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Humor for Coaches:
TickleVille Ezine

November 26, 2001 

Dear Readers:

As wonderful as coaching is, we thought you might enjoy a break today, so we're sending some humor your way instead.  Allow me to introduce the TickleVille Humor Ezine for Coaches. The premiere issue is below.
If you like what you see, you're welcome to subscribe by addressing an email to  Whenever we receive something REALLY funny, we'll share it with you.  No more than once a week.

See you on Wednesday, December 19, 2001, when we'll return to our regular format.  In the meantime, if you're working on your training schedules and budgets for 2002, you may be interested in browsing some of the items below...

Best of the Season,

Andrea Lee
GM, CoachVille


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This from:
Sent in by Coach Heidi Costas

Some Features you may Need on your Computer








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To subscribe to TickleVille Humor Ezine, address an email to

adv. New Dates for CoachVille
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We have three new licensing opportunities now open for registration, all priced at $99 for CoachVille Members/$129 for the General Public:

Click for more details about the Personal Foundation Program (Train the Trainer Program/License). 
Click for more details about the Toleration Free Program (Train the Trainer Program/License).
Click for more details about the Personal Evolution Program (Train the Trainer Program/License).

Also, new dates in 2002 are now available for the following licenses and classes, including new classes from Lead Trainer Dave Buck.  Click the links to access details:

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