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12 Strategies to Financial Independence




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October 31, 2001

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October 29, 2001                                                  

What Client wouldn't want Financial Independence? What Coach wouldn't want to help them achieve it? Here are 12 Proven Strategies to Becoming Financially Independent for you to use with your clients.  It's one of more than 25 items from the Perfect Life Program that is now available for licensing.  Details below. 

Dear Readers:

The 12 Strategies on achieving Financial Independence we're sharing this week are clear, straight-forward and any one of them can form the basis of a powerful session with a motivated coaching client.  Okay, maybe not Strategy #5, but that still gives you 11 keys that are immediately usable to help your clients unlock their Perfect Life. 

The "Perfect Life Train the Trainer Program" is scheduled to begin November 12, 2001. It is available to CoachVille members for $99, non-members for $129.  As a licensee of the Perfect Life Program, you are authorized to lead this course to groups in person, via the web, via email and via TeleClass. More details here, or below. 

Happy Coaching,

Andrea Lee
General Manager

copyright 2000 by thomas j. leonard.  all rights reserved. 

12 Proven Strategies to Becoming Financially Independent

1. Save regularly, invest well.
Saving is a muscle and takes flexing to strengthen it.

2. Simplify your lifestyle, significantly.
See what how much you would have to simplify in order to be financially independent within 5 years.

3. Start and then sell a business.
Let someone pay you for the revenue stream you’ve created.

4. Create a product, service or intellectual property.
Invent, write, license, sell or patent something or several somethings.  Passive revenue is where it’s at.

5. Get lucky or be born well.
Lucky you…

6. Work for a financially rewarding employer.
Make sure there is significant upside via stock options, performance bonuses, scalable pay.

7. Create scalable professional revenue.
With leverage and delegation, professionals can earn $200 to $2000 an hour.

8. Develop special skills sets for which the markets will pay a premium.
eSkills, expert knowledge, situational expertise, sophisticated competencies, emerging skills, marketing.

9. Host a network, or be a key player in a large network.
Networks and ecommunities provide creative and revenue opportunities for the players and hosts.

10. Decide that you’ll work forever.
If you love what you do, it’s play.  So, play till you lay.

11. Turn your passion into a source of significant profit.
If you absolutely love something, so will others.  Why not have them buy from you?

12.  Just go live your life and stop fixating on financial independence.
Some people are emotionally built for financial independence and others are not.  Go be happy.

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Click here for a PDF mini-poster of the 12 Proven Strategies to Financial Independence.
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A Perfect Life Program
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6-week Train the Trainer Program Agenda
6 Mondays, November 12, 19, 26, December 3, 10, 17, 2001.
7-8pm Eastern/NY. Course conducted by Dave Buck

Here's the agenda for the 6-week Train the Trainer/Coach course. Remember, this course is designed to help YOU craft and live a perfect life AND prepare you to offer this program to clients and the public.**

Session 1: Introduction: Getting Your Arms Around This Concept
Is a perfect life possible? Overcoming the cultural resistance to 'perfect.'
How to define success for you and your clients -- and why this matters.
The basics of crafting Perfect Life elements -- it's an art.

Session 2: Crafting the Perfect Life Design Elements
Coaching to help you craft motivating Perfect Life elements*
Coming to enjoy paradox of perfect, without becoming anal-retentive
How and where to start with the process of crafting a Perfect Life.

Session 3: Learning the 7-step Perfect Life Process
A walk-through of the process for yourself and for clients
How to identify what is already perfect
How your elements facilitate the natural power of attraction process
How to upgrade your sources of energy (key to sustainability of a Perfect Life)

Session 4: Tweaking Your Perfect Life Design Elements
Bye bye to the energy-draining could and shoulds*
Bye bye problems (problems are ancient technology!)
Identifying the "nearly impossibles" which will naturally pull you forward
Designing a perfect lifestyle to match your Perfect Life

Session 5: Integrating Your Perfect Life With Others
How to involve others in your perfect life process, right from the start
The 12 Keys to Perfect Relationships
The connection between A Perfect Life and Personal Evolution

Session 6: Packaging and Delivering the Perfect Life Program
How to package and customize the program to fit target markets
How to use the Perfect Life program as a new client marketing tool
Using the Perfect Life ezine nuggets to build your own ezine
How to get clients set up to use your program most effectively
How to use the Perfect Life Program concepts/tools with current clients

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For those of you who DON'T know Dave, he is CoachVille's Lead Trainer and TeleClass Leader Extraordinaire...

Dave's Teaching Style:

Contagious enthusiasm, fun, energetic, dialogue-based, open to anything. I go with the flow and keep things focused at the same time. My programs are about YOU getting value not ME putting on a good show.

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