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Monday, August 5, 2002 

Dear Coach:

How would you like to flatten the learning curve of becoming a great coach?  

Now you can, and it's completely free.

On August 19, 2002, all Today's Coach readers and their colleagues may participate in the new 101 Coaching Secrets ecourse from CoachVille.  Already with 9,300 advance subscribers, 101 Coaching Secrets ec
ourse will be the most popular coach-training ecourse ever offered, and it's completely free to you as a Today's Coach reader -- and feel free to pass on this offer to your friends, colleagues and networks. 

The ecourse begins on August 19, 2002.  A sample issue is included below so you can a taste of the sophisticated-yet-practical nature of this ecourse.  Size-wise, we've designed each lesson to be a 2-minute read twice a week, but the impact of what you learn will last a lifetime and help you ramp up the effectiveness of your coaching immediately.

After all, these are the best 101 coaching secrets that the most experienced coaches use with their clients.

Also, in our sponsor area below, check out the newly available 2-day Marketing Conference for Coaches this Fall in San Diego.  It's the first conference of its kind in the coaching community and we are CoachVille are pleased to make it available, and at an affordable price point.

In the past week, nearly 100 coaches have already registered, and with a cap of 300 participants, this conference is sure to fill up (as do all of our conferences (thank you!)).

My best to you,

Andrea Lee
GM, CoachVille


Sample issue of 101 Coaching Secrets

To subscribe, address an email to
The ecourse begins on August 19, 2002,
with a distribution of 2 issues per week.

Secret #1:  101 Coaching Secrets ecourse 
Listen for what is behind what the client is saying and even what is behind the tones or emotions you hear.
Every conversation can be the entry point of a far more compelling one.

Good coaches listen for the words, the tone, the emotions, and for any dissonance among or between them.

Great coaches listen for what the client is really wanting to say, but cannot.

When I listen to client, I'm mindful that they may not have the language they need to fully describe what they are after.  

The fact is that we humans don't yet have full access to the words and understandings of what we most want to say.  And if you've been coaching for several years, you'll probably agree with me that most clients are not able to readily articulate what they most want to work on with you during the first session, even if they believe they know.

Why is this?

My best guess is that we're just now -- as a civilization -- increasing our awareness and vocabulary enough to be reasonably articulate (awareness + vocabulary = language).  And, it's taking some time -- thus the value of having a coach to help you discover what you really want to focus on, and identify the changes that you really most want to make. Versus the first ones that come to mind.

What can a coach do?

1. Start coming from the place that there is an extraordinary conversation just waiting to happen behind the one that you and the client are having.  If you come from this place, you'll see the tip of those conversations, just waiting to be had.

2. I let my clients know from the very beginning that I'm not in the "action-tracking" business.  Rather, I am in the provocative conversation business.  I believe that having mind-expanding conversations is the most effective way to inspire the client.  And an inspired client uses the coach in far more sophisticated ways than for just motivation and support.

3. If I'm bored -- or I sense the client is bored, or boring -- I ask for a change of focus.  After all, we only have 30 minutes a week to make the difference the client is paying for.  And, in my experience, nice chats lead to high client churn.  Provocative, life-changing conversations lead to high client retention.  Your choice.

4. Clients drop hints (usually subconsciously) about what they most want you to delve into with them even if they cannot bring them up directly.  So, listen for not just the dissonance but listen for the little nuggets that are the entry points to a life-changing conversation.  That's coaching at its best.

I hope that this was useful.


This Coaching Secret ties to Coaching Proficiency #1: Engage in provocative conversations.

The 15 Coaching Proficiencies are a key component of the Certified Coach Training Program, which leads to the Certified Coach designation.  The Certified Coach Training Program is free with your CoachVille membership.
This is a lesson in the 101-lesson Coaching Secrets ecourse from  This ecourse is free to anyone.  And, we encourage you to join CoachVille for access to 50 other coach training and client marketing resources, all free with your $79 lifetime membership.

copyright 2002 by  all rights reserved.  you may forward this lesson to your network, as is, if full attribution and links to coachville are provided.

Two special bonuses if you
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Announcing the first-ever immersion weekend training for any coach who is ready for a full, sustainable practice.
Register now and receive  90-days of group coaching -- Free!

Led by Thomas Leonard and several of his marketing colleagues, this 2-day practice development event is the most comprehensive of its kind available to the coaching community.

