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Coaching and New Year's Resolutions




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December 19, 2001                                                

Dear Readers:

Today's issue features a timely Top Ten List on the topic of New Year's resolutions.  A prominent ritual in many countries, this time of year provides particular opportunities for Coaches to connect with clients and potential clients.

Feel free to distribute this list, with proper attribution, to your clients this week.  Sharing it may well invigorate you both and lay the groundwork for more great Coaching!  As a bonus, author of this list, Deborah Keahey, has shared a link to the .pdf version - below - for ease of distribution.

Also in this issue is information about a live TeleClass offering of The Extreme Self-Care Program led by Talane Miedaner.  If a TeleClass or License to offer this material appeals to you, click here to read on.

All the best,

Andrea Lee
GM, CoachVille



Feature Article

Top 10 Steps to Better  Resolutions for 2002

© Deborah Keahey, 2001

1. Make resolutions throughout the year, rather than waiting for New Year’s.

That way you’re likely to set goals that are really meaningful and compelling, rather than setting goals for the sake of a holiday ritual.

2. Eliminate recurring resolutions.

Anything you’ve set as a goal before and failed at probably isn’t going to work any better this time. Drop it or redefine it to make it more doable and attractive.

3. Align resolutions with values.

When goals are in sync with your natural values, success comes more effortlessly.

4. Cross ‘shoulds’ off your list.

‘Shoulds’ and ‘musts’ are actually other people’s goals, not yours.

5. Make resolutions specific and measurable.

If there’s no clear finish line, you won’t be able to know if you’ve succeeded. Vague goals create anxiety and drain energy.

6. Identify what might stop you from succeeding.

Anticipating possible obstacles means they are less likely to derail you when you encounter them. Some will even disappear just by being named.

7. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Sounds basic, right? You might be surprised. Energy follows thought, so you attract what you focus on. Phrase resolutions to express the positive, not the negative, side of your goals.

8. Make your physical environment do the work.

If you want to watch less TV, put it in storage. If you want to curb credit card spending, keep them in a safe deposit box for emergency use only. If you want to eat healthier foods, make sure that’s all you have in your house. You get the idea.

9. Visualize the benefits of your goal.

Be specific and clear to yourself about why the outcome is important and worth attaining. Imagine how good it will feel. Relish the details.

10. Get support.

Change is easier and more fun when you have a coach to help.

BONUS: If you prefer to view or forward this Top Ten List in .pdf format, click here to access.

About the Submitter:

Coach Deborah Keahey is an award-winning published author, online educator, and owner of Lifescape Coaching.  She specializes in coaching women in a wide variety of situations.  Deborah can be reached online at or

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