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Tuesday, September 3, 2002 

Dear Coach:

Special Announcement
The $79 fee to access all of CoachVille's now officially WAIVED.

This offer is valid now, and will run until December 31, 2002.  If you join now, you'll have a free, lifetime membership to CoachVille.  There is no fee of any kind, and you'll gain immediate access to the complete set of tools, ecourses, online coach training, listing at and, etc. 

More details about this offer are below, in a letter from CoachVille Founder and CEO, Thomas J. Leonard.  We welcome you to pass this issue along to your network, your company, and your friends, so they too can join CoachVille free. 

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My best to you,

Andrea Lee
GM, CoachVille


The mission of CoachVille is to improve the quality of coaching worldwide. 
  CoachVille is the largest coaching school and network worldwide.
  Anyone may join CoachVille; lifetime membership is free. 
  Wondering why CoachVille is now free?  The full explanation is here.

From Thomas J. Leonard
14,000 members in 74 countries


Dear Today's Coach Reader,

Yes, It's True...

Yes, what you've heard is true.  We are waiving the $79 CoachVille lifetime membership fee for anyone joining CoachVille between now and December 31, 2002.

When you join CoachVille today you receive all 30 of the free tools, services and training guides that we describe below.  It's a full CoachVille membership and it gives you lifetime access to CoachVille.

As A Member, You'll Gain Access To Exclusive Coaching Resources - Not Found Anywhere Else

As a CoachVille Member, You'll Discover...

101 Coaching Principles from the world's top coaches. It includes everything from why and how coaching works . . . to the important shifts that people need to make in order to evolve . . . to the keys of success today.

12 hours of RealAudio clips where I whisper in the ear of coaches as they're coaching their clients live, via a conference call. Coach the Coach Training is an excellent way to learn coaching "in the moment."

30 different coaching models that Certified Coaches use. Each has its own strengths. And when you're familiar with them, you can serve a far wider range of clients and serve them more professionally. 

100 coaching skills based on rich communication, relating, and wisdom from senior coaches.

Input from 1,000 members on the CoachVille Research and Development (R&D) Team, and wisdom from my 20 years of coaching - that gives you a series of 100 lessons in an e-course called How to Coach Anyone.

Plus, if you want to join CoachVille's R&D Team - you can.

Imagine Helping To Produce And Polish New Programs That Tens Of Thousands Of People Will Be Using!

Again, that's only if you want to. 

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join CoachVille

Learn Many of Best Coaching Skills and Techniques, for Free!

As a CoachVille member, you can pick and choose what you want to do and what resources you want to use. Among these resources, you'll also discover:

How to save yourself and your clients from 101 of the most common coaching mistakes we're prone to make.

50 hours of real, live coaching sessions (with the permission of the coach and client). Plus, training commentaries inserted from senior coaches as they listen to the coaching session. 

42 sources of revenue revealing how coaches earn their income (in addition to the traditional one to one coaching fees). Plus real world examples to prove it works.

100 lessons on how to build a practice quickly, strengthen your current network, produce successful online marketing, and become a leader in the coaching world.

How to get a free listing at the largest coaching mall, Listing categories include: e-courses, training programs, licensing opportunities, web services, local conferences, technical experts, bridge rentals, books, business opportunities, and more.

Only CoachVille offers a coaching mall specifically for the needs of coaches. Why? The more we can assist to connect every coach, the stronger and more supportive of a community we're all going to enjoy and benefit from. 

At CoachVille, We're Committed To Your Success...

As a member, you'll have access to marketing tools such as:

Our commercial recording service ( which allows you to create a three-minute RealAudio welcome message. You can add this to your website or email signature. 

20 MicroModules, called 3 Step Trainings - useful for coaching anyone at any age. It's complete with a Client Assessment, Client Worksheet, Client Guide, and Coach's Guide. 

100 professionally designed and royalty-free micro-banner ads - to educate the world on what coaching is - including how and why people would benefit from working with you. You can use these ads on your own website, in your ezine, and in your email signature.

100 quotes about coaching from well-known figures (CEO's, experts, and the news media). These are especially useful when you're having a hard time explaining to your family, potential personal or corporate clients what coaching is or why it's so valuable. These quotes will help you build credibility - fast.

501 professionally designed coaching forms and worksheets to use in a variety of situations - with any kind of person. Save time and money by using the right ones for you! 

Four PowerPoint presentations (.ppt file format) that you can use on your website or when you're making a presentation using a projector. You may adapt the content to fit the needs of your audience and to add your name and contact information.

525 life models (a.k.a. Venn Diagrams) - illustrating the dynamics of life, business, success, management, personal development, and others - which you may use yourself or with a client. It's a powerful tool that helps clients understand the dynamic of where they're at. And then it helps them see the simple game plan to get where they want to go.

The most sophisticated coach referral service available. It gets 10,000 people every month searching for coaches who can help them with their specific needs. It offers you a FREE coach listing for a lifetime, free photograph tweaking and uploading, and a free three-minute audio clip to add to your listing and/or website.