Dear Coach:

For the first time in the history of coach training, you can participate in a 2-day conference crammed full of the best of practice marketing strategies, tools and systems ever developed.

Never before has so much been organized so well for the coach who is ready to fill their practice with ideal clients.

The world needs you and your coaching....
I feel it's a huge loss to your community and to the public that they don't have you and coaches like you coaching them.  And, it hurts to see so many coaches all fired up about becoming a coach only to fall flat on the marketing side.

It's a hugely missed opportunity for you and for your potential clients.

And I would like very much like to do something about this.

Join us this Fall in San Diego, California...
Thus, the Full Practice Marketing Conference for Coaches, Friday and Saturday, November 8, 9, 2002, in San Diego, from CoachVille.

We are pulling out all the stops to ensure your success at this conference.  You see, I feel I can save you time and countless forays down the tunnels of  "good-ideas-that-turn-into-dead-ends-and-no clients."  And I can do so if I just show you how to properly market yourself and your services.

There ARE ways to market yourself and your services without going the hard-sell route or relying on the "I-intend-therefore-the-phone-will-ring" method of mind trip marketing.

A revolutionary, yet proven approach to filling your practice...
At CoachVille, our approach to practice marketing is revolutionary as well as proven.  We've seen a lot of the 'well-intentioned ideas' around practice development come and go. They take your time and keep you busy, but they don't generate ongoing client engagements, especially with ideal clients.

Benefit from our unique vantage point as the host of 12,000 coaches...
We would like to share with you what we've seen actually work for coaches around the U.S. and around the world.  Given we have nearly 12,000 members (4,000 of which are on the CoachVille Referral service), we hear hundreds of success stories each year -- stories of coaches who have built successful practices -- and we would like to share with you the best of what we see that works for coaches, at all levels.

Is this conference for you?
Should you register for the Full Practice conference in San Diego?  Should you budget the time, the plane fare and the conference fee (which we've kept extremely low at only $179)?

No, if you you're happy with your practice as is, or if you don't plan to build a full practice. (Congratulations, by the way...)

Yes, if you're a coach who is preparing or is ready to build or expand your practice and you feel that a 2-day immersion in the best of practice marketing strategies, tools and systems will give you the information you need to inspire, or re-inspire you and your practice.

We've put together the most comprehensive collection of tools and trainings designed to get you moving forward in your practice development, even if you are not a natural marketer.  All that we'll teach you is do-able, it is rewarding, and it works. 

And, if you register now, you'll be able to participate in the Full Practice Club, a 90-day group coaching teleseries for those serious about adding clients and filling their practice.  Free with your conference registration but only if you register now, given the limited space available.

Click here to register

What you'll learn how to do...
Here's what you are going to learn how to do at the Full Practice Marketing Conference...

1. Segue from casual conversation to first appointment.
Segue from a casual conversation with someone in the super market checkout line into a first appointment without turning anyone off.  There's an art to this, and we'll show you how to become proficient at this and still be highly professional about it.

2. Convert a "warm" caller to paying client.
Convert a 'warm call' (someone who is curious about what you do) into a paying client.  When someone is curious about coaching, they really do want to hire a coach; they just need some help and encouragement to do so, and not a lot of information about 'coaching.'

3. Increase word of mouth via your existing network.
Educate your existing network of friends and colleagues about what you can deliver for them and their networks, without making anyone feel uncomfortable or 'sold.'  Word-of-mouth generates 80% of a typical coach's practice.  We'll show you how to get the tongue wagging in your network.

4. Offer the type of coaching that the market can't wait to hire you for.
Select the 10 situational or client-type specialties that fit best for you and that are commercially viable in the marketplace.  This is a big deal, because unless you're offering coaching to the clients who can and will pay for it, all the best marketing strategies in the world won't help you build much of a practice for very long with well-paying clients.  

5. Use your website as a staging area.
Set up a website from scratch, or make 5 tweaks to your existing website, that will move one-time visitors into a 'staging area' where they can get to know you over the next 6 to 12 months.  Most people want time to get to know your style and abilities and are willing to enter a staging area.

6. Help your website visitors go to the next level with you.
Educate the visitors-now-in-a-staging-area described in #5, into paying clients.  The fact is, that people in your staging area do want to buy if they can see value.  We can show you how to offer that value, as they define it.  This upselling process works because people want to be upsold.  (Really!)

