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and special audio clip on Empowering your Clients to Identify their Needs

day, April 17, 2002

A slightly different format for today's issue due to a time sensitive announcement about the launch of the Graduate School of Coaching in two weeks.  This is a big development in the coaching world, and I wanted you to know about it. 

First, if you or someone you know is considering advanced coach training from a TeleClass based school, I invite you to read carefully the message below from Thomas Leonard.  In the announcement, he describes in detail the web based training and client resources that make
up the GSC.  Quite a breathtaking body of work, actually. The reason I bring this to your
attention is, until May 1, 2002, there is an early bird tuition of $895 in effect.  On May 1, 2002, the tuition doubles to $1795, making the savings $895 per person.

Hey, we'll call this the $895 Today's Coach issue, because it saved you that much! <g>

And...also in this issue is a very interesting audio link, of a live TeleClass that was held last month for GSC members.  This 45 minute audio session is part of a growing body of GSC material, described in detail below.  I hope you enjoy the clip of Thomas leading a discussion on the topic of "Empowering Your Clients to Identify their Needs" and that you find the advanced coaching concepts in it useful to you sometime this week.

Of special interest may be the Corporate Coach and Mentor Coach Training that Thomas explains further below as well.  Exciting times!

Here's the audio link. (You'll need a copy of the free RealPlayer to listen.)

(click to listen)

Coach Training MicroModule
Empowering Your Clients to Identify their (soft) Needs
March 5, 2002 - 5:00 p.m. EST
Thomas Leonard, Session Leader

All the best,

Andrea Lee
GM, CoachVille


Kind words from 
your coaching colleagues...

Thomas' finger is firmly on the pulse!

GSC is a sensational value. I am a student in another school and choose to invest in GSC in addition to my other program. Thomas' materials are all outstanding. I love the collaborative model of GSC and feel Thomas has his finger firmly on the pulse of new and experienced coaches and the coaching profession. If GSC had been launched when I choose my original Coach Training it would have been my only choice. The resources alone are well worth the price. The 15 Coaching Competencies are right on target and the training in the development of the competencies will produce outstanding coaches. As a trainer, educator (my first 25 years), and Coach I highly recommend GSC. You cannot lose!
Susan S. Simmons, Ph.D.
Personal & Professional Coach 
626-799-9733 | 

I want my coach training to be leading edge...
I joined the GSC because after I graduated from another school, I wanted to make sure that my coach training was still leading edge. I was a founding member of CoachVille and I highly value the constant tweaking of programs and learning. I know the GSC will continue to deliver this. I have previously been the recipient of great coaching insight, I knew that the graduate school would continue this great insight, so it made sense to join especially in view of a price increase.
Carlton SooHoo
Coach Carlton 

My clients and my practice will benefit...
As a Business Results Coach, I joined the Graduate School of Coaching (at the 'early adopter' rate of $895) because I have already experienced the high quality of coaching materials and support as a CoachVille member, buddy coach and a study group host. The flexibility and variety of technology supported learning and "doing" options make sense to me.  My clients and my practice will benefit from my opportunity to use and contribute to the development of advanced coaching materials (skill and competency modules, Business and Corporate situational training, best practices database and quick score tools).  The invitation to have fresh content, advanced curriculum, intellectual stimulation and better coaching fit my commitment to be the best possible coach I can be and my passion for learning.  While it will take months to achieve the full Certified Coach and Certified Mentor Coach designations, I know I will be able to immediately apply the learnings with clients and increase the value of my practice.
Franne McNeal

215-552-8719 | 

I know I'll get a huge return on my investment...
About 5 years ago, I stumbled across Thomas Leonard's website. Part of that site was a single web page that listed all the projects he was developing at that time-about 100 of them. I was tired just reading through all his ideas, but also fascinated. How could one person generate so much interesting information? After years of watching the development of his programs and benefiting from his generous sharing of methods and experience, I'm still amazed at his ability to generate cutting-edge, provocative, and highly marketable information. Joining the GSC was really a no-brainer. Based on past experience I know I'll get a huge return on my investment. Note: I'm not a Thomas Leonard ""groupie."" I haven't been trained by Coach U. And I don't agree with everything he does or says. But the man is a coaching and marketing genius. His ability to offer loads of useful coach training and information at bargain prices is what makes participating in the GSC a no-brainer--especially at the current pre-launch price.
Ken Kesslin
President, Kesslin Associates Inc., Success Coaching & Training  

more testimonials here



Early Registration Fee of $179 expires on Saturday April 20, 2002

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Announcement, time sensitive
Graduate School of Coaching launches in 2 weeks; early adopter tuition of $895 jumps to $1795 on May 1, 2002.

from Thomas J. Leonard

Dear Today's Coach Subscriber:

If you have been looking for a live TeleClass-based training for intermediate to advanced coaches, then you'll find the announcement below of particular interest.  And, even if you are a newer coach, or a coach attending another school, you might want to consider signing up for the GSC now to beat the price increase.  After all, you have 5 years to take the 50 hours of training, plus you have immediate and life time access to the hundreds of hours and resources that are coming available (we add content every single week).

And, now that we've included the Graduate School of Coaching and the Certified Mentor Coach Training Program in with the GSC package, this opportunity is a no brainer if you're looking for what's next in coaching.

