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What do you think is the emerging role of coaching in societies, worldwide?

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January 30
, 2002                                          

Dear Readers:

A special invitation for you today, to participate in a day of celebration and discussion next Tuesday, February 5, 2002, to mark the beginning of International Coaching Week 2002.

Part of the mission of Today's Coach is to bring you news and information about what's new, what's changing and what is pertinent to you as coaches.  Today's issue invites you to participate in this with us by sharing your energy and insight in a round of TeleDiscussions centered around a single question: What is the emerging role of coaching in societies?  Thomas J. Leonard, Dave Buck, and other coach colleagues look forward to the dialogue with you.

As a addition to this invitation, I have included a link to, with the intention of encouraging you to explore this resource. Whether you're interested in attending some free or fee classes on a topic new to you, or, curious about whether leading TeleClasses is a potential revenue stream for you, I believe you will enjoy browsing there...

Happy Reading,

Andrea Lee
GM, CoachVille


In celebration of International Coaching Week, you are invited to a live TeleDiscussion on one of the most important coaching topics in the development of coaching.  

You will be engaging in a discussion about this primary question:

What is the emerging role of coaching in societies, worldwide?

Dear Today's Coach Subscriber:

If the ultimate role of....

...the government is to protect.

...the family is to nurture. to expand.

...economic system is to afford exchange.

...culture is to provide a common bond.

...spirituality is to increase awareness.

...then what is the role of coaching, especially as it expands worldwide?

Could the ultimate role of coaching be to...

 ...accelerate the pace of achievement?

 ...evolve the experience of life?

 ...individualize the common spirit?

 ...absence the common delays of reality? 

 ...integrate the notion of work and play?

 ...facilitate the resolution of global inequity?

...or something else?

I believe that both the process of coaching itself and the role of coaching in society are yet to be fully articulated.  Which is one of the reason that I and several of my coaching colleagues are hosting a series of TeleDiscussions (live, interactive discussions via conference calls using one of our 10 bridges) during International Coaching Week, February 3 through 9, 2002.

If you are a coach, or an interest in coaching, you are invited to call in.  Together, we'll be discussion that primary question:
"What is the emerging role of the coach in societies, worldwide?"

There are many possible answers to this question, and that's the idea.  One of the strengths of coaching is the diversity of who coaches are and how they both define and delivery coaching.   The purpose of this discussion is to expand our understanding of the role that coaches is currently playing, and will play, in societies worldwide.

Related to that, I was reading a quote by a tech guru type (I don't recall his or her name) who said something like "The next big challenge for technology is to find the solution to global inequity." 

I have this feeling that coaching is going to play a role in that as well.

My friend, Coach Steve Straus of Dallas, shared with me last Friday that "Coaching touches the human core, just to the left of the heart; it's that personal, it's that profound."

And anything that profound personally is likely to have a similar effect on society.

You are invited
If you find this topic of interest, I invite you to join me for a highly collaborate discussion on the expanding role of coaching in our worlds.  
If you have an opinion, come to share it.
If you have an observation, come to share it.
If you have an idea, come to share it.
If you are just curious, come to listen.  
...and then share what you discovered.

About the TeleDiscussions
Times and dates are below
It's the same topic for all session, although you may attend more than one if you wish
Each of the calls run 25 minutes; it's fairly short
Call size will range from 10 to 30 folks
Calls will be hosted/facilitated by various coaches, including me
Everyone's view is welcome and contributes to the discussion
The sessions are free, except for your call to 407 area code where our bridges are (no extra conference call fees given we own the bridges)

Date and Times 
All calls are conducted on Tuesday, February 5, 2002. (View availability for all the scheduled calls by clicking here, or follow the registration instructions under each class...)

1100am to 1125am Eastern/NY
To register for the above time and to receive the bridge number, address a blank email to and in subject line, type 2093-1 and nothing else

200pm to 225pm Eastern/NY
To register for the above time and to receive the bridge number, address a blank email to and in subject line, type 2093-2 and nothing else

400pm to 425pm Eastern/NY
To register for the above time and to receive the bridge number, address a blank email to and in subject line, type 2093-3 and nothing else

800pm to 825pm Eastern/NY
To register for the above time and to receive the bridge number, address a blank email to and in subject line, type 2093-4 and nothing else

900pm to 925pm Eastern/NY
To register for the above time and to receive the bridge number, address a blank email to and in subject line, type 2093-5 and nothing else

If the spots fill up, we will do our best to add new times.  For the most up to date times and availability, click here.

I hope that you can make it to one of the above sessions.  Regardless, we'll be sharing some of contributions from the calls in an upcoming issue of the Today's Coach.


Thomas J. Leonard

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