7. Use the right TeleClasses to build your practice.
Pick the best topics on which to offer free TeleClasses that result in a higher-than-usual client conversion rate.  You should be converting at least 10% of TeleClass attendees into clients if you follow our system.  There are emails you can send out before, during and after the TeleClass that will double or triple your conversion rate, and there are teaching techniques that can do the same.

8. Let your brand sell you and your services.
Craft your brand based on your personality, skill sets and professional interests, and then position that brand in the marketplace.  The basics of branding is the quality of product or service, not the hype or management sometimes associated with branding.  Thus, the focus of this segment is on you and how to package yourself and your coaching as something that people will buy because they believe you.

9. From free to paying client.
Upgrade a free client to a paying client within 2 sessions.  We'll show you how to set it up correctly on the front end vs chasing the client at the back end of the free sessions (a common problem).

10. From monthly to annual client contracts.
Move your monthly clients to annual contracts for better service and to reduce the churn factor.  This move from monthly to annual is part of the future of coaching and clients want to do this. We'll show you how.

11. Rising above your hesitation to charge well for your services.
Use a simple technique to move through the psychological limits or 'fraud factor' concerns you may have about charging for what you do. There really is a simple and permanent solution for this; I've helped hundreds through this.

12. Build a professional network of 100 folks from scratch.
This, as a way to serve your clients via referrals, and as a way to receive clients from this network.  Once set up, these professional networks work as an annuity -- sending you clients for your lifetime, with virtually no additional effort.

13. Become generous because you're selfish about who you want to coach.
Target the type of clients who can afford to pay for your services and how to 'give away' your coaching to everyone else without it consuming all of your time.  You can concurrently serve both fee and free marketplaces; there is no conflict.

14. Use a press release to grab the interest of your local media outlets.  
We'll provide you with 5 fill-in-the-blank press release templates and press examples on various types of announcements.  These remove the mystery out of the process of connecting with your local media.

15. Assessments as marketing tools.
Distribute assessments as a way to "get in the door" with small businesses as well as individuals. People are fascinated by who they are and what their potential is and these assessments will help to guide them toward a richer, more fulfilling life.

16. Reduce buying resistance, increase your practice size.
Use satisfaction guarantees and other design elements to reduce the resistance of clients to buy your services.  People who want to hire a coach are both excited and afraid.  Reduce their fear and risk, and more folks will buy from you.

17.  Show potential clients what you'll be doing to earn the fee.
Educate your clients and potential clients on the 15 Coaching Proficiencies as a way to remove the mystery of the coaching process.  It's virtually impossible to sell coaching or to explain it without eyes glazing over.  But you can educate you clients on what you'll typically be doing with them and these 15 proficiencies help the client understand what they are buying from you.

18. Educate clients on what they'll receive during the coaching process.
We call this "describing the primary deliverables."  It sounds dry, but we've identified the 15 'things' that the coach actually delivers during the coaching process.  As clients, and potential clients, come to learn these from you, they'll know exactly what they are getting and the role you play in their success.

19. Speak to the benefits of coaching, not just the features.
Learn how to elicit the benefits that the potential client is seeking out of coaching, and how to speak directly to those benefits so the person will know that "you're the coach for them."  People buy possibilities and benefits; less so, features.  I'll show you how to speak in benefits.

20. Reduce the churn factor.
Reduce the churn factor in your practice by keeping ahead of the client, yet giving them exactly what they want and need at any given moment.  We'll show you how to do both, concurrently; there is a trick to this.  

21. Take yourself to the top 1% of your specialty.
Make a name for yourself by taking the time to master at least one highly specific life or business situation to the point where you are one of the top 1% of the experts in your country in that area.  Our experience has been that, with immersion, virtually any coach can master a new area of specialty within 24 months.  And specialties/exact delivery of what they client most wants and needs leads to premium coaching fees because of the benefits to the client, and the time they saved.

22. Use technology to coach thousands in virtually no time at all.
Make yourself available as a coach to your network of 10 or 10,000 without having your time or energy consumed.  The more lives you can affect and improve, the stronger your reputation will be as a coach.  We'll show you how to use technology to serve -- and coach -- thousands of folks, a percentage of which will hire you for 1 to 1 work.

