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Read about the work of generous coaches supporting individuals and groups through pro-bono coaching.

Dear Coach:

In this issue we explore the world of pro-bono coaching and the interesting coaches and services they offer to a variety of individuals and organizations. Many of these individuals and groups, disenfranchised in one way or another, wouldn't otherwise experience coaching and the value it's bringing to their lives. So we heartily salute all those coaches that took the time to respond below and to all of the other coaches out there who are graciously giving their time and their skills to make the world a better place.
Respectfully Yours,

Steve Davis

pro-bono clients: disenfranchised/struggling
coach tony dovale
I have been doing free coaching for quite a few years for a range of people, depending upon their circumstances.

My background is in Transformational Facilitation - Powerful Self-Development. I have developed a technology called Emotionetics, which is a synthesis of the best I can find in the planet right now. 

Some of the people I have coached for free
Youth - Drug Rehab and self worth and lifestyle restructuring 
Youth - Entrepreneurs - business wisdom and experience 
Divorced females - rebuild confidence, refocus life, relationship resolution 
Previously Disadvantaged (Read Black) - radio station broadcasting, business development. 
Insolvent /under financial Pressure - rebuild hope, self worth 
Trauma Victims - Reduce energetic Static, regain personal power - Recover from Rape/ Abuse/ Hijack etc.. 
MLM associates - conditions apply 
Past Girlfriends - Recover from the loss of ME! [;)}
FREE SERVICE - I have recently developed an email based WealthWariors coaching programme (Inner Game of outer Success) - currently lasts about 4 months, but I am expanding it as I get more feedback from my subscribers.

Why I do this work
To be available, of real value, and service to another soul in a time of need is the highest calling a human can experience. Soul Food comes from Giving!!

I have been using the "Pay it Forward" strategy for the last 5 years. If I can get 3 people to make a difference in someone else's life... to help 3, to help 3, to help 3, to help 3, for just 20 levels - WE can impact on 50% of our world!! We could stop fighting, fear, all the BS in a moment.
(Big dreams grow big possibilities.) Everything is Possible!

I also believe in giving before I expect to get. Giving without expecting is probably one of the most rewarding and Risk-Free experiences we can enjoy.

My rewards
I am making my own little difference to the world by bringing some Light to the darkness. I love being a positive part of people lives and success. 
What are you if you are only a taker? 

- Self Value, Worth, Esteem, Beliefs, Fears, Stumbling block, Anger, 
  Hurts, Losses, Lack of focus and clarity - Awareness. 
- Life and business devel. - Typically Personal Reengineering strategies.
- New Goals, Sticking to their WORD! Accountability.
- Out of the Box, bag and bubble thinking.
- See new possibilities and opportunities. 

Outcomes/benefits of coaching this group
Having a person who really cares provides increased awareness and self value. I'm an anchor in the storm for the people requiring a helping coach for a brief moment. When they can in turn be there for someone else - they learn, grow and flourish. Often Great Role models grow great role models, who will grow great role models. Other outcomes include:

- Explosive business development
- Paradigm / belief re-structuring / Thought Virus Removal
- One client went from requiring R350,000 to cover debts and is about to 
  generate R5 Million!
- Irrevocably stretching the boundaries of personal possibility.
- Youth become incredibly powerful role models for their peers.

Tips/suggestions for coaches considering doing pro-bono work
Do the work/play that you love. This is MY PURPOSE...It's why I'm on the planet. I would pay money (and have before) to do this sometimes. 

Share the special passion and parts of yourself that you hide away. It's an incredible opportunity to expand and discover your true passion, power and purpose. It is about as unconditional as you can get yourself and as rewarding as having your own child.

Other Comments
Unless we move away from the divisive behaviors of our past, we are doomed to loneliness, separation, loss, pain and anger. 

Do you matter if you don't do anything to make a difference?

You never ever know who your coachee can turn out to be, and what they could do for themselves, their families, their city or the planet. You have an incredible opportunity to put your hand out into the storm of life and save a struggling Soul. Just imagine what kind of a difference you can make, and the difference they could make.

Unless we build the bridges together, we will never get to the other side.
"If you don't share - you obviously don't care."

I do because I can! What does it cost to assist another Soul to feel Worthy, Valuable and Validated? We ALL count! - Just because some don't have the funds shouldn't mean they should go without.

I look forward to the day when what we do commercially is designed to support and empower all of us. And away from the concept of charging what the market will bear. Its all about people and profits. 
Not just Profits...Profits...Profits....

Visit or for more info about Tony and his projects.

pro-bono clients: female prisoners
coach judy irving

My life is continually enriched by the work I do with female prisoners. The program is voluntary on both our parts which is the only way it works. 

Some of the people I have coached for free
The women whether incarcerated for 2 years or life have many of the same needs and challenges. The size will vary from a core group of 4 to maybe 8 or 10 from week to week. 

Most of the work we do is based on personal foundation, spirituality, forgiveness, shifting perspectives/attitudes, reframing, owning responsibility and looking for positive possibilities. Some of the women come once or twice then find they are not ready and won't return.

Outcomes/benefits of coaching this group
Those who do the work come to recognize the self-imposed prisons we all create, with or without walls. In working to build self esteem, understanding, and self-forgiveness they amazingly begin to see how they can be a role model for their inmates as well as for those they love on the outside.

As the possibility for parole approaches, many possibilities begin to emerge and can be frightening. Such questions as, "What if I don't make it? How will earn a living? How can I say No? What will it be like to have all the outside pressures again? What will it be like to see so and so? Can I ever make this up to my children?" Setting boundaries, taking small
steps, calling upon inner strength, and learning new skills are all part of
the coaching process.

Why I do this work
Since I have a ministerial background, I positioned myself to do Spiritual
Coaching and went through the chaplain to gain admission as a volunteer. I will have to admit, most weeks, I do not look forward to getting dressed and driving the 50 miles round trip to the correctional facility and yet afterwards, my spirits are higher, my energy is greater and I feel blessed to have the courage, the knowledge, the skills and the understanding to assist these women. It is my way of acknowledging that we are all far more alike than we will ever be different and as we give to others we indeed give to ourselves.

Judy can be contacted at

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