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Thursday, June 27, 2002 

Dear Reader,

Announcing...a summer Series of articles about Executive and Corporate Coaching.  Only in Today's Coach. 

Executive and Corporate Coaching have been around in some capacity for about as long as there have been leaders.  Every King had his advisors, as has every President.  Today, these advisors are called Coaches!

Starting with our spotlight on Coach Nan O'Connor below, this series will be based on real Coaching success stories, and will include interview snippets from both the feature coach as well as their clients.  If you’re considering moving into the corporate arena, or are already coaching inside corporations, this series (which will run periodically through summer until September 2002) is for you!  As always, feel free to pass your copy of Today's Coach along, so everyone can benefit...

A warm thank you goes to series author, Coach Sid Smith, who though not new to coaching, has recently branched out into the executive and corporate niche, and brings an ideal perspective to this writing assignment. His focus in organizations is in building cultural capital, creating values-based environments, and using specialized assessments. Sid welcomes your feedback and story ideas for this series at 503-287-0246, or  Thanks Sid!

Also in this issue is a reminder that the Business and Corporate Coaching Conference being held in Toronto in September is open for early bird registration until July 15, 2002. Full details here. This event will sell out, so don't delay...   

My best to you,

Andrea Lee
GM, CoachVille


Why did Client Tresa Kenny, VP of Marketing Services at BioLab, select Nan as her Corporate Coach?

Nan O’Connor speaks in a clear, relaxed style.  She conveys the depth and confidence of someone who's seen a great deal of the business world.  Her client, Tresa Kenny, VP of Marketing Services at BioLab, was drawn immediately to Nan’s ability to engage in provocative conversation with her, honing in on what was most important. more than ever, Corporate and Executive Coaching is in demand.

Tresa didn’t simply pick Nan out of a hat. She chose Nan because of her experience in business, particularly her knowledge of how to run a creative operation.  While Nan was never part of a large company, her background working with and running small businesses taught her a lot about organizational dynamics, and how to manage a group through lean times. Tresa initially sought coaching because she'd been promoted, and inherited an opportunity to manage two departments which were in shambles. Because she was entirely new to managing a creative department, one of her new responsibilities, she knew she needed help.  Enter Coach Nan O'Connor.

Although Nan’s specialty is working with entrepreneurs, 50% of her practice consists of corporate clients. Nan comments that, “Downsizing has caused such pressure in the workplace; it can be a tough row to hoe.  Executives have more on their plate than they know how to handle; and aren’t getting support from above or below. A coach can really help the executive leverage their innate ability and resources.”   For these reasons, it seems that now more than ever, Corporate and Executive Coaching is in demand.

At their first meeting, Tresa and Nan connected immediately at an intuitive level.  Tresa was looking for someone to help figure out how she would turn her new departments around. To some extent, Tresa felt positive that Nan, as a business woman, understood her, and if only for that reason, the coaching would be beneficial. Only after Tresa completed Nan’s intake assessment and documents, though, did she realize how very connected everything was in her life, and how creating balance through coaching was really going to impact her success in business.  And impact her it did.

What they did, and the results they got.

One of the challenges Tresa faced was working with people who’d been with the organization longer than 20 years. The culture was very anti-change. Nan helped her find more suitable positions for those veteran employees, or, helped Tresa move them on. As a result, the remaining employees are now excited about doing something new!

Nan’s understanding of the business helped Tresa stay focused throughout the transition and reorganization of the department.  With the help of Coach Nan, Tresa and BioLab successfully amalgamated 4 departments. 

With Nan championing her, Tresa feels she can now remain focused on what’s important to her.  She also understands what causes her stress, and sees the real issue at hand, especially when something is in conflict within herself.  Tresa has developed more tolerance and understanding of her own work style, and accepts that she requires downtime so she can energize herself.  She says she communicates better, assesses problems faster; and appreciates the differences in other people more. 