And the list keeps growing...

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Whatever You Need As A Coach, or To Get Into Coaching - We've Got It

More useful tools are...

50 cyberskill lessons - to take away the delay and frustration the Internet can cause. You'll get simple instructions on everything from FTPing, to designing an Ezine, to clearing the cache on your browser.

The top 50 business concepts than can make or break a business today. Just two minutes a week will keep you up to speed on the very BEST business concepts that you may share with your clients. It makes your coaching easier - and it adds value to your clients.

An online system that guides you through the process of designing a TeleClass to meet the needs of your participants. You may also use this system to outline a workshop, training, speech, or other presentation.

And here are some fun tools...

250 radical quotes you may e-mail to your clients - to inspire, to support, to have fun - whatever you want! Our members rave about them!

Over 100 fun e-cards with quality photographs - that you'll be proud to send to friends, family, and even potential clients.

And the list continues to go on. At CoachVille, our mission is to improve the quality of coaching worldwide. Our vision is that everyone is a coach. We offer more useful tools than any other coaching association in the world. That's why CoachVille has grown to over 14,000 members in 74 countries. And I'd love for you to be a part of it. 

If you're someone interested in being a coach just for the fun of it you will find CoachVille progressive, effective in the real world, hip, quick, and intelligent. If you're a coach who's already received training - our advanced resources and convenient e-training will be for you. And if you're already a successful coach - we offer you specialty and advanced training that helps you open up to new markets and new thinking. 

And You Can Connect With Other Coaches Worldwide For Cross-Referrals, Colleagueship, Creative Projects, And Marketing

By now, I'm sure you must be thinking all of this is great. But how much will it cost? And what's the catch? First, there's no catch. Second, it's true some coaching services could charge $5,000 for all of this. And rightfully so - it's worth it.

However, you won't pay $5,000. I don't even expect you to pay $1,500. Nor $1,000. Nor $750 or $500. Not even $200 or half of that. As a potential or new coach, I want CoachVille's membership to be affordable and fair to everyone, so I made it FREE.  I would like you to...

Be trained in coaching skills so you can deliver top level coaching
Learn how to build your practice and market your services
Get access to royalty-free tools and solutions that your clients will expect
Become a part of the largest and fastest growing coaching network worldwide with over 14,000 members in 74 countries
Advance yourself and your life, personally and professionally

Today I Invite You To Become A Member Of The World's Largest And Fastest Growing Coaching Association And Training

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join CoachVille

This is a powerful membership. And it's yours absolutely free given this special invitation.  Your membership gives you immediate and complete access to online training and resources for the rest of your life! 

It's that simple.

I know you may be wondering, "How can Thomas offer me a lifetime membership for free?" And here's my answer...

All the resources are web-accessible and web-delivered. Once the forms, RealAudio segments, checklists, PowerPoints, PDF forms and tools, and other content is developed and uploaded for your use, the cost for bandwidth and customer technical support is low and affordable. As long as you have Internet access (33k, 56k, or higher), you can access everything we offer you at CoachVille.

Welcome to a new paradigm of coach training and professional networking. 

Why not join CoachVille - at no risk to you - today?


Thomas J. Leonard
CEO, CoachVille

PS: Included with your lifetime CoachVille membership, is an opportunity to use our Certified Coach Training Program. After 20 years of research, we've developed an open-architecture, yet highly focused way to coach all types of clients with a variety of needs. It consists of five interrelated elements. Superior coaching can result when you use this system and adapt it to your own style. And the learning curve/time it takes to learn how to coach can be reduced by up to 90%! What used to take years to learn and be effective with - can now takes mere months. 

PPS: I'm confident you'll love being a part of CoachVille. Immediately below, just listen to what three out of thousands of people have said about their membership. 

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Membership Is Worth Thousands Of Dollars!
"Day after day I am amazed at what I receive from you. Every email contains professional, insightful, powerful information that I can use in my profession. Every time I think you have exceeded my expectations to the fullest, you do it again. My CoachVille membership is worth thousands of dollars - I can't believe what I've already received. Thank you!" - From Dotti Templeton,  

CoachVille Is For Coaches And More!
"I'm a freelance travel writer, not a coach, and CoachVille helped me create another way to profit from my expertise. Thanks to the skills I've learned from the Full Practice and Cyber Skills programs, I've launched a travel writing website (, teach online writing courses, and just completed an e-workbook on travel writing that I will sell from my site. My goal is to be 'the' travel writing expert, and I'm well on my way, thanks to your superb programs. Thanks." - From Flo Conner, 

CoachVille Is An Inspiring Environment!
"I have been most encouraged by Thomas' open-handed sharing of ideas and experiences, and most challenged by his creativity and steep curve for taking an idea and making it real. As a result, my coaching practice has taken off in the past 100 days because of this wonderful environment of generosity and inspiration!" - From Marc Fey,  

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