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What are the Four Basic Tools of Coaching?






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November 26, 2001 


Dear Today's Coach Reader:

We're having a little game and you're invited to play...

Last week in the New Yorker magazine, I was reading a profile of Louis Kahn, the famous American architect.  The author of the piece mentioned in passing the 4 basic tools of architecture:  space, light, texture and proportion.  Which was news to me, and exciting. 

Exciting because I realized we don't have a standard list of basic coaching tools for our profession.  But with your help, I believe we can come up with such a list. 

The 4 basic tools of coaching will be a great foundational piece for our upcoming Certified Coach Program, and for the coaching profession as a whole.

Would you be willing to pick the four words you feel are the four basic tools of coaching?

I created the graphic above of the 4 basic tools of architecture, just to stimulate your thinking with a visual.

We'll be offering cool gifts for those of you who send in the 4 tools that the team at CoachVille selects as the 4 we want to use.  And, we'll be sending out a graphic to all subscribers like the one above, but consisting of the 4 Basic Tools of Coaching, should you wish to use it when educating clients or the public on the subject of coaching.

Deadline is December 1, 2001, if you'd like to play.  Simply email with your four words in the body of your message (and make sure there is nothing else in the body of your message, no signatures, other comments, etc.).  We'll announce the winning 4 words by December 7, 2001.

thanks for playing!


Thomas J. Leonard

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Week 2
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--Website as a program menu

Week 3
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--Website as a mall
--Website as a Portal
--Website as a testimonial center

Week 4
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-links with other sites

Final Note:
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