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Kind words 
...about our recent Conference in Las Vegas (March 2002)

All I can say is WOW!!! The conference content was practical, relevant and motivational. 

Thank you for the opportunity to meet with so many incredible people at the 2002 Coachville Conference in Las Vegas. I am a new coach in private practice, and I learned a lot, met a lot of exceptional people, and came home with a lot of valuable ideas to attract clients, add value, and market my coaching skills more effectively. I was gratified to be able to add value to some of the discussions and coaching exercises, and have found new motivation to make my coaching skills better, and my coaching practice more professional and focused. I look forward to taking better advantage of all the content available on the Coachville website, and to developing long-term relationships with many of the coaches I met.

dear thomas,
you are wonderful -- a great formulator, communicator and teacher. as someone
who has been in the academic field (and has thus attended many conf and seminars over these years) you are certainly in the top ten..

Thanks for a very motivating conference. You went all out. 

I am looking forward to the next conference. I got a 
lot of value out of this conference.

Thank you for a very powerful - business shifting conference - I've already implemented 12 of about 100 actions I committed to there... 

Thank you so much for the conference. It exceeded my expectations for content and inspiration. I also met some really nice people! As a result of  the conference I've signed up for the graduate school. Thanks again.

I'm sure you are being blasted with accolades from the Las Vegas conference. And rightly so! Having spent 30 years in the corporate world (now eternally free) doing business and process transformation, I have logged a lot of seat time in seminars and learning the latest new trend. The Las Vegas experience was the single most beneficial time I have spent in terms of real actionable take away and relevance. I went with curiosity and came away with a new life plan and business strategy.

Please count me in as a contributor to the future development efforts.


This wasn’t a conference as much as it was a “collaboration.” The presenters didn’t just spew a lot of information…they included the audience every step of the way, often in practical exercises and always in deep Q&A. This provided an astounding environment of learning; of “getting” it; and of unbounded energy for self-development.


I loved meeting people -- coaches from all over the world!

I'm convinced as ever that Thomas is about giving to others. Dave is awesome. The CV staff works hard. We've just hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of where this is going.

We added a dimension to our CoachVille experience with human contact!

Wednesday, March 27, 2002


Are you just getting started as a coach? Or perhaps you are an advanced, actively practicing coach...regardless, the 15 Coaching Proficiencies we're sharing with Today's Coach readers in this issue are going to make for a very special read. Thomas Leonard, who authored the proficiencies in collaboration with several senior coaches, put it this way:

"If I told you that the identification of these 15 Coaching Proficiencies (below) was the #1  achievement in my 20 years of coaching and coach training, would you believe me?"

It's true. This collection of 15 things forms the basis for what a coach fundamentally does.  And when you read them the first time, they may seem simple.  But try reading them again.  Or better yet, read them before you go into a client call today.  Will you accept my invitation to let the proficiencies energize your coaching this week?

It's good to be back!  I am invigorated by meeting so many of you in Las Vegas for the first CoachVille Conference. Your support and commitment to the profession of coaching is phenomenal.  More info about CV's next Live Training (soon, in just 2 months) is at the end of this issue...and as always, if you have a topic or article that has an impact on your coaching colleagues, I will be glad to hear from you.

Happy Reading,

Andrea Lee
GM, CoachVille




Training on all 15 of the Coaching Proficiencies, which are listed and described below is available as part of the CoachVille membership. Participation is via RealAudio, website and web based training.

Online training begins April 15, 2002.  