23. Use ecourses as part of a viral marketing campaign.
Get into the ecourse business where you share your knowledge with thousands of learners at the touch of a button.  And learn how to convert a percentage of them to your 1 to 1, or group, coaching services and programs.

24. Be effective at networking/social events.
Work a room or networking event (if you have the personality for this and enjoy this) where you walk away with the cards of at least 5 potential clients.

25. Increase the natural referral rate from current clients.
You'll learn how to set up your current clients to become referral resources for you without making them feel pressure or uncomfortable.  Clients want you to be successful but they need to know how to talk about you and what you offer.  We'll show you how to educate them to be your advocates.

26. Become known for a client program that works.
Build a name for yourself by developing a life or business program that works for a specific need or client type.  A significant segment of the population prefers to buy a fixed-length, step-by-step program as the framework for their 1 to 1 or group coaching.  We'll show you how to craft a program like this.

27. Set up your own R&D (research and development) team.
If I had to point to the one design element of my coaching practice and of CoachVille that's made the biggest difference to me (and to my clients and members), I would point directly to the R&D Team.  I've worked with one for 8 years now (starting in 1994) and all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.  I'll show you how, and why, to set one up.  It's a win-win for all parties.  Every coach deserves one.

28. Become the mayor of a membership ville.
Set up a membership site (like CoachVille) that will serve tens or hundreds of thousands of individuals who pay a fee to access tools that you've created for them.  People like to be a part of a learning community -- it's a form of family -- and they are willing to pay an entry fee to play.

29. Use an ebook to increase your credibility.
Craft an ebook from scratch in less than 30 days.  eBooks are great giveaways at your website (in exchange for the visitor's email address) and they 'prove' what you know in a particular area, thus building instant credibility.  We will share with you everything you need to craft and electronically publish an ebook.

30. Ask the right questions of potential clients.
Ask the right questions during a conversation about coaching; the questions that have the person not just 'think' but actually want to hire you. There's a big difference between 'thinking' questions and 'inspiring' questions.  We'll show you the difference.

31. Tweak your listing at the coach referral services.
This, to include the words and terms that your ideal client is likely to search for.  (A listing at is free for all CoachVille members, of course. is the largest coach referral site worldwide.)

32. Tap into the marketing power of the web.
Increase traffic to your website using a variety of free and fee methods such as search engines, google key words, email signatures and more.  There is a world of buyers for coaching and the web is one of the best ways to find them. Or more accurately, help them find you using proven web-based marketing.

33. Use clever email signatures and templates.
Craft an email signature with your photo or logo and with a message or offer that's written in such a way that it both grabs the attention (and generates a response).

34. Become known in your specialty by distributing your own ezine.
Design a HTML/Graphics ezine that looks great and is easy to write.  I'll also show you what to offer that will have your free subscribers go to the next level with you and your coaching services.  We've proven over and over again how ezines, properly done, are revenue generators if you're willing to adjust your mindset about them. 

35. Bye bye administrivia; hello fuller practice.
Reduce the mechanics and administrivia of your coaching practice by automating your billing, scheduling and client management.  Surprisingly, a significant number of coaches are 'held back' in marketing because they dread the admin side of running a practice.  Let me show you how to solve this problem.

36. Offer group coaching to markets that have a common interest.  
The more services and packages you offer, the easier it is for the public to find something that will work for them.  1-to-1 coaching is still a popular format, but the most successful coaches offer several formats to their competitive advantage.

37. Make yourself the host of a network of 10,000 people.  
This sounds big (and it is) but it's not cumbersome or a time suck.  Rather, it's one of the smart things you can start working on right now as you build your practice.  When 10,000 people know you, believe in what you offer and benefit from what you've given away free, your practice is likely to stay full for your lifetime.  Imagine, no more marketing to keep your practice full.  

Click here to register

Benefits of attending
We've designed the Full Practice Marketing Conference to be a worthwhile investment of your time, and we've kept the conference fee extremely low.  Here are the specific benefits that you can expect by attending...

1. Get your arms -- in just two days -- around the many ways to fill a practice. 
This is a lot more efficient and cost-effective than the  trial-and-error method of chasing the 'next new thing' in practice marketing.  It's beneficial, and comforting, to see the bigger picture and select your specific marketing strategies from a complete collection.