"Nan's fees...have been well worth it."
Tresa Kenny,
VP of Marketing Services,

In fact, her team performance was quite noticeable.  So much so that another department manager asked what she'd done.  Soon enough, Nan become Corporate Coach for key people in this second department at BioLab.  Apparently, this is quite common in Corporate and Executive Coaching; word of mouth referrals within a company can be effortlessly natural and fast, especially compared to personal coaching.

Why coaching worked

Tresa was quick to confirm that Nan’s expertise and experience were important in their success.  However, she also commented “Nan cares about me as a person, not just as a client.”  “She’s got an ability to clearly and with care tell me when something isn’t right.”  “Nan’s strength,” Tresa continues, “is to get to where the client IS, without being an intruder.” 

“Coaches who are most useful do have a varied experience and backgrounds,” says Nan.  "But," she points out, "there are things you simply know little or nothing about."  For example, another client of Nan's required an HR specialist.  Within an hour, Nan had him connected to one of the best HR professionals in the business. 

And, timing can also important when building an executive coaching practice.  An executive of a $3 billion company, with whom Nan eventually worked for almost 4 years, at first only said “I’m not ready for you yet.”  Six months later, he called, knowing he was ready, and with Nan's coaching, successfully transitioned into the position of CEO.  

Coaching is great, but what would make it better?

What a great question!  And, actually, Tresa had some difficulty with it.  Mostly this was because of the fact that there were no limitations to what she could discuss with Nan. And if the subject was beyond the scope of Nan’s expertise, Nan found the appropriate resource.  “The only thing I can think to improve coaching,” Tresa said, “would be a broader understanding of coaching by the public.”  People do get mentoring and coaching confused, and to Tresa there is a clear difference: with coaching, whatever it is that comes up, you can ask for. "Nan's fees have been well worth it."

"The only thing I can think of to improve coaching (based on my experience as Nan's client), is a broader understanding of coaching by the public."
Tresa Kenny,
Corporate Coaching Client,

Coaching is a powerful medium for change.  Executive and Corporate coaching can be exciting and rewarding, as well as very challenging.  Executives insist that you meet them as equals.  Once the relationship is established, though, it isn’t uncommon for the relationship to last 4, 5 or more years.  Nan O’Connor's secrets to success? Who she is, the inner work she’s done, and the breadth of experience she’s sought. 

written by Sid Smith 

If you wish to reach Nan O’Connor, please try her at or 404-378-5026. A very warm thank you to Nan and Tresa, for sharing your story with us!

copyright CoachVille 2002 duplication permitted when attribution intact

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Thursday - Saturday
September 12, 13, 14, 2002
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9am-5pm all days
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Maximum capacity: 
Conference fee:  $279 super early bird registration fee until
July 15, 2002.
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Who is the Conference primarily designed for? 
While everyone is most welcome, the conference content has been designed for:
1. Coaches who are interested in mastering what it takes to coach Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Executives, Managers and Leaders.
2. Coaches who would enjoy hands on situational training, strategies and specific approaches to coaching in a corporate environment.
3. Coaches who have an interest in improving the coaching skills related to coaching tomorrow's leaders.
The conference is fitting for both newer coaches and experienced coaches.

Conference Agenda/Schedule

Day 1. Coaching Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


Coffee, Tea and Networking With Thomas and the Other Presenters


o The 4 Critical Things Every Coach Should Know about Coaching the Entrepreneur
How they think and operate, and how they are different than most people
What they need and want from a coach, and what they don't want
The special gifts of the entrepreneur and how to leverage those gifts
What not to say or do with your entrepreneur clients
1020-1035am Morning Break
1035-1200noon o The 5 Situations Entrepreneurs Finds Themselves In and How to Coach Them Through it
New business/startup, where chaos is the standard
Rapid growth, with the operational and stress problems that come with that
Flat growth, where boredom causes mischief
In trouble; a serious turnaround situation
Company overly dependent on the entrepreneur for growth and leadership
1200-1230pm o Coaching the Business Owner who is "The Problem"
Getting their attention and keeping their respect
Helping them to grow and change because they want to
Outsourcing the entrepreneur's weak areas
1230-200pm Lunch Break
(on your own)
200-245pm o The 3 Things You Can Teach The Entrepreneur
How to strategize any goal in 3 simple steps
How to convert ideas to revenue streams in record time
How to use customers as a personal R&D Team vs resisting input
245-315pm o Coaching the Business Owner To Make the Most of the Opportunities in Front of Them 
Separating "good ideas" from revenue opportunities
Reducing the opportunity costs of delay and indecision
Designing the business so that it is scalable without the owner being the bottleneck
315-330pm Afternoon Break
330-500pm o How To Market Yourself to Entrepreneurs
The 5 Hot Buttons (and they are not what you think they are)
Offering a Coaching Program like eSurvivor for their employees
How to price, package and customize your services for Entrepreneurs
Where to meet and how to network with Entrepreneurs/Business owners
How to set up your new entrepreneur client so that the relationship works long term