The 15 Coaching Proficiencies
Hallmarks of the Certified Coach
beta version 1.5 | 03/10/02 | copyright
These proficiencies are the basis of the Certified Coach Training Program, from

-  0  +

1. Engages in provocative conversations.
Coaching sessions are generally short.  By hearing what the client is saying and not saying, by questioning what you hear, by asking the right questions, pressing for clarity, and by sharing what you know and how you feel, provocative conversations can occur within minutes, not months. Welcome to the world of the Certified Coach.
-  0  + 2. Reveals the client to themselves.
The more aware anyone is, the better choices they can make for themselves.  Part of what Certified Coaches do with clients is to help them discover their gifts, talents, wants, values, needs and dreams, as well as come  to understand what motivates and inspires them. The result?  A well-informed client, more easily moving forward on their path of self-awareness.
-  0  + 3. Elicits greatness.
Who else is trained to be proficient in this, 24/7/365, but the Certified Coach?  And, while it is true that few clients come to a coach and specifically ask that we bring out and develop this greatness, this is what we do naturally when we ask the client to think and act bigger, and by challenging the client to continually raise their own bar and standards.  
-  0  + 4. Enjoys the client immensely.
How is 'enjoying the client' a proficiency?  Simple.  Because when you enjoy the client in his/her entirety (including their upsides and downsides), high levels of trust naturally occur.  And the benefit of that?  Clients naturally take more risks and move forward more quickly because they know you are totally there for them.  When the coach is at this place with a client, the coaching is collaborative and light, not heavy.
-  0  + 5. Expands the client's best efforts.
One of the reasons clients hire a coach is to support them to do more in a shorter period of time than they would do on their own.  Hence, the Certified Coach acts as both a catalyst and accelerant.  By supporting the client to do more than they have done or think that they are capable of doing, significant value is added.
-  0  + 6. Navigates via curiosity.
The coach who is naturally curious can be well-guided by that curiosity.  After all, coaches are in the discovery business and how can you help the client find new and better ways of doing things, if you are not curious?  And the real benefit of curiosity is that it leads to learning for both the coach and client.
-  0  + 7. Recognizes perfection in every situation.
One way of looking at life is to believe that everything happens for a perfectly good reason, even if we cannot always see or know that reason within our own lifetime.  The point here is to look for and find how a client's event, problem, situation or trait is perfect, even if it's clearly not.  Seeking to understand and recognizing perfection first, instead of offering tips, techniques and solutions as a knee-jerk reaction, is what the Certified Coach does naturally.
-  0  + 8. Homes in on what is matters most.
Depending on the day, hour or even minute, what is most important to the client will change.  Such is the nature of individuals in a high-growth phase of their lives.  The Certified Coach is both quick to recognize this moving target and is flexible enough to adjust the coaching to be effective in this new terrain.
-  0  + 9. Communicates cleanly.
This should be obvious, yes?  After all, the cleaner the communication, the less that gets in the way of great coaching.  That said, most of us have 'stuff' in our communication style which slows down the super-conductive nature of the coaching process.  Certified Coaches have worked to clean up the stuff that can get in the way of effective coaching.  What kind of stuff?  Everything from biases, judgments, unmet needs, shoulds, coulds, to singularity, vicariousness, agendas, arrogance and fears.  It's all clearable.
-  0  + 10. Shares what is there.
Clients rely on our observations, intuition, opinions and even our inklings to help move them forward in life.  Hence, the more often, and easily, a coach can share what they see, feel and hear, the more value that can be created for that client.  It's often the tiniest, most subtle inklings that can act as powerful beacons and catalysts to the client's life or business.
-  0  + 11. Champions the client.
The more often, and deeply, the coach champions their client at all levels (including their actions, progress, dreams, traits, commitments, gifts and qualities), the more encouraged the client feels and the more likely they are to succeed.  For the coach to merely be encouraging is not enough; there is a much higher level of support generated when the coach operates at the championing level, which is where the Certified Coach operates.
-  0  + 12. Enters new territories.
The Certified Coach expands the client's thinking by weaving in new concepts, principles and distinctions during the coaching session, and also by inviting the client to experiment with new models, ways of doing things, and even to identify new goals or outcomes. Clients don't usually ask the coach for this, but these are key ways that value is created for the client.
-  0  + 13. Relishes truth.
This may sound obvious, and it is deeper than that.  After all, truth is a level above mere honesty, as in there is always a truth about a situation, person or event that, when discovered and articulated, can transforms one's life or business.  Certified Coaches have come to enjoy and orient around truth as a source of joy and guidance.
-  0  + 14. Designs supportive environments.
Success, not to mention personal evolution, becomes sustainable when there are environments and failsafe structures which support it.  After all, who wants to rely on fortitude and willpower to get things done or to develop oneself?  Enter the Certified Coach who has been specifically trained to help clients design and install these environments.
-  0  + 15. Respects the client's humanity.
We all have limits, both internal and external, and as much as coaching is about maximizing potential and opportunities, we are all human and the Certified Coach respects this.  Success without stress is what we are all after and by recognizing limits and  appreciating different paths to achievement, the client is both individually and universally respected.

