August 20, 2001 

Learn how to price your coaching services in this free transcript of a recent class conducted by a coach earning well into six-figures.

Dear Coach:

If you've been wondering how to price your coaching services and how to present your pricing and packaging to clients, then I believe the following transcript of Robert Alderman's TeleClass on this topic will provide you with a step-by-step plan.  In this transcript, Robert covers these 10 points via lecture, discussion, role-play and Q&A.

Top Ten Pricing Strategies
by Robert Alderman
1. Pricing is in your head, not the clients.  Base pricing on perceived value, not time.
2. Develop a three tiered price range, with optional benefits.
3. Stop counting clients and start counting revenue.
4. Ask for a minimum of three months up front.
5. Credit cards are the key to effortless accounting, be a model.
6. Add at least 50% of one months coaching for your intake fee.
7. If you find a client with potential and short on cash discount on a graduated scale. Make it work, no matter what.
8. Whatever you believe your value is as a coach, double it.
9. Learn to articulate coaching to create a "perception of value."
10. Create a structure that is commensurate with the value your clients are receiving.

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This pricing lesson is just one of 100 lessons in the Full Practice 100 ecourse offered by CoachVille for its members.  Check out all of the goodies -- including the CoachVille Conference (March 2002) fully described at the end of this issue of Today's Coach.  

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The Top Ten Pricing Strategies for Coaches

What follows is a Teleclass hosted by Thomas Leonard featuring Robert Alderman on August 9, 2001 - 5:00 p.m. EDT. This teleclass discusses ten practical and proven strategies for effectively pricing your coaching services by considering both the clients perspective and your own issues around pricing your services.  Copyright 2001 by Robert Alderman.

TJL: Welcome to the pricing class with Robert Alderman; he'll be joining us in a few minutes. Let's hear about the price points at which you're charging your clients…. (at this point, participants discuss their various rates/pricing plans until the special guest arrives on line).

Robert, we have about 20 folks on the call; we are live and we are taping. If you wouldn't mind just sharing a bit of background on yourself - let the folks know who's sharing with them their pricing experience.

RA: My coaching history goes back quite a ways; I was just looking at my Coach U number and it's 000167 - what does that mean, Thomas?

TJL: It means you're the 167th person to join Coach U, which is over 5,000 now; you're a veteran.

RA: I've been around a long time and I'm not trying to make anybody feel bad, but it was $695.00 in those days and Thomas coached you!

TJL: So much for history!

RA: That's when I basically got into coaching; I worked with Thomas as a coach on the internet and then I - that series of coaching lapsed, and then he recommended that I get a teleclass or a one-on-one coaching relationship and he recommended a gentleman by the Sandy Vilas, and Sandy coached me for about a year and a half. In the course of working with Sandy, I was able to build what I would define as a full practice, and then following that, Sandy encouraged me to write all the things that I had done to create that full practice, and see if other coaches wouldn't find that valuable. 

So, I wrote the full practice form, which was a long time ago, and it seems to be just as viable today as it was then. People need to build the practice, which is probably in the upper percentages of income of coaches, and I have defined, and re-defined, and re-strategized things based on pricing, and it seems to be an area in which coaches have a lot of angst around, and so I had a conversation with Thomas and said I'd like to have an opportunity to share my ideas about what has worked for me. One of the things you will find on this call is that I'm not talking about anything theoretical; everything on this call is something that has been proven through practical application.

TJL: Great; Robert, let me stop you right there. Thank you very much. We're going to be walking you through a series of 10 points you made to me, which are called the "Top 10 pricing strategies" and asking you to describe a bit about that, but before we start talking about that - I'm curious, when you first began coaching, what did you charge and what do you charge now and how did you take it from that to this?

RA: Well, when I first started, and you remember the climate when I was number 167 - if you said "coaching", people really rolled their eyes; they had no idea what you were talking about - I was sort of in disbelief that someone would actually pay me to talk to them on the telephone, so I was giving 4 30-minute calls for $150 a month.

TJL: And that was back in, what, '94, probably?

RA: Right. At that time, Sandy Vilas was my coach, and he said, "Robert, you need to go to 3 times a month, and you need to raise your prices to $250."

TJL: What was your reaction when he suggested that?

RA: I was in total denial that this is what I should be doing, but I did it because this is what my coach said. And after, feeling so guilt-ridden over what I had done, I called up every client and told them I had made a mistake and I was going back to $150 - and this is a true story! Now, why did I do that?

