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December 10, 2001                                                

Dear Readers:

Thanks are due today to Coach Julieann Cross for an eye-opening article about the power of Instant e-Coaching.

Julieann wrote to us in response to a Full Practice lesson on the topic of "Coaching via Instant Messaging." Her story is a wonderful example of how innovation and progressive methods within Coaching can have an immediate impact on the lives of many.  If you have something of interest you'd like to share with the Coaching community, I welcome your emails

As a bonus in today's issue, you'll also find Full Practice lesson 71, the lesson that prompted Julieann's response to us.  And lastly, if you're looking for just the right licensing opportunity to add value to your clients, details about the Personal Foundation TeleClass and License are also below.

All the best,

Andrea Lee
GM, CoachVille



Feature Article

Instant e-Coaching

by Julieann Cross

Copyright 2001 CoachVille

I was thrilled to see your lesson about adding Instant Messaging to your coaching practice. I stumbled on to this strategy about a year ago with a coaching/consulting client I have been working with for the past 18 months. (In fact, he's "zapping" me now as I write this letter.)

This particular client is a newly appointed CEO of a small non-profit and while he's an outrageous counselor, he lacked the experience and self-confidence to manage the organization without some "coaching". He also had an additional "challenge" in that he is hearing impaired and telephone conversations are difficult for him, even with the "enhanced" attachments to his phone and hearing aids. One day he came to my office and entered as I was finishing a "chat" with my son and became fascinated with the whole "IM" thing.

A Light Bulb Moment

Later that week he "zapped" me for the first time and a major light bulb went off - we held our first "trial zap coaching" session right then and suddenly a couple of concepts he had been struggling to "hear" he could "see" in the context of the conversation. It became clear he had been missing the "subtle distinctions"  because he simply couldn't hear them. We have been conducting our coaching sessions like this ever since.

In fact, we have even taken "zap coaching" to an even higher level on a couple of sessions. One session in particular created an interesting coaching challenge. My client was involved in a very difficult negotiating session to merge with another organization. During a break in the session he zapped me to discuss some of the key strategy points. Unbeknownst to me, the other parties soon entered the room and negotiations continued while he continued to “zap me”.

The Power of Instant Coaching

He told "them" he was keeping notes and he kept feeding me information on what was going on in the room. About 4 of 5 "zaps" went back and forth when I realized that I was “playing his virtual coach” zapping him play by play strategies without disrupting the flow of the “real time” game going on in his office. I quickly shifted my coaching to match the tempo of the game and now know how the coach that sits in the announcers booth and calls down plays on the radio to the field feels was an interesting "coaching session" to say the least. But more importantly, the end result is that the organizations merged, the newly formed organization has doubled its impact on the community through both the number of people served and the array of services they offer.  It also clued me into the power "instant" coaching can have and I've extended the practice to several of my clients.
Powerful Coaching in Minutes

Those who utilize the service tell me its like having me in their pocket and they can pull me out in tough spots. The majority of the time this “zap coaching” only takes a couple of minutes and often more powerful. I’ve done “zap coaching” with folks in both personal and professional “real time settings” and even have a couple of teens (who are much more tech savvy) zap me from their web enabled cell phones.

Personally, I love “zap coaching” and find it effective in a wide array of situations and see it as a powerful tool in my practice…nice to see someone else does too.

Crosshaven Ventures, LLC is a private Development firm dedicated to serving those who serve. For more information about our services and how we can support you in changing the world, call Julieann Cross at 303-659-7691.

SPECIAL BONUS: Excerpt from the 100-Day Full Practice eCourse for Coaches

Here is Lesson 71 from the Full Practice 100 ecourse, which prompted the above CoachVille member to write and share her story with us:


Lesson 71
Theme this week: Doubling Value For Your Clients:
Being available via Instant Messenger

This is a lesson from the 100-Day Full Practice eCourse available from Cost is $39 for members. Details here

by Thomas J. Leonard
copyright 2001
As the coaching game gets more competitive and as potential clients become better educated about the coaching process, potential clients are going to be looking at the 'features' you offer as part of their buying decision.

And one of these features they'll be looking at is your degree of availability to them between sessions.

Clients want and need support...
One of the reasons that clients leave coaches is because the client wanted/needed more support than the coach was willing, able or even knew to provide.

But I believe that there is a simple solution to this problem...
And that is to offer IM (Instant Messaging) as a support feature to your clients.  Recently, we've been doing some testing in this area and are finding that clients are really responding to "IM Coaching." This, because the coach is 'there' during periods when the client needs help getting through a tough project, or needs accountability for an afternoon, or just needs a friendly cyber chat, or has a quick question but doesn't want to 'wait' for you get to get back to them via email or phone.