More notes on these....

As you can see, the above chart can act as a scorecard. Each/all of the 15 proficiencies is EASILY detectable/measurable by a mentor coach trained in this "system."

All of the above are TOTALLY teachable/learnable. 

We can now 'test' for these proficiencies during the oral 'exam' for someone to be a Certified Coach.  Online training and testing will get underway April 15, 2002 for CoachVille members who wish to begin this process.

Intrigued?  If so, you may wish to know: the 15 Coaching Proficiencies were first introduced to the public at the CoachVille Conference in Las Vegas earlier this month.  And they will be explored in depth at the CoachVille Certified Coach Intensive in Phoenix for two days at the end of May 2002.  If you've heard good things about the CoachVille Conference, you have a chance now to attend two days of LIVE training with Thomas Leonard and Dave Buck, for a registration fee of $149 for both days, by registering by March 30, 2002.  (Registration fee goes up to $179 March 31, 2002.)  More details available below, or at

Copyright 2002. All rights reserved.   


60+ coaches have registered in first week.
the hotel has been confirmed with an excellent room rate (see below)
we've added a sunday brunch/discussion about the future of coaching (see below)
note:  this intensive will also be conducted in london/uk and sydney/aus in oct 2002

CoachVille Intensive


May 31, June 1st, 2002
9am-5pm both days
Embassy Suites/Biltmore
Room reservations: 1.800.362.2779
Phoenix, AZ
Maximum capacity is 225 participants
There is also a brunch on Sunday, June 2, 2002 from 9am to 12noon to discuss the future of coaching (available for $33 add'l, and only to those attending the conference).

Conference fee:
$149 if you register by March 30, 2002
$179 if you register by April 20, 2002
$249 if you register by May 20, 2002
$279 after May 20, 2002 (if space available)

Click here to register for the Intensive.
Link not working with your browser? Go here: and type in class 2060.
Click here to register for the brunch.

Who is the Intensive primarily designed for? 
While everyone is most welcome, the conference content has been designed for:
1. Coaches who are intrigued by the 15 Coaching Proficiencies, StylePoints and Frameworks.
2. Coaches who would enjoy hands on training to tweaking their coaching style, strategies and approach.
3. Coaches who have some interest in the Certified Coach designation.
The training is fitting for both newer coaches and experienced coaches. (Given the structure of the proficiencies,  experienced coaches will learn them on an even higher level).

What will I learn at the Certified Coach intensive?
1.  The 15 Coaching Proficiencies (competencies)
2.  The 15 Coaching StylePoints (communication style)
3.  The 15 Coaching Frameworks (the place from which you look at life) 
Please note:  You will not be certified at the end of the training.  That is a separate step, but the training is 100% focused on 15 Proficiencies, StylePoints and Frameworks which are the basis of the Certified Coach designation/testing.

How is the Intensive organized?
We are keeping the training as interactive, effective, and simple as possible.  You'll have plenty of free time for networking.
1. Everyone is in the same event room during the training.  
2. Dave Buck and Thomas Leonard are co-leading the segments.  
3. All sessions are interactive (and include step-by-step handouts).
4. You are on your own for meals. Beverages are served both days during the breaks.

Guarantee of Satisfaction
If, at the end of the Intensive, you feel that the conference was not worth the fee you paid, you will be refunded your Intensive fee in its entirety, no questions asked.  (We're quite serious about this.)