End of Day


Day 2.  Coaching Executives and Senior Management


Coffee, Tea and Networking With Thomas and the Other Presenters
The Morning Coaching the Executive
break at 1020am
o Understanding the 10 Primary Challenges that Executives Face, and How to Coach Them Well in All 10 Areas
Challenge #1: Short term results, with long term revenue sustainability
Challenge #2: Implementing structural and cultural change
Challenge #3: Inspiring management/staff to self-motivate
Challenge #4: Carving out the time/space to think beyond the immediate
Challenge #5: Designing a culture that learns rapidly, automatically
Challenge #6: Maintaining key employees long term
Challenge #7: Replacing revenue streams via creative destructionism
Challenge #8: Instilling the company vision/mission throughout the firm 
Challenge #9: Updating the products to stay ahead of the competition 
Challenge #10. Resolving personal issues and lifestyle stresses
1200noon-130pm Lunch Break
(on your own)
The Afternoon Tools To Use with Executives & Management
130-300pm o Selecting the Best Assessment Tools to Use With Executives and Management
Learn the uses and benefits of 7 popular assessment tools.

360 Tools
5 more to be added, including an Executive Dashboard-type enterprise management tool
300-315pm Afternoon Break
315-500pm o Executive Development Programs
Full use/rights of these 2 new client coaching/development programs are included in your conference fee.
The Modern Leadership Program: The 15 Proficiencies of Advanced Leadership
Visionary Thinker Program: Looking, and Acting, 10 Years Forward.
Universal Trends: The 10 Trends That Are Shaping Our World, and How To Change Your Thinking to Make the Most of Them


End of Day


Day 3. Coaching Within a Corporation/Enterprise


Coffee, Tea and Networking With Thomas and the Other Presenters
The Morning Understanding Why Organizations Hire Coaches

break at 1030am

o Understanding the 25 Reasons That Corporations hire Coaches
We've polled both coaches and companies to arrive at this eye opening list of 25.  
During the morning, you will learn these 25, and learn how a coach can package and deliver coaching services and programs to meet these real world needs.
We will also weave in the 10 universal Trends which are affecting corporations worldwide.  This information will add wisdom to your coaching.
1200noon-130pm Lunch Break
(on your own)
The Afternoon Marketing & Success as a Corporate Coach
130-320pm o How to be Successful as a Corporate Coach
Backdoor Marketing: The Fastest Way To Get Into a Corporation
Packaging Yourself As a Solution Machine Who Just Happens To Be a Coach
Offering graduating programs to corporations
No corporate background? No problem
Avoiding the Mistakes: What Not To Do In a Corporate Setting
320-335pm Afternoon Break
335-410pm  o Creating a Coaching Culture in an Organization
Training managers as coaches
Designing a collaborative environment
Connecting the company's vision with all areas of the company
410-500pm o Coaching Programs for Corporations
These programs are available royalty free to all attendees.
Vision Development: Thinking Ahead of the Predictable Future 
Mission Statement: From Yawn to Yowza
Coaching Teams: Energizing the Enterprise with Collaborative Teams
Business Foundation for Corporations (adapted from Personal Foundation)


End of Day/Conference

How is the Conference organized?
We are keeping the conference material as hands on and interactive, effective, and simple as possible.  You'll have plenty of free time for networking.
1. Everyone is in the same event room during the training.  
2. Thomas Leonard is coleading the segments with experienced business and corporate coaches.  
3. All sessions are interactive (and include step-by-step handouts).
4. You are on your own for meals. Beverages are served both days during the breaks.


