely to toss up quite a few distractions, speed bumps and 'better opportunities,' so why not failsafe your goal by sharing the game with a friend or colleague?

And, if you're setting a really powerful or confrontive goal for yourself, doesn't it make sense to do everything possible in order to keep you focused until you reach that goal?  Having a partner can help.  Or perhaps working with a professional coach is the partner for you.  

Having a friend, partner or coach who is committed to your success is crucial to make the necessary changes, both internal and external, to ensure long-term success. When it comes to support 1+1 really does = 3.  Or more.

"Nothing worth doing is worth doing alone."  --Anon

from 101 Ways to Achieve Your Goals With Far Less Effort

Willing to play?

If so, please email your 3, 10 or 40 ideas to with Goals in the subject line.  Tina will compile the entries and make sure that you get an advance copy of the e-book and included in the acknowledgements section (and get you a polo shirt if you send in 40 ideas.)

Note:  We only need 1-line titles/ideas, and you may craft the sub-lines and/or the descriptions (2-3 short paragraphs) if you wish!

Deadline is Tuesday, December 31, 2002.


We'll advise when the ebook is ready for release. Contributors will receive advance access to the ebook (90 days early).


Thomas J. Leonard


copyright 2002 by  all rights reserved.