What You Will Be Focusing On



15 Coaching Proficiencies
The 15 Coaching Proficiencies (advanced competencies) define what a coach does with a client and what they focus on together. 
Status: available now.  late beta.  view
15 Coaching Style Points
The 15 Coaching Style Points describe the manner in which coaches come across and relate with their clients.  
Status: available now.  early beta.  view
15 Coaching Frameworks
The Coaching Frameworks are the place from which the coach is coming; their orientation and way of looking at and working within the world, which greatly affects the way a person coaches. 
Status: available now.  early beta.  view
Special Events Focus
Thursday evening Networking Reception (very informal, for early arrivers) from 5 to 7pm in hotel atrium
Friday evening Networking Reception, no host bar (although light munchies for all, and free beverages for overnight guests of the Embassy Suites) in hotel atrium from 5 to 7pm.
Sunday morning Brunch/Discussion on the Future of Coaching from 9am to 12noon. ($33 upgrade, just to cover costs)


Miscellaneous questions...
1.  Is the training for Certified Coaches only?  No, it's for everyone.
2.  Will I be certified by the end of the training?  No, it's not a certification weekend.  But you will be well versed and prepped for your Certified Coach exam should you wish to go that direction.
3.  Who will be certifying the Certified Coaches?  A new organization called the Coaching Standards Board.  Details to be announced in April.

The conference is being held at the resort-like Embassy Suites/Biltmore on 2630 E. Camelback Road in central Phoenix, literally steps away from 13 restaurants, movie theatres and the Biltmore Fashion Park (Saks, Borders, Ralph Lauren). 

We have arranged for a 38% discounted room rate of $99 per night double occupancy (vs the rack rate of $159) for the first 50 rooms that are booked. Then it increases to $119 for the next 50 and then to $139, so the sooner you call the hotel at +1.800.362.2779 and say you are with the CoachVille group and ask for the "CoachVille Convention rate", the better. The hotel rate does include breakfast and a free cocktail hour reception if you are staying at the hotel (which is something that the Embassy Suites does for all hotel guests). 

We suggest you fly in on Thursday afternoon and depart on Sunday afternoon.  We are having an informal but intriguing "future of coaching" discussion over brunch on Sunday ($33 upgrade) from 9am to 12noon..  The only major airport serving Phoenix is Sky Harbor airport, and it is less than 10 miles from the hotel.  We've had good luck with if you're looking to book your flight online. The airport code for Phoenix is PHX.

A casual get together in the hotel atrium from 5 to 7pm on Thursday evening (optional) welcomes those arriving that afternoon.  And event registration runs from 7am to 9am on Friday morning, May 31, 2002.  The event ends at 5pm on Saturday, June 1, 2002.  And there is an informal brunch/discussion on the Future of Coaching" on Sunday morning from 9am to 12noon ($33 upgrade fee to cover cost).

Conference Cancellations/Transfer
Given that the training is coming up so soon, we won't be able to give refunds should your plans change.  However, you may transfer your registration to a friend or colleague if you wish.

Currently, we are fully booked with presenters. (Thomas & Dave)

Need a roommate?
When you register, we'll let you know how to connect with other attendees to share a room.

We'd appreciate your help.  Just let us know when you register  at the conference on Friday, May 31, 2002 that you'd like to volunteer as a microphone runner or other support person.

May 31, June 1st, 2002
9am-5pm both days
Embassy Suites/Biltmore
Phoenix, AZ
Maximum capacity is 225 participants
There is also a brunch on Sunday, June 2, 2002 from 9am to 12noon to discuss the future of coaching (available for $33 add'l, and only to those attending the conference).

Conference fee:
$149 if you register by March 30, 2002
$179 if you register by April 20, 2002
$249 if you register by May 20, 2002
$279 after May 20, 2002 (if space available)

Click here to register for the Intensive.
Link not working with your browser? Go here: and type in class 2060.
Click here to register for the brunch.

Please email