2. Save years off the learning curve.
Not everyone is born marketer.  And, given that marketing is very important if you're going to have a full, sustainable practice, you might as well learn how to market properly; and you can do so in just two short days here at the conference.

3. Learn what really works vs what 'should' or 'could' work.
We only teach what has been proven to work by a wide variety of coaches in a variety of markets.  We know these tools and strategies and we know they work.  And we can't wait to share them with you.

4. Gain confidence in your own coaching because you have learned how to talk about what you do.
Coaches who are hesitant to talk about coaching generally are not yet clear on exactly what they provide/deliver to clients.  We can help you identify that so that you'll feel terrific about talking about what you do instead of playing wallflower.

5. Connect with other coaches who share your interest in having a full practice.
The coaches attending this conference have their sights set high in terms of building a practice of ideal clients. These are the future movers and shakers of our profession.  Meet them here and learn from each other.

6. Get inspired or re-inspired about your practice.
Most coaching practices have peaks and valleys, periods of forward motion and pull back.  By attending this conference, you'll not just learn new marketing tools but you'll come to better understand the client marketplace and how you can serve the exploding needs of these clients in highly creative and revolutionary ways.

7. Get more, and better-paying, clients.
What good is a conference like this if it doesn't turn into more and better-paying clients?  We've designed the materials and trainings in this conference to give you every advantage in the marketplace.  And remember our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not satisfied you have a full 365 days to receive a full refund for the conference fee.  We stand behind our work because we know it's effective.

Click here to register

A very dynamic 2 days.
And then 90 days of support and followup
You'll be learning a lot in two days -- about the coaching business, what the world wants to buy from a coach, and how to well position your services in the sweet spot of the marketplace.  You'll be learning by listening to presentations, working in small groups, contributing to live demonstrations, taking live web tours, engaging in exercises throughout the 2 days.  Here are the specifics of the design components of the Full Practice Marketing Conference.

1. Live demonstrations, and practice sessions, on how to talk to people about coaching (and themselves).
This is the rubber meets the road -- your ability to engage individuals in provocative conversations about themselves, their lives and their challenges.  And we'll show you how to have conversations which lead to a first appointment or a coaching contract with you as their coach.

2. Live web tour and critiquing of 10 of the best coach's sites.
You'll be walked through, via a large screen in the event room, the sites of 10 coaches that we feel have the design elements that lead to a full practice.  In less than 90 minutes, you'll learn the keys to good web design, not just esthetically but from a marketing perspective as well.  I believe what you see will surprise you. I know you'll walk away with a clear understanding of what every coach's website should include if they want to increase the conversion rate from visitor to client.

3. Live tour of ezines and ecourses.
We've selected the 10 best ezines and ecourses written by coaches and we'll walk you through the features and elements that make these the best, as well as the marketing techniques used to convert the reader to a paying client or buyer of your other products and services.

4. Time for networking.
We've set aside Friday evening as a networking event.  From 5 to 8pm you'll have a chance to meet and greet new friends and perhaps develop several lifelong professional relationships.

5. Small group discussion and exercises.
You'll be coaching -- and being coached -- in small groups among your peers, each person helping the other to craft their niche, message and marketing strategies.  After all, every person at the conference is a potential client for you, so why not work directly with them in a completely safe environment as you perfect your ability to market one-to-one?

6. Live tour of email signatures and templates examples.
Sound a bit boring?  It's not.  Email signatures and templates are the hottest thing going as coaches differentiate themselves and create lasting impressions by all who receive an email from them.  

7. Live demo of how to set up a coaching home page in 5 minutes flat.
Don't believe us?  You will.  It IS that simple.  I'll start with a blank page and show you how to insert the elements of a decent web page within 5 minutes.  It's almost magic!  And we'll include an .exe file (a playable "movie" file) of that demo on a CD so you can replay it whenever you wish for when you're ready to do your first website.

8. Vendor demos and tables
We'll have a bit of time for vendors to display and demonstrate their wares at the Friday networking event.  (We are carefully selecting these vendors; they do not pay us a vendor/display fee as they do at other conferences -- we are selecting strictly on the basis of quality of product/service.)

