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Tuesday, November 5
, 2002 

ear Today's Coach Reader:

Here's our internal checklist on planning and producing live trainings
If you're planning to lead a live workshop or training, then you'll find our 150-point checklist a godsend.  It's taken us several months to iron out the variables and virtually eliminate the surprises during our 15-week Certified Coach Intensive Tour and we have this checklist to thank for that -- we've been adding to it each week from the start.  And with 50-100 live events planned for 2003 in 10 countries around the world, led by different trainers, we figured we really needed to perfect this checklist to ensure a positive -- and easy -- process for all.  Without this checklist?  
Chaos. With this checklist.  Peace of mind.

Feel free to use, but do note the copyright
Please note that this item is copyrighted -- but feel free to use this item personally or to forward this issue of the Today's Coach to anyone you wish.

Even if you don't plan to offer live training in the next several years, do keep this checklist list.
You never know when/if you'll be conducting live events.  You just never know. We've used this event checklist for groups up to 500 and it's worked well for us.  We are happy to share it with you.

For the complete checklist of 150 items, please visit 

Here's brief glimpse at some of the items:

Sample Items from 150-item Event Checklist

All cords/wires taped securely to the carpet/floor

Sound check done for all presenters, in all areas of room

Everyone can easily view the screen from where they are sitting

Back-up speakers/sound system arranged for, as a precaution

Back-up presenter arranged for in case of delay, illness

If offering an upsell/product, 25 possible objections identified and responses prepared

Handouts prepared that match the presentation/powerpoint

Actual powerpoint at website

Extra power source and cord for the sound system, lap top and projector

Someone available to register late arrivals

Meet and greet time arranged early morning or late afternoon

Present overview/learning objectives

At beginning find out nature/skill level of attendees, and their primary interest

During 2 days, weave in comments made earlier by attendees

Have 2 screens/projectors if more than 200 attendees

Bring extra pens and paper

Time hotel water/beverages with coffee break times

Print out instructions/options for lunch

Have someone manage temperature in room using a portable thermometer

Have a lights-flasher to bring folks back from break quickly

Have a people-mover to bring folks back into the event room after the break

If presenting an upsell, using last 20-30 minutes before end of lunch for dedicated time

Set up room as classroom style if less than 100-150 folks; theatre if more than 150 folks

Make sure chairs in room are directly pointing at center of stage

Remove any chairs that are dirty, crooked or wobbly

Double check that hotel signage is clear for arrivals

Good lighting/spotlight on presenter during entire presentation

Stage marks on floor to mark where presenter should stand

Involve the registrants before and after the event to deepen learning

Offer some sort of giveaway (pin, binder, CD, stickers, pen, etc.)

Include worksheets to facilitate learning

For the complete checklist of 150 items, please visit 

I hope that this was useful.


Thomas J. Leonard

Note:  The Future of Coaching Series will return next week

Personal Note:
The big Full Practice conference/training is this weekend in San Diego -- can't wait to see those of you attending in San Diego or the other cities next year.  Yes, back from Sydney.  A very warm welcome and great coaches working hard Down Under.  Hope you're having a terrific week!



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