The conference is being held at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, located in what is referred to as "the best location in the City" at 123 Queen Street West. The Sheraton Centre Toronto has received more hospitality & awards than any other hotel in Toronto. Among its many honours, the Sheraton Centre is the only hotel to have received the coveted Gold Key Award from "Meetings and Conventions" magazine for twelve consecutive years!

Room Rates!
We've arranged for special room rates with the Sheraton for conference attendees. $235.00 CDN per room double occupancy. (approx $160 US, exchange rate will vary) Call the hotel at (800) 325-3535 to make your reservation today!  Do mention that you are part of the CoachVille Conference in order to obtain the special rate.

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

123 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2M9
Phone: (416) 361-1000
Fax: (416) 947-4854
Number of rooms: 1,377
Number of floors: 43
Check In: 3:00 PM
Check Out: Noon


We suggest you fly in on Tuesday evening (if attending the boot camp day) and depart on Sunday. The major airport serving Toronto is Pearson International airport, and it is less than 45 miles from the hotel.  We've had good luck with if you're looking to book your flight online. The airport code for Toronto is YYZ.

Airport Express Shuttle
For your convenience, Pacific Western operates a 24-hour Airport Express shuttle bus between Pearson International Airport and The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, seven days a week.

And for your return to the airport on Saturday or Sunday, the Airport Express bus leaves The Sheraton Centre every 20 minutes, beginning on the hour. From 2am to 5am daily the shuttle leaves every 30-40 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the Tour Desk in the lobby, or with driver. One-way adult fare to Pearson is CAD$14.25, round-trip is $24.00. Children ride free with adult. Pick-up is located at the Richmond Street side of the Sheraton Centre's main Motorcourt.

From the West

Also Toronto International Airport - Use 427 South
Follow Highway 401 East to the 427. Take 427 South and follow signs for QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way). QEW turns into the Gardiner Expressway (eastbound). Follow along on Gardiner and watch on right for York St. Exit. Take York St. exit ramp slowly. Stay on left side of ramp and follow York Street until it ends at Queen Street. Turn right onto Queen and you will see motor entrance for hotel immediately on the right. Welcome!

From the U.S. and Niagara Region
Follow QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) into Metro. QEW turns into the Gardiner Expressway. Follow Gardiner and watch on right for York St. exit. Take York St. exit slowly. Stay on left side of ramp and follow York Street until it ends at Queen Street. Turn right on to Queen and you will see motor entrance for hotel immediately on the right. Welcome!

From the East
Follow Highway 401 West to the Don Valley Parkway. Take DVP South all the way to the Richmond St. exit. Get into right lane of Richmond once at Bay Street - the hotel is on the right at the corner of Richmond and York Streets.

Conference Cancellations/Transfer
Full payment is made upon registration, but a full refund is available is you withdraw prior to July 31, 2002.

Guarantee of Satisfaction
If, at the end of the Conference, you feel that the conference was not worth the fee you paid, you will be refunded your Intensive fee in its entirety, no questions asked.  (We're quite serious about this.)

Please watch for announcement.  Thomas is coleading most segments with corporate coaches.

Need a roommate?
When you register, we'll let you know how to connect with other attendees to share a room.

Looking to volunteer? Great! A call for volunteers will be coming out later this summer.


We'll offer a free networking table/area for anyone who wishes to offer products and services.  Watch for details.

Thursday - Saturday
September 12, 13, 14, 2002
(Wednesday, September 11, is a bonus day; see below)
9am-5pm all days
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Maximum capacity: 
Conference fee:  $279 super early bird registration fee until July 15, 2002.
$349 starting July 15, 2002.  Full payment is made upon registration, but a full refund is available if you withdraw prior to July 31, 2002.

Click here to register.
Link not working with your browser? Go here: and type in class
2060. If you want to register for the Wednesday boot camp or corporate training, click here.

Please email