Curious about the Full Practice Club?
It's an action-oriented 90-day follow-up and support system available free for anyone who registers for the Full Practice Marketing Conference.  During the conference, you'll be creating a strategic plan for your practice development and after the conference you may, if you wish, tap into a series of group coaching sessions led by Thomas and several other successful coaches as we support you to fill your practice by using the tools and strategies you learned at the conference.  The Full Practice Club is completely free if you register now.  It runs 90 days, starting the Monday after the conference.  And it's dedicated to you and your success as a coach.  Again, it's completely free and it runs for a full 90 days.

Click here to register

Free tools on CD
We've put together a number of tools that you can use to build your practice. You will receive this CD at the event (free).

10 great ebooks that coaches have written
This will show you the various formats, foci and style of ebooks that coaches have crafted. We'll also include a link to the coach's website so that you can see how the ebook has been 'positioned' marketing-wise, at their website.

10 recordings of client marketing conversations
We've recorded 10 live conversations between coach and potential client and we've added our comments and critiques to each one to increase your understanding of what works and what does not.

10 Self-Assessments/Client Forms
For your convenience, we've included the top 10 self assessments at Coachville in PDF format on your CD (Quality of Life, Clean Sweep, etc.)

50-lesson Passive Revenue for Coaches ecourse
Everyone registering for the Full Practice Marketing Conference receives a CD containing all 50 lessons in the Passive Revenue for Coaches ecourse.  If you've been looking to generate passive revenue in additional to your 'active' revenue (coaching clients, etc.), then this series will take you to that level.

100-lesson Full Practice for Coaches ecourse
For your convenience, we have included all 100 lessons of the Full Practice for Coaches ecourse that we've been running for the last year at CoachVille.  Each lesson provides an in-depth look at the steps and strategies of building a practice.  The ecourse supplements what you'll be learning live during the live Full Practice Marketing Conference.

15 proficiencies chart to share with clients
For your convenience, we've included a PDF with a graphically enriched description/handout of the 15 coaching proficiencies written in plain English that the client can understand and benefit from them.

15 deliverables chart to share with clients
For your convenience, we've included a PDF with a graphically enriched description/handout of the 15 coaching deliverables written in plain English that the client can understand and benefit from them.

50 well-designed coaching brochures and business cards
We're including PDF samples of 50 of the best coaching brochures and business cards that will save you the 'thinking curve' and get you jazzed to upgrade your image.

(A PDF is a file that anyone who has the free Acrobat Reader software can easily view; Mac and PC.  We use PDF's because they create a file that displays the images and protects the layout. It is an industry standard.)

Click here to register

Extra bonus if you register by September 15, 2002:
You'll be invited to a free, live TeleClass conducted by a senior trainer at the Graduate School of Coaching who will walk you through the process of identifying -- and powerfully describing -- ten of the specific things that you can do for people.

We make this TeleClass available before the conference so that you can get started early and be ready to get the most out of the conference.  After all, what good is marketing if you aren't crystal clear on what you can -- and want to -- provide to potential clients. 

And the trick this process is to phrase what you provide in a strong, simple and effective way -- free of jargon, generic and Hallmark Card phrases -- so that potential clients know exactly how you can help them.   (We're keeping the TeleClass size limited to 25 participants to give enough time for everyone to participate.)

The single-session, 90 minute class will be offered during August and September and is free for anyone who registers before September 15, 2002.  (But register now if you want to get started right away with your free TeleClass.)

To register...
To register online, visit or click here to register.

Save 35% by registering now.
Discounted registration fee is only $179 until September 15, 2002, when it increases to a still reasonable $249 until October 15, 2002. As of October 16, 2002, the fee is $279, assuming space is available.

Satisfaction guarantee.
As is true with all of our conferences, trainings and products, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not satisfied for any reason, simple email within a year of your purchase and we'll gladly (and with no questions asked) refund your entire fee.  This guarantee reduces your buying risk and keeps us -- continually -- on our toes to ensure that we provide even more value than our customers have come to expect from us.  Your time is the most valuable thing, and we seek to respect that in all that we do.

The details.
Friday and Saturday
November 8, 9, 2002
San Diego, CA
Hotel/event location to be announced by August 31, 2002
$179 if you register by September 15, 2002
$249 from September 16 through October 15, 2002
$279 from October 16 through November 8, 2002 (if space available)
Led by Thomas J. Leonard and several colleagues (to be announced)
The event is open to everyone, but is designed for coaches and those seeking to build a practice.

Registration with immediate confirmation is available online at or click here to register directly

Questions?  Please email