TJL: Actually, given our time, I'm going to push a bit further here. How did you get from that - $150 or $250 - to what you currently charge? We're just a bit tight on time, so I'm going to push a little bit.

RA: I did it in increments, and everytime that I decided that I was going to raise my prices, I was feeling more empowered about the results that I was helping people achieve in their coaching practice. And today, my highest price client is $2,500 a month and it's my belief that if you called him up and asked him what value he was getting, he'd tell you, "It's the best money I ever spent."

TJL: So, is it fair to say that when you first began coaching, you were looking to charge a fee that you felt comfortable with, and now is it true to say that you're charging a fee that empowers the client?

RA: Exactly.

TJL: And, because you've gotten better over the years, because you appeal to a higher-end client, because you have a track record, because you feel - you know, it's like you're feeling bad when you raised your price too soon back in '94 or '95, my guess is you sleep pretty well at night charging even that high level of a fee because you're confident in your ability and your client's ability to make that fee seem like pennies on the dollar when it comes to the benefit that it creates.

RA: Absolutely, and I think that the test - and you might not agree with this, but - the longevity of the client, I think, attests to the value they're getting, and some of my clients have been in coaching 5 years.

TJL: Gotcha. So you've got a low "churn factor", then?

RA: Very low.

TJL: Is there anything you'd like to suggest - we'll go over the 10 strategies in a minute or so - is there anything you'd like to - to kind of get the attention of our listeners, both live and on tape - to just wake them up a bit, about the whole pricing theme or confusion that coaches seem to have around this area?

RA: I think the #1 thing on my list is that coaching is more a problem for the coach, than it is for the client.

TJL: So, you've got here, "Pricing is in your head, not the client's."

RA: Exactly.

TJL: What does that mean?

RA: First of all, most people don't know what coaching is, and if you create a perception of value to that client, they, when you're finished with that presentation, they should feel that it would be more expensive not to have you in their life than to have you in their life, and therefore, why are you only charging $150 or $200. I'd like to give a specific example of this.

TJL: Please do.

RA: Can I have a role-play with somebody?

TJL: Looking for volunteers.

RA: Don't all jump at once!

XXX: I'll play.

TJL: What's your name?

Lea: This is Lea.

TJL: Go ahead, Lea.

RA: I'd like to ask you - we'll do this real quickly, okay? I'd like to tell me 3 things you'd really love to get on the track for in the next 180 days. Three things that you would really like to incorporate into your life that are specific outcomes, goals you'd like to work towards - and I mean big, powerful things. What would be the first thing that comes to your mind?

Lea: This is as a human being or as a coach?

RA: As a person.

Lea: A national commercial.

RA: Okay; and the 2nd thing?

Lea: More balance.

RA: Okay, and the 3rd thing?

Lea: Corporate clients that want to do role-plays and improves as a way of teaching.

RA: So, corporate clients with improv's as a way of teaching, is that right?

Lea: And ROI kind of stuff, yeah.

RA: Okay, now let me ask you this question. If you and I decided we were going to work together, and you felt, as the relationship developed, you were putting the strategies in place that you could now see the possibility of getting a national commercial, but you were starting to feel that you were implementing strategies that integrated more balance into your life, and that you were also now on a path of creating a way to reach the corporate clients that would participate in the program that you had previously described to me - if you felt that those 3 things were becoming a reality or that you were on the path to achieving those, what would that be worth to you?

Lea: I'd be the kind of person that it depends on the coach, too; I would want chemistry, I would want….

RA: No, but let's go back to this. let's just take….

Lea: What would it be worth to me? Anywhere from…. It could be priceless!

RA: Okay, let's just say it was priceless.

TJL: And the best coaching is, right Robert?

RA: Absolutely. Now, how is she going to tell me, after she just told me it's priceless, that my coaching is too expensive?

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o Quick Overview of Client Coaching Programs.
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o The 10 Steps To Setting Yourself Up In Business, as a Professional Coach.
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Thursday - Saturday
March 14-16, 2002
(Bonus Boot Camp day on Wednesday, March 13)
9am-5pm all days
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Maximum capacity:  800  (currently at 410 registrants)
Conference fee:  Discounted pre-registration fee of $179 until August 31, 2001, $279 until October 31, 2001, and $379 thereafter.
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