Here's one way to present this feature to clients and potential clients...
"Dear Client:

One of the new client support features that I'm adding to my practice is Instant Messaging, called IM for short.  If you've ever used MSN's Messenger, or AOL Chat or ICQ, then you know what referring to.  If not, I've explained how the feature works below.

"I'm adding this feature to my practice in order to everything I can possibly do to support you to success with your goals and projects.  I've used IM myself with my colleagues and friends and I know that it adds a special dose of Instant Support when I need that extra structure to make sure I get something done on time, or just when I need a supportive word.  And, IM is also a way for you to instantly contact me for just about anything, including scheduling, quick questions, a quick strategy session, a request for a phone call; you name it!

IM is not a new tech feature; but it's fairly new in the coaching profession.  I'm one of the first coaches to make IM Coaching available to all of my clients.  And I believe that you're really going to like it, especially when you need some just-in-time advice or support.

Here's how it works....
After you download the IM software and add my email address to your 'list,' you'll be able to immediately see whenever I'm available to you.  Just click my name on your IM window and I'll respond within seconds. It's as simple as that.

In fact, here's a graphic of how the Messenger software looks when you're having a chat.  This little window pops up when you start an IM with me.

You can always check to see if I'm around/available via IM. Just launch your IM software which looks like this.  If I'm online, it will show my name under 'ONLINE.'

This is just another way to show you that I'm here for you. I value our relationship and your business and I am expecting that this new feature will add value to your life and projects.

If you'd like to get started, just download the free IM software from

And, if you'd like an illustrated tutorial, click here for a PDF.

Your Coach,

Worried that you'll be inundated 24/7 with IM's from clients?
Not to worry.  You can adjust your IM settings to hide the fact that you're online if you'd rather not be disturbed.  FYI, when you do log on, all of the clients that have added your name to their IM list will see a little pop up window that let's them know that you've logged on and are available.  And, yes, you can handle multiple IMs at one time.



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Week 4: Educating For Your Network for Referrals
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Week 6: Winning Websites 
Week 7: Winning Websites  (continued)
Week 8: 1 to 1 Selling Techniques
Week 9: Using Assessments as Marketing Giveaways
Week 10: Increasing Web Traffic

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Are you satisfied with 'just enough?'

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This is a 6-week course where you'll join other like-minded individuals not only to learn about the Personal Foundation Program, but to develop your own strong Personal Foundation during that time.

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1. What is a Personal Foundation?

Just as your house needs a strong foundation to support both its weight as well as to withstand the harsh elements of nature, so do humans need what's called a Personal Foundation. There are 25 components in a strong Personal Foundation, which are explored in this course.

Here are 5 of the 25 elements:

Strong Boundaries (your natural ability/skill to say no, filters to protect oneself from outside pressures)
A Reserve of Everything (meaning that you consistently have extra time, money, space, opportunities)
Absence of Tolerations (meaning that you don't put up with anything....)
Clear Values (meaning priorities, qualities, interests, that you've chosen, on which you've based your life)
Needs Fully Met (meaning both your physical human and your emotional needs are completely satisfied)

2. Why is a Personal Foundation so very important?

Anyone who intends to have (or already has) a high quality, consistently successful and fulfilling life needs a strong foundation, just as a skyscraper needs a much deeper/stronger foundation than does a shopping mall. The higher you want to build your life, the stronger your foundation needs to be. Otherwise, you put your structure at unnecessary risk.

3. What differences will I see in my own life?

You'll Feel Terrific. You will feel much, much better about yourself because you've gotten to know what is most important to you.

You'll have Much more Self-confidence. Your self-confidence will increase because you've laid the groundwork for a major leap in your life quality.

You'll have an Extremely Strong Network. You will meet people who are as committed to themselves as you are to you.

You'll Attract More. Others will be attracted to you and respectful of you because your standards have been raised.

You'll find that Life's Incredibly Easy. Life will get much easier because you've stopped tolerating.

You'll find that Goals Are Reached Much More Quickly. You'll set better, more easily reachable goals for yourself because you'll know and honor your top values.

Plus, of course, you will be authorized to offer this course to others, a tremendous value-add that will bring you more clients...

Major Course Elements

As a group we’ll dig into 10 core areas, focusing on the process of developing a strong Personal Foundation so that YOUR life improves as you learn to teach this process to your clients. The 10 core areas include:

- Define success on your terms
- Raise your standards.
- Orient around your values
- Clarify your requirements and desires
- Finish your unfinished business
- Honor your boundaries
- Get your personal needs met
- Build reserves in all areas
- Identify and reduce tolerations
- Handle the money, completely

More benefits of registering:

- You will know how YOU want success to play out in your life.
- You will have a much clearer picture of what’s possible for you and your clients.
- You will have a new perspective on things that once seemed difficult or challenging.
- And as an authorized licensee of the Personal Foundation Program, you have the right to lead this course to groups in person, via the web, via email and via TeleClass.

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