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October 22, 2001                                                  

Read about helping clients get unstuck 

Dear Readers:

This week, Today's Coach features a lesson from CoachVille's upcoming, "How to Coach Anyone eCourse." This lesson answers the big question: How do you help a client who's stuck with their goal, and nothing you, or they, are doing seems to help? It looks at several diagnoses that could cause this "stuckness" and offers corresponding remedies to try for each one.

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Happy Reading,

Steve Davis

How do you help a client who is big time stuck with their goal and nothing you, or they, are doing seems to help?



It is NOT uncommon for a client to find themselves in this position. 

Typically, stuckness indicates that...

The client needs a much bigger game to play.
If the goal is too small, some clients simply aren't motivated enough to fire on all cylinders. 

The client needs a smaller game to play.
If the goal is too large, some clients get overwhelmed or feel that they'll never get there.  So, either make the game smaller or identify important milestones along the way and target to those.

The client's paradigm needs to be shifted or expanded quickly.
If the client is thinking too small, or historically, help them to upgrade their paradigm by....

The client may need to start doing the opposite of what they've been doing.
Don't laugh at this one.  It can work.  Just ask the client what would happen, or what they would feel if they started doing the opposite of what they've been doing to reach this goal.  If nothing else, it's a creative exercise.  Remember, the client is stuck, and it's not a natural state to be stuck, so sometimes a 180 or 90 degree turn is what's needed.

The client doesn't really want the goal even though they say they do.
I see this a lot.  The client has a goal in mind but it's actually a 'should' goal vs a 'want' goal and so they don't get very far with it.  The trick is to help the client work on 'want' goals, or to shift the should into a want.  'Should' goals, while important, are likely to derail the client.  'Want' goals, however, usually keep the client motivated.  Again, it's a cool coaching skills to help the client reframe or redesign a should goal into a want goal.

The client needs a very different goal.
In my experience, the client is rarely able to clearly, simply, and cleanly articulate what they most want, so an important part of the coaching process is to tease out what matters most to the client and in words that are meaningful to them (vs. jargon, vague or Hallmark card mushy language).

The goal needs a very different strategy.
There are many ways to cause an outcome; these are called strategy.  Our job as a coach is to help the client find the most appealing and effective strategy that gets them from point A to point B without going through point Z.  And if the client isn't making progress with their goal, consider using an different approach/strategy instead.

The client may be concerned about perceived loss or consequences.
Hey, success can be very, very stressful because a personal is replace the old, the known and the familiar with something else.  Welcome to evolution.  Even if everything is going to be terrific when they reach their goal, the fear of losing someone's love, their old friends, their routine, etc., can be more than enough to get a client stuck in the present.

The client is resisting the pressure they may be feeling from you.
Clients can be touchy.  Sometimes, your eagerness is off putting, or the client will sense pressure if you're more excited about or committed to the goal than they are.  Client's may resist so much, they actually get stuck around the goal.  If this happens, ask the client how much pressure they are feeling from you.  And ask yourself whether you're pushing, pulling or otherwise trying too hard.

The client's environments are not properly set up to support this goal.
The types of goals that people set today are much more complex that the goals our parent set, and the environments we are surrounded by need to be tweaked in order to give us the 24/7 support we need.  Environments include family, friends, networks, emotional environments, memes/concepts, paradigms, paradoxes, creative stimulation, performance support (like a coach), what we eat (for the energy we need) and how clean our energy is.

The client may need a break from coaching.
There comes a time when a client needs a break from you or a break from coaching but either they don't know it, or they don't want to tell you, so they 'get stuck' and then have a reason/justification/explanation to opt out.

The client is just plan scared.
Sometimes, the goal is to exciting that it becomes overwhelming to the client and they get mired in the process.  Find out if this is true and work on the distinction excitement vs. fear.  It can be a subtle distinction.  I've found that by identifying and then reducing/eliminate the perceived consequences of reaching the goal, that the client can move back to toward excitement and away from fear.

The goal is not a clear enough expression of the client's true values.
This happens a lot because the body slow/shuts down when goals aren't aligned with one's internal values.  Work with the client on their top 5 values and find the connection between the goal they are stuck on the value that it expresses.  See for info on True Values.

Questions to ask your client...

Do you know why you're stuck?
If we back burner this goal, what is one that you rather work on instead?
Do you sometimes get stuck when you're this close to reaching a goal?
Do you need a supportive kick in the pants?
Tell me what I should do in order to unstick you in the next 10 minutes?
How much longer are you willing to be stuck on this?
Are you willing to try a backdoor approach to reaching this goal?
What else should we try?

Final thoughts...

Be patient, but don't be the tail of the dog.
The client may need time to figure out what big changes to make in their life in order to reach this goal more easily, or perhaps they'll need to select a very different goal instead.  I'd give a client no more than 3 sessions for us to work it out and to have them propelled forward with plenty of energy to reach the goal or complete the project.  Otherwise, it's too tiring for both of you and it's probably not even coaching by that point.  Personally, I prefer to resolve this type of thing within 20 minutes.  I don't want it carried over to the next call.

Goals are meant to be exciting to reach.
If the client is resisting, laboring, complaining or just not into it, find another goal or develop another strategy that IS self motivating.  The alternative is that both you and your client get dragged down.  Do NOT be afraid to require the client to pick another goal if the one they are working on isn't getting anywhere.  Abandon hope.  Feel better.  Move forward.

copyright 2001 by  written by thomas j. leonard.  all rights reserved.  coachville member use only. no distribution.

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