We add value for the joy of it...
One of the reasons that CoachVille and the GSC can provide so much value, is that we are a leanly run organization, there are 1,000 of you on our R&D Team who help us create content, and most of our projects are staffed by Key Players, who are volunteers who are inspired by the mission of CoachVille, which is to improve the quality of coaching worldwide.  

All I ask is that you take a moment to skim the following announcement and read several of the unedited testimonials sent in by some of the coaches who have already joined the GSC (400 coaches at last count, all within the past 4 months; the GSC is now the fastest growing coaching school in the world).

If you are ready to join the GSC, just visit  

Refund policy:  100% lifetime, no questions asked.  It's just how we do business.  We value your partnership and guarantee your satisfaction

If you have questions, please call me directly at 1.866.COACHVILLE, email me at or attend one of the free Q&A sessions this Wednesday.




All 3 programs are included in a single lifetime tuition.
Special early adopter tuition:
Lifetime tuition and license rights are only US$895 for CoachVille members until April 30, 2002. (Add $79 if not yet a CoachVille member.) On May 1, 2002, they increase to US$1795 and on January 1, 2003, to $2495. |  details
Refund policy:  100% lifetime, no questions asked.  It's just how we do business.  We value your partnership and guarantee your satisfaction
  The Graduate School of Coaching Curriculum
36 hours of live training via TeleClass including coaching proficiencies, communication style training, frameworks, advanced coaching skills, leadership proficiencies, situational solutions, environmental design, life design training and 'edge' training. (14 more hours to be added.)

Exclusively available for GSC'ers.
  Graduate School of Corporate Coaching 
This RealAudio and web-based curriculum launches January 3, 2003, and is included in your GSC tuition.  
Exclusively available for GSC'ers.
  Access to/use of 1,000 3-Step Training Modules
You may use these MicroModules supplement your coaching (giving clients something to focus on between sessions) and/or use them to conduct workshops or presentations on many aspects of life and business including self discovery/assessment, business strategy, leadership, personal development, marketing and more.  Many of the MicroModules include a lifetime teaching license as well.

Exclusively available for GSC'ers.
  Specialty training to become a Certified Mentor Coach
Interested in coaching or mentoring newer coaches?  Then this 20-hour live (or RealAudio, if you prefer) training by TeleClass is exactly what you'll need to provide your mentees with the tools and training they will need.
Exclusively available for GSC'ers.
  CD's with 100+ hours of RealAudio training/materials
During 2002/2003, you will receive 4 CD's (one per quarter) which contains the RealAudio and text versions of the MicroModules, GSC Training, specialty trainings and more on a convenient CD format
Exclusively available for GSC'ers.
  Practice Development/Marketing Tools and eCourses
You receive 5 free listings in the new Coaching Mall, the full Practice 90 day step by step program, the Passive Revenue eCourse, the Winning Website for Coaches live TeleClass/Webtour, premium placement for your listing at,  and up to 5 RealAudio greetings for your website(s).
  14 Client Coaching Programs w/ teaching licenses
These are awesome!  You can take the RealAudio/web version yourself and also teach these to groups, royalty-free!
  eCourse Rebroadcast Rights 
You receive rights to rebroadcast several of our ecourses including Certified Cyber, Absence Of, Perfect Life and others.
  Cool Stuff
Every GSC'er is shipped a Coach Cap and Coach lapel pin upon entering the GSC
  $100 Discount to the CoachVille Conference
Exclusively available for GSC'ers.
  Specialty certifications
You receive access to the web/RealAudio versions of the Certified Strategist, Certified Critical Eye, Certified 5Day TeleClass Leader Programs.
more info coming
  Best Practices Database
This database rolls out in December 2002.  Become a masterful coach by using natural language to search for ideas and solutions for your clients, the goals they have and situations they are in.
Exclusively available for GSC'ers.

Questions and Answers about the GSC
If you are ready to join the GSC, just visit  If you have questions, please call me directly at 1.866.COACHVILLE, email me at or attend one of the free Q&A sessions this Wednesday.
  What's the difference between CoachVille and the GSC?
The GSC includes all that is listed at right, and leads to the GSC Certified Coach designation.  The key differences?  GSC offers 50 hours of advanced, live coach training, 1000 MicroModules, teaching licenses, mentor coach training, corporate coach training, best practices database, and more.  
  When does the program begin?
Formally on May 1, 2002, but live classes are already being conducted.
  Who joins the GSC?
Generally, coaches who are in or have graduated from other coaching schools and/or coaches with 2-10 years' experience who seek advanced and specialty training and access to a comprehensive set of tools to use with clients.
  What are the benefits?
Fresh content, advanced curriculum, intellectual stimulation, better coaching.
  How long does the program take to complete?
The GSC includes 50 hours of live TeleClass training which you can complete in under a year.  The GSC also includes access to 1,000+ hours of RealAudio and web based training on a variety of coaching/client topics. 
(We are rolling out the 1,000 hours at a rate of 200 hours per year.)
  Which designation does the GSC lead to?
The GSC Certified Coach.
  How does the GSC compare to the other coaching schools?
We ask you to do your own comparison.  The GSC is a high value.
  Who teaches the TeleClasses?
During 2002, it's mostly Thomas Leonard with assistance from Senior TeleClass Leaders that he has trained in this material.

Complete list of 35 Q&A's here

Ready to play?  Register today at
Early adopter $895 tuition doubles to $1795 in 2 short weeks, on May 1, 2002.
100% satisfaction guaranteed or full refund