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Thursday, November 14
, 2002 

ear Today's Coach Reader:

Are you confused about which 'niche' to go into?
Are you wondering how to brand yourself?
Are you trying to decide how to package yourself?

In my view, all of these are the wrong questions...

Please, let me explain...

Marketing guru Dean Jackson woke up all of us at the Full Practice Marketing Conference in San Diego last week (318 coaches) with his approach to marketing, especially via the web.  And, given Dean is one of the top earners on the web, it makes sense to hear him out.

Dean's view?

Focus 100% on the person you wish to reach.

Not by trying to explain who you are, i.e.,
The Executive Coach
The Relationship Coach
The Evolution Coach
(That's all about you and your specialty.  Two problems with that, according to Dean.)

First limitation of above is that it's about a broad category (executives, relationships, evolution).  It's like going to the store and asking for dessert instead of German Chocolate Cake.

Second, it's about you (coach) instead of about the person visiting your site or who you are speaking to.  Dean says that people don't care who you are; they only care what they can get from you (it's not personal; it's just life/business).

Dean suggests that you describe to your prospective clients who they are and what they are facing/going though.

Here are a couple of examples of this approach...

Example #1: Have a very specific solution to what someone is very specifically going through...

Below is a screenshot of Dean's entire website  (visit
1. It looks really plain
2. It brings in high six figures annually
3. It's not about improving your marriage, offering relationship services, or legal assistance. 
4. Rather, it's about one thing -- very, very, very, very specific -- called stopping a divorce.

Simple, clean, direct, specific.

visit entire site at 

The point here is that when a person comes to this site, they KNOW this info/ebook is for them. There is NO doubt.

Now, if Dean wanted to, he could also start a website/ebook on:

--Starting Your Divorce
--Living Together Blissfully and Never Getting Married
--Accelerating Your Divorce
(yes, there are various websites on these)

See the point?

1. Don't be afraid to be really specific.
2. Make it situational.
3. Mention yourself/abilities only in the context of the clients you have helped.

The trick is to have multiple websites or pages so that when someone is searching on the internet they come to the PERFECT page for them. NOT a "nice page about improving your relationship."

Example #2.  Target toward a very specific type of person and show them that you really know and understand them.

Here's a different approach.  Here's a coach (me, actually) who targets a particular type of person/client.  (Full disclosure: Actually, I'm not targeting them right now because I run CoachVille but if i went back into private practice, it's who I would target).

Visit the website at to see the cool moving logo/Flash file.  And, below is the drop-down menu which outlines some of the situations/problems/feelings that this type of person would typically experience. I'm speaking to THEM via this.


Got any of these genius problems?


When my ideal client reads this, they KNOW I know them. I don't have to say I know/understand them. This list 'proves' it.  Credibility is immediately established.  And, by having multiple situations, I don't have to have a separate website for each problem.

When the visitor clicks on 'click for solution' I would have a brief description of what causes each of the situations described as well as how I generally coach folks around/through these.  (Don't be afraid to give away your tricks/strategies -- clients will hire you anyway, and even more so.) I would then invite them to Instant Message, call or email me to get started.  

Bottom line...

Above are just 2 examples of how to target a specific market. And, there are many successful ways to build a website and to target your ideal clients.  You CAN do the traditional approach of being a relationship coach, etc. You can benefit tremendously from branding.

And, start first with identifying 1, 5 or 15 types of clients or client situations that you want to help people through as a coach.   And, be very, very specific.

Want more?

We cover this, and 36 more marketing strategies, at the Full Practice Intensive.  Details at Upcoming cities include Vancouver, Chicago, New York, London (England) and Atlanta in the first part of 2003.

And, soon, we will include this in the new School of eMarketing curriculum (Feb 2003) that is now part of the School of Coaching bundle -- all schools for $1795 until June 1, 2002, when it all jumps to $4495. Details at

I hope that this was useful. It was fun to write because I see/believe in the effectiveness of this approach.  


Thomas J. Leonard

Note:  The Future of Coaching Series will return next week (really!)

Personal Note:
Wild time in San Diego last weekend with 318 coaches, Dean Jackson, Steve Straus, Richard Reardon, Susan Austin and Ginger Cockerham who made the Full Practice Intensive a success. It was one of the highlights of my professional career.  Now, on to Atlanta and Denver for the Certified Coach Intensive; then to Seattle and Ft. Lauderdale after Thanksgiving.  Then a break.  

Enjoy your week.



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