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Top Ten Things I've Learned About The Media...







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January 7
, 2002                                                

Dear Readers:

Another te
rrific article on the media, from widely featured Coach Kristin Taliaferro.  Kristin introduces herself in her note below...thanks Kristin!

Also in this issue is a bonus hour of RealAudio on the topic of High End Media Coverage for Coaches, here. 

And lastly, you'll find the latest schedule for TeleClass Leader Training options at the end of the issue.  We are always getting requests for more live offerings of these courses, so if you've been waiting to get into one of these live classes, here's your chance.   Questions?

Happy Reading,

Andrea Lee
GM, CoachVille

Dear Coaches:

In the past year, my coaching work has been featured several times in
magazines and the media. I've been quoted in,,, Marie Claire Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Woman's Day.

There have also been a few invitations to appear on national television
shows. And the good news is that there are upcoming articles in Family
Circle Magazine and others to be released soon. It just keeps happening...
Very fun and exciting.

So, where on earth is this media attention coming from? What is the
strategy? Thomas asked me to write this article to offer some insight in
hopes of helping YOU attract media attention as well. Good luck and have
fun with it.

Kristin Taliaferro


Feature Article

Top Ten Things I've Learned About The Media...

by Kristin Taliaferro

1. "Trying" too hard does not work.

A couple of years back, Thomas hired me as a Consultant for his whirlwind
national tour. My position evolved into "media attractor" for a month or
so. I was asked to contact national newspaper editors to pitch the coaching
tour and encourage them to write articles in the local papers.. What a flop! I
was hugely unsuccessful and majorly frustrated.. However, I am grateful for
the education I received from the experience. Thomas and I learned that
editors reallllly do not want you to pitch ideas to them. They much prefer
to find YOU, instead. So, if you are actively pitching the media on your
coaching biz, you may or may not be successful.. **It can work, though,
it's just not my personal style**. I do not pitch the media on my coaching
business and have never sent out a press release, nor hired a publicist. I
may do so in the future, though.

2. Nothing says more than a taste of coaching.

If you run across a writer or media person, you could talk about your
coaching practice (perceived as a "pitch", by the way), or you could jump in
and coach them for 15 minutes. I always coach instead of pitch. This has
been one of the secrets I learned from Thomas for attracting clients as well
as writers. For example, one writer contacted me for an interview and we
ended up talking about her personal tolerations as well. I couldn't resist!
So, now, there is another article coming out soon on tolerations, in
addition to the first one she was writing. Writers need to "get" coaching. The only way to do this is to coach them a bit.

3. Professional Writers and Magazine Editors are just like you.

I loooooove media people. They are edgy. They love the truth.. They are
curious. They're just like me. And they're just like you, too. Many
people are intimidated by them. Treat them like your best friend and simply have a nice conversation during the interview or article idea discussion.

4. Many articles never make it to print or are delayed.

It takes about 4-5 months for an article to make it to the stands. The interview is conducted, the article in written and then the Editors proof it and recommend changes. The whole process takes longer than you may think, and in some cases it takes forever! I'm still waiting for the interviews with Cosmopolitan and Redbook magazines to hit the stands.. (from over a year ago). Might happen. Might not.

5. It's better not to tell all of your friends about your article until it
is confirmed.

What a bummer it was for me to tell everyone about an article that never came out. An article is not confirmed for print until a "fact checker" calls you to verify your information. Wait for that call before you announce anything.

6. Writers pride themselves on finding great talent.

They love to do research and much prefer to discover YOU. All of the writers who've interviewed me found me through website searches, my clients, newsletter articles, etc. They will find you the same way a client will find you..

7. If clients aren't discovering you, neither will the media.

Many people think their coaching business will explode if they can get some
media attention. However, if they do not have a full practice, chances are
the media will not come knocking. Make sure potential clients and
interviewers can find you EASILY. You really need to be out there in some
way. In my case, I'm "out there" through my website, newsletter articles
and word of mouth from hundreds of clients.

8. Writers and Media people love a good deadline.

In most cases, the deadlines are very tight. Typically, a writer will email
me with an interview request for the same day. You MUST respond to them
quickly. So, you have to be quick on your feet, since there is virtually zero time to prepare your thoughts. Television works the same way, I've found. It is not unusual to receive a request to appear on a show the following day. So, be ready with your bags packed!

9. Be succinct and study the magazines and shows you want to be appear in.

As a magazine-a-holic, I have no problems with this one. I've been studying
magazines for a long time! It's important to offer tips and quotes in a style that suits the publication and their readers. Pick up a few magazines and get a feel for their style. This is important.

10. If you realllly want to appear in the media, focus on being an
incredible coach.

I know this may frustrate some of you, but this is what works. My strategy
has been simple: BE a great coach and learn the skills required. BE
visible in some way, so people can find you. VISUALIZE yourself in the magazines or on television and get excited about it IN ADVANCE. That feeling of excitement and gratitude is magnetic.

About the Submitter:

Kristin Taliaferro and 3 of her clients are featured in the January 8, 2002 issue of Woman's Day Magazine in an article titled 'Life Lessons...Learn To Get What You Want." You may also visit her website at or sign up for a daily thought at

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