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12 Guiding Practices of Personal Evolution





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November 19, 2001                                                  

How do you help a high-end client who wants to play a much bigger game but doesn't know how?

Here are 12 Guiding Practices to Personal Evolution to use with them right away.  It's one of many items from the Personal Evolution Program that
is now available for licensing.  Details below.   
Dear Readers:

The 12 Guiding Practices of Personal Evolution I'm sharing this week, applied properly, can be the catalyst for a series of pivotal coaching sessions. You are welcome to share the practices on a one-on-one basis with your client provided you leave copyright and attribution intact. 

The "Personal Evolution Train the Trainer Program" is scheduled to begin January 9, 2002. It is available to CoachVille members for $99, non-members for $129.  As a licensee of the Personal Evolution Program, you are authorized to lead this course to groups in person, via the web, via email and via TeleClass. More details below


Andrea Lee
GM, CoachVille


12 Guiding Practices of Personal Evolution
copyright 2000 by thomas j. leonard.  all rights reserved. 

1. Surround yourself with radical ideas.

Read different books and magazines; spend time with much bigger thinkers.

2. Take on an exciting goal or project that you cannot possibly accomplish.

When the gap is this wide, mutation occurs.

3. Act upon your inklings, even if no practical benefit seems possible.

Inklings are a muscle. When you work this muscle, you evolve yourself.

4. Become the host of a thriving network.

As you serve them, they will evolve you personally and professionally.

5. Become superconductive.

Whatever slows you down in life, even slow stuff, slows down the natural pace of your own evolution.

6. Integrate all aspects of your life.

Work becomes play. Routines become rich. Everything supports everything.

7. Orient around your gifts.

Perfecting your gifts will take you in surprising directions -- a catalyst for evolution.

8. Develop a confident relationship with risk.

Experimentation accelerates evolution. Enjoying and affording risks helps you experiment more.

9. Master the full set of cyberskills.

The future is virtual. Visit for a full set of cyberskills.

10. Spend ample time in nature.

Nature is the product of evolution. Let nature affect you.

11. Zig when others zag.

Be true to yourself, even if means being disloyal to your culture.

12. Craft environments that stimulate you in surprising ways.

Let your environments evolve you, instead of you trying to evolve you.

Click here for a PDF mini-poster of the 12 Guiding Practices to Personal Evolution.
personal evolution | pdf 


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This is a 6-week course where you'll join other like-minded individuals not only to learn about the Personal Evolution Program, but to accelerate your own evolutionary process during that time.

The outcome of the course is simple -- you WILL evolve.
Each week you'll be engaged in learning higher ways of living and how to move toward them without striving. People who take this course ARE ready to evolve and so the discussions WILL move you.

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Course Outline

Major course elements:
--what is personal evolution (vs. personal development)
--the evolution checklist
--the 14 key ways to evolve yourself
--the 7 environments model (Relationships, Money, Business, Success, Happiness, Attraction, Love)
--the 100 key points about personal evolution and the 7 environments
--measuring environmental capital
--the 12 personal evolution strategies
--notes and summary of the 100 evolutionary progressions
--100 elements of a person
--10 trends that are evolving us most
--why awareness matters in personal evolution
--how to know when you're evolving
--situational how-tos
--reference information on personal, business and biological evolution

There is a lot of material to cover in this course, so we're making all possible materials available at a registrant-only area of the website. This will include course notes, forms, checklists, recordings and other resource material. The website will be ready for you on the first day of class.

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--As a coach, the course provides you with 100 more reasons for a client to hire you, given that each of the evolutionary progressions is an excellent coaching focus.
--You will have more of a say in the speed and direction of your personal growth, because you get to choose what to work on next, instead of learning by